A Pets in Nightly question! - aaand then a bonus idea.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Kelthazan, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Kelthazan

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    SO, pets... I love them so far but they do need work - namely they're waaaay too slow. My quagmutt takes almost forever to catch up and usually ends up teleporting to me, so pets need a boost in movement speed. And then there's the pets who's natural state is being hidden in the ground, the Orbide and the Trictus. When they're pets they need their hiding disabled because they just won't follow you at aaaall because of it. Those are my only complaints really.

    Now, onto the boooonus idea~! It also happens to be about the Orbide and the Trictus or anything similar to them with the hiding state. So, we have turrets - they don't really work well again but we got them - and since Orbide and Trictus's natural state is hidden until something approaches why not take advantage of that? Have them drop an "Item-NPC" like a Trictus seed or an Orbide egg that you can place on the ground like a turret so when a mob draws near it'd activate and attack them before returning to that spot. I was thinking about Floran Dungeons and stuff, that they need a guardian npc like the human's robots or the Avian totem guys, so why not make it something like those guys? Like the Trictus or something? It could be a plant-based mob, similar to their lights or maybe those giant seed pods, that activates when someone draws near. So what I'm suggesting really is a melee turret in mob form.

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