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Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Allayna

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    Nah, that's what this forum is here for, discussion and help. You're learning, all of us learned the same stuff at some point!
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      Dude, you totally have my permission to edit the maps. Preferably for your own use, but you are free to modify and even publish it if you give credit.

      If you want to build on grass, you need to change the tilesheet's properties of each grass tile to "Buildable | True". I might not have set it on all the grass types myself in my maps, (or even all the maps for that matter). But the same is true of any type of terrain if you want it to be buildable.

      tIDE is a bit easier to deal with when it comes to giving properties to the tilesheet itself, as all you do is highlight the tile you want to edit in the tile picker (left-click it) then right-click it and select the option that shows up (Tile Index Properties) and type in your properties. In Tiled, you have to click the paper & wrench icon under the tile picker to go to the "edit tilesheet" screen, select the tile you want to edit in the tilesheet and add it on the properties menu (defaulted to the left) by clicking the little blue plus at the bottom.

      When using tiled, be sure to semi-regularly click "h" while on the Buildings layer, so all you see is the Buildings layer at the forefront, it helps to let you see if you have any stray tiles on the wrong layer (which I've done many times). Also, sometimes you might want to take the eraser tool to the empty areas of the Buildings layer because it's exceedingly easy to accidentally place an empty tile on the map without realising it.

      Finally, after looking at the map, I know what the problem is. Two things:
      1. You can't give the "Buildable | True" property to a specific tile on the map by itself, you have to give it to the tile in the sheet itself to work.
      2. The grass in that area (ID# 1092-1096 and 1119-1121) doesn't have the property added, if you add it to that, it should work properly.
      • TheTearer

        TheTearer Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Thank you! I tend to err on the side of 'that's not yours, don't touch' so this foray into mods has been pushing my limits not just with learning.

        Aha! That makes sense, actually; change the tile in the sheet, then you only have to change it once, instead of each tile at a time. And I'm definitely using tIDE. It's what was recommended on the forums here, and it was the one I could find at least some tutorials of. I'm a demonstration learner, if it doesn't have a book with exercises I need lots of tutorials.

        And I'm a stickler for punishment, I went back and practiced on the default maps, and when I could make the border changes on those work, I went back to your map. Because beating my head against a wall is a kink, I guess? This time removing the trees worked. I don't why, I don't know what I did different this time. Except that I did the highlight and press delete this time, instead of using the eraser. Maybe the eraser doesn't work for actually removing those building tiles? Anyway, now that I've brute-guessed it into working, it's bedtime.

        Thanks to both of you, you've been helpful and very patient!
        • Allayna

          Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

          I'm glad to help! If you look back on this discussion, you'll see me stumbling through some of the same frustrating things myself, and there was SO much more that I just figured out after banging my brain against it for a bit. I have a mod out there - Extended Access Maps - that if you look at my changelog, it's basically log of me learning how to do different things in Tide, starting with the basics of just removing and adding tiles to adding warps to maps. Was really fun but so much 'ARG'
          • lambee

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            I Found one Tile properties at here. Can anyone tell me how does it work?

            THIS one: Action NPCMessage <str name> "<str dialogueKey>"
            Does It mean I can get a NPCMessage when I cilck this tile?
            • Allayna

              Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

              that sounds like.... you know you occasionlly will see two npcs near eachother and they'll say hello to each other? like that sort of thing.... it's gives the example of
              "If the named NPC is within 14 tiles of the player, reads dialogue with the given key from the string files and displays a dialogue box. See dialogue format.
              Example: Action NPCMessage Abigail "Strings\\StringsFromCSFiles:Event.cs.1022""

              • zanderb22

                zanderb22 Title Not Found

                How can I find out the name of a particular music file?
                I unpacked the "wave bank.xwb", and I found the music I was looking for, but its called "000000c7.wav"
                I entered this number but it just crashes the game
                • Rosalie

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                  using tide, what does this mean? googling gave me nothing

                  i do have the tilesheet in the same folder :0
                  • FieryChaos

                    FieryChaos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Basically what it says; you don't have enough memory to load the map and all of it's tilesheets. Using Tiled this won't really happen since tIDE uses far more memory to do the same things. Had this happen to me with large tilesheets/maps so I loaded and edited them with Tiled instead.
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                    • Rosalie

                      Rosalie Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      worked! thank you so much!

                      a lot less laggy than tide too.... :megusta:
                      • Kaunisenkeli

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                        Tiled is causing me a lot of problems right now. Every time I put a Custom Property on a tile and save the map then reload the file, the properties are gone. When I first started with Tiled, the properties were saving no problem, but now they just vanish. I've tried the maps in-game, and the properties definitely aren't working. Any help is greatly appreciated.

