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Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. zanderb22

    zanderb22 Title Not Found

    How can I change the location of the greenhouse?
    • Voltaic123

      Voltaic123 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      You can't, its one of those things that messes up everything else if you try to change it.
      • zanderb22

        zanderb22 Title Not Found

        Thanks, I figured it might need a smapi mod, so I basically made a workaround. I've simply erased the greenhouse from the houses.xnb and added them back in my file for extra tiles and you can just put those in a different spot and give the property Action WarpGreenhouse and it works fine.

        You say it messes up everything else, what do you mean by that?
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        • Nanogamer7

          Nanogamer7 Space Spelunker

          I just made a room bigger, but I enter it when I load it ingame. I already checked if it's in the corect layer, but still doesn't work
          • zanderb22

            zanderb22 Title Not Found

            you need to be a bit more specific if you want to get help... "doesn't work" could be because of a million different reasons
            • Karmylla

              Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

              I don't know how or why this is happening but every time I right click on any object in the farm map they get destroyed. Pulverised. Dissipated. You get the idea, they cease to be.
              This only seems to happen in the farm map and to craftables only, crops are able to survive my right mouse button of doom, it appears.
              Unfortunately, nothing registers in the command log but because this issue is limited to the craftable objects and the farm map, something tells me it's a map related issue. Though, I can't put my finger on what might be causing this! Or maybe a mod is conflicting with the farm map...?
              Has anything like this happened to someone else?
              • dino-rex

                dino-rex Poptop Tamer

                Hi, been lurking here for a couple weeks and thank you all for the great tutorials and mods. Unless I missed it, one thing I haven't seen is discussion of the new tiled update with tbin support. I've been having fun playing around with terrains and automapping and thought I'd share a few things.

                Here's the workflow I've come up with to get a map that uses an external tileset file (for editing) into the game. It takes a few steps to swap the embeded tileset for an external one -- there may be an easier way to do this?

                - unpack xnb map -> tbin + yaml
                - place tbin file in folder with external tileset file, tileset png, and autotile files
                - open tbin file with tiled (requires latest version with plugin activated)
                - save as tmx file and close
                - open tmx file in a text editor
                - delete the <tileset name="untitled tile sheet" ... > ... </tileset> lines
                - replace with <tileset firstgid="33" source="spring_outdoorsTileSheet.tsx"/> where source is the name of the external tileset
                - make your edits to the tmx map file
                - save as tbin file (I believe it automatically embeds the tileset because I had no issues skipping that prior to saving)
                - pack tbin + yaml -> xnb

                I've been playing around with terrains, and attached a tileset TSX file for spring_outdoorsTileSheet with terrains and some randomization of decorative tiles chosen. It's based on the tileset from the original farm, so contains those animations and properties. Anyone is welcome to use or edit this.


                I've also been experimenting with automapping and it seems like a feature that can potentially save lots of time. I've played around with cliffs and forests. I think it could be great for rivers. Here's an example of a forest, done through five rules files. I'm still figuring out how to get the correct input layers to work, so it's not ready to share, but if there's interest I can upload the set of rules when it's working.


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                • Opalie

                  Opalie Starship Captain

                  Hi ! Sorry to bother.
                  Recently I had a lot of people saying that when they walk on crops on my map, their game crash, and get this error on SMAPI:

                  [12:56:04 ERROR SMAPI] An error occured in the base update loop: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                  at StardewValley.TerrainFeatures.HoeDirt.doCollisionAction(Rectangle positionOfCollider, Int32 speedOfCollision, Vector2 tileLocation, Character who, GameLocation location)
                  at StardewValley.GameLocation.isCollidingPosition(Rectangle position, Rectangle viewport, Boolean isFarmer, Int32 damagesFarmer, Boolean glider, Character character, Boolean pathfinding, Boolean projectile, Boolean ignoreCharacterRequirement)
                  at StardewValley.Locations.BuildableGameLocation.isCollidingPosition(Rectangle position, Rectangle viewport, Boolean isFarmer, Int32 damagesFarmer, Boolean glider, Character character, Boolean pathfinding, Boolean projectile, Boolean ignoreCharacterRequirement)
                  at StardewValley.Farm.isCollidingPosition(Rectangle position, Rectangle viewport, Boolean isFarmer, Int32 damagesFarmer, Boolean glider, Character character, Boolean pathfinding, Boolean projectile, Boolean ignoreCharacterRequirement)
                  at StardewValley.GameLocation.isCollidingPosition(Rectangle position, Rectangle viewport, Boolean isFarmer, Int32 damagesFarmer, Boolean glider, Character character)
                  at StardewValley.Farmer.MovePosition(GameTime time, Rectangle viewport, GameLocation currentLocation)
                  at StardewValley.Farmer.Update(GameTime time, GameLocation location)
                  at StardewValley.Game1.UpdateCharacters(GameTime time)
                  at StardewValley.Game1.Update(GameTime gameTime)
                  at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.SGame.Update(GameTime gameTime) in D:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\StardewModdingAPI\Framework\SGame.cs:line 520

