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A love poem from an Avian

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Lichen, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Lichen

    Lichen Big Damn Hero

    I was started with me, once as a stargazer
    I was in love with the space
    Telescope, star chart, spaceship,
    Its all I've ever wished for

    But now i am grounded, wingless, and i can no longer fly
    The priest at the temple, he saw me looking at the starry skies
    He questioned my belief and started calling me a heretic
    And so I called him a fanatic

    Without doubt he listed me to the ascendancy
    They pulled me out and thrown me to a dungeon
    Not knowing what to do, I was crying
    It was dark and cold

    But in all of sudden a rays of light came toward me
    And there he come, our saviour Kluex
    So he whispered to me "You are saved, my child"
    I am so happy

    His wing spread out like a phoenix
    With his strong arm, he grabbed me
    Together we flew over the blue luna
    He said "Are you ready to be chosen my child?"

    I was ready

    So he shown me the way of the sky
    My vision goes blurry with all of the visage
    I can something tearing out of my back
    I have a wing and i was at the top

    I was standing in a solid ground but he was hovering
    His blinding light radiates as he held my hand
    "Come to me my child" He said
    So I closed my eye and started walking

    I felt this sudden surge of wind
    So i spread my wing and let Kluex guide me
    But when it stopped, I am no longer in agony
    I was so painful but i'll do it for Kluex

    Kluex is love, Kluex is life

    PS. Chuckle fish, If you wanted to make it a codex, please remove the last line of this poem
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
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  2. RafailZ

    RafailZ Void-Bound Voyager

    Great poem man!
    You a true artist :nod:
  3. Lichen

    Lichen Big Damn Hero

    Well, didn't expect less attention on this one.

    Still, I have no regret of putting that misleading title
  4. Kezeal

    Kezeal Ketchup Robot

    I was going to make a joke comment, but deleted it half-way through, because it would've probably sounded a bit too offensive.
    Now that I've explained, I'm going to post it anyway:
    Darn you birds, writing yer poems. That's human thing! Go back to puking on yer children and falling off trees! What's next? Fishes making buildings to not drown?
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  5. Lichen

    Lichen Big Damn Hero

    Okay, but well y-y-you look like if an avocado had sex with an older avocado.
  6. Kezeal

    Kezeal Ketchup Robot

    Darn, was going for a topographical map of Utah mixed with Freddy Krueger.

    Going on the actual topic - I liked the phrases in the poem, but it was hard for me to find the rhymes in there. Call me old fashioned, but I like my poems to rhyme. I've never gotten the "freestyle" poems where you don't have to rhyme(the naming may vary from language to language, I'm not familiar with the actual poetry phrases).
  7. Lichen

    Lichen Big Damn Hero

    I tell ya somefink then, My next poem will rhyme as sick as dr. seuss

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