A lot of questions of water units

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    Water units are my favourite units, and i have a lot of questions, because i only know about "mermans" they are like soldiers but they can move in the sea and in the ground and can capture water cities like in the trailer.

    Ok, now the questions:

    Are turtles subs? can they dive? Will other factions turtles have not turtles skins like a octopus or a water serpent? (i know that they are called turtles in the wiki and is the reason why i called "turtles")

    I see a boat whit a ballista in the blog "The Weather Report", its in the desert biome with the windy weather and the question is: (I think this is a boat whit a ballista i don't sure if thats only a transport boat or something)

    Will be a boat with a trebuchet? the trebuchet boat will be a battleship, and the ballista boat will be a anti air ranged water unit.

    Melee combat water boat (Cruiser) Will can attack ground units? or will be a cruiser like unit and a water melee combat unit effective against ground units?

    Ok, these are all of my questions... now i can say goodbye. :nuruhappy:

    (Sorry if i have some spelling mistakes, i dont speak english)

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