                        Also, when they were saving, the tiles with special properties were behaving like solid objects.

                        Disregard. I fixed the issue.
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                        • TheRaven81

                          TheRaven81 Big Damn Hero

                          Could someone do me, and everyone else a favor, and help me Identify what all the tiles in the Paths sheet are used for?
                          • Allayna

                            Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                            Taking the grid 1-4 by a-g

                            a1 through b3 are paths, b4 is an end to pathway.
                            c1 is background light i think?
                            c2- d1 are growing, choppable trees
                            c2 - Oak tree
                            c3 - Maple tree
                            c4- Pine tree
                            d1-Palm tree
                            d2 - e3 is various debris
                            e4 -big log that requires gold axe to chop
                            f1 - large rock that requires iron pickaxe? to destory
                            f2 - big stump that requires copper axe
                            f3 - growing grass
                            f4 - debris
                            g1 - large bush
                            g2 - medium/berry bush
                            g3 - smallest bush

                            odd thing is, i've never been able to get e4-f3 to show up on a map, not sure what is wrong
                            • TheRaven81

                              TheRaven81 Big Damn Hero

                              i've found that e4-f3 don't apply if you don't start a new game with it, because they are all terrain features that have to be written/placed.

                              I've also found that C1 is possibly residual placement and is no longer relevant to map function. I found like, 5 of those in the Paths layer on the Deluxe Coop map (Coop3.tbin). I deleted them from the layer, repacked the map, and tested it, and there was no difference in the lighting, even at night.
                              • Allayna

                                Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                                So, trying to edit Spouse rooms, using this mod. Used Tide to change the background tiles to the wallpaper and floors i use the rest of my house.
                                I added the 'walls_and_floors.png' as a tile sheet. However, when I load the game, the game is loading the tiles from the towninterior tilesheet instead!
                                Like if I used tiles 1,2,3 from walls_and_floors, the game loads tiles 1,2,3 from TownInterior instead. First image is what I expect to see, second is what the game does. Any help here?
                                correct.png incorrect.jpg
                                • FieryChaos

                                  FieryChaos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  @Allayna You can't add any more tilesheets to the spouse rooms. You can change things in the towninterior.xnb but you cannot use any added things in it (ie. if you increase the tilesheet's size and add more tiles to it, you can't use those added tiles in the spouse rooms).
                                  • Allayna

                                    Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Ah, that explains that... I'd also tried to add those tiles to towninterior, explains why that didn't work too. Changed some of the bed tiles, had to replace bed tiles for a few npc homes (finding out that the house with Alex is called Josh House?) and my spouse room is finally how I want it!
                                    XNB loader does more and more every week :rofl:
                                    • Allayna

                                      Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Is there a way to change the default furniture that shows up in the farmhouse? Trying to do a little kitchenette in the starting farmhouse, and it's functional, but the TV and Table that the game starts with spawn on top of it.
                                      • Androxilogin

                                        Androxilogin Existential Complex

                                        Okay, not sure if this was mentioned previously but I find it annoying.. What was once ie:

                                        Now brings up a a dialogue box Strings:StringsFromMaps:Message. Anyone figured out how to fix this yet?
                                        • Karmylla

                                          Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                                          Since the new update, the rules to adding message to a map have changed.
                                          You don't type in the messages directly on tIDE or Tiled like previously, no. Now you make a call to a line that is in 'StringsFromMaps.xnb' in your Strings folder, and each translation has a different file (I believe that's why this new method was added, to facilitate the translations update)!

                                          For example, if you want to add a message somewhere in the Adventure Guild map, or the Seed Shop map, you'll need to type on the respective maps (you use tIDE so, by selecting tile right clicking then select Tile Properties/Custom Properties):
                                          Action - Message "AdventureGuild.1"
                                          Action - Message ""SeedShop.1"

                                          After, go to the "StringFromMaps.xnb" file and add that line of code with the contents of the message:
                                          AdventureGuild.1: "'Dark Sword' - It's glowing with a mysterious energy." #!String
                                          SeedShop.1: "It's Abigail's guinea pig, David. It looks at you with curious eyes." #!String

                                          Save and pack everything up and add the edited files to your game, and you should be done!
                                          I advise you to check the file, "StringFromMaps.xnb", to see how it works, it'll be a lot easier to understand!!!
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