                  They also tried with the game without any mods... I don't know what to do anymore. If someone could help it'd really be great. Thank you !
                  • purifico

                    purifico Void-Bound Voyager

                    I got a question for more experienced modders here (my experience is limited to simple editing of the house and various farm buildings interior).
                    I've recently downloaded a custom farm map and decided to make some minor changes to it, as it wasn't entirely to my liking. To be more precise I wanted to remove an object (a flower pot like in pelican town). I did it, and everything was nice and well, until I hit summer season. As it turns out during summer that damn flower pot becomes a palmtree, so now I have a disembodied top of a palmtree hovering in my yard (which I'm afraid will become a disembodied top of christmas tree in winter). SO how the hell do I remove it, because in the map editor it only shows the farm's spring layout.
                    • Karmylla

                      Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                      That tile must be in the "front" layer. You see nothing on that tile, but it will have a number which will correlate to the one used in the summer tilesheet.
                      Simply delete that tile on your map (which will appear invisible in the spring tilesheet) and you won't see that disembodied palm tree in the summer :)
                      • FieryChaos

                        FieryChaos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        @purifico *sniped* To add on to @Karmylla , the area of tiles is a 3x5 (3 tiles across, 5 tiles tall), so check that area in the buildings/front/alwaysfront layers.
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                        • purifico

                          purifico Void-Bound Voyager

                          Thanks! It worked like a charm <3
                          • Meens

                            Meens Intergalactic Tourist

                            Sorry if this has already been answered earlier in the thread. I made some slight edits to my farm map and now my spouse's outdoor area doesn't load anything. Do I need to place specific tiles there for it to work? (I didn't edit any tiles in that area of the map but I added an extra tilesheet so I'm wondering if that's the culprit)
                            • Acerbicon

                              Acerbicon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              The tilesheets have to stay in the base order. Just make sure your new tilesheet is named in a way to come after the original tilesheets. You can name the tilesheets whatever you want, just make sure the ones originally in the map stay in the same order.

                              I personally prefix all my tilesheets with a "z" to keep them at the end.
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                              • ophyussa

                                ophyussa Orbital Explorer

                                hi, i've also been lurking around and I've gotta thank you all for helping me understand this thing and making my own mods, but I really want to understand how the autotilling works, because it would be so helpful, and I can't figure how to make it work. Is that on tIDE? thanks!
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                                • anothersarah

                                  anothersarah Void-Bound Voyager

                                  It's for Tiled, which now supports editing Stardew Valley tbins directly without tIDE workarounds.
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                                  • tiffy961

                                    tiffy961 Big Damn Hero

                                    Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm having an issue with my xnb-node.
                                    I haven't been modding for quite some time so either this isn't working anymore... or I just forgot HOW it works.

                                    When I double click xnb_node.cmd (command prompt) it opens up, shows me this screen for a splitsecond

                                    and then disappears again... which means I can't pack or unpack any mods.

                                    When I open up my windows command prompt and try to find the file and do it that way, it also doesn't do much. I'm confused... I'm sure I remember this being easier.

                                    Am I doing this totally wrong now or is something not working as intended? Hope you guys can help me with this.
                                    • dino-rex

                                      dino-rex Poptop Tamer

                                      the Tiled manual is very good. I learned form the section for automapping:
                                      and the terrain tool:
                                      • MouseyPounds

                                        MouseyPounds Sandwich Man

                                        The second way (opening a command prompt and then typing xnb_node) is the correct approach. It looks like the cd command you typed before it didn't actually change to the correct directory; the prompt should have changed from your user directory to that E: directory. Try putting the path in quotes when you cd.
                                        • tiffy961

                                          tiffy961 Big Damn Hero

                                          I looked some more into it and none of the things were working. But I found on the internet that I should try cd /d [Folder Path] and it worked. So if anyone has the same problem, that's the fix!
                                          Thanks for the help anyway :)

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