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A little discussion about the Ancient Avians and their tombs

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by CR-33P, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. CR-33P

    CR-33P Intergalactic Tourist

    Hi everybody, I have recently explored 2-3 avian tombs and I started being quite curious about them.
    First of all, there are some human sarcophagus in the tombs, and my character (a glitch) even says that there is a human inside, but why would the Ancient Avians bury humans amongst their people? I also wondered what were the bunny sarcophagus/statues/jars all about but it seems that they are made for the Avian that died in shame, so they won't have wings in the afterlife.
    I eventually collected some masks (6 different ones), 2 of them were avians and the 4 others were Glitch, Human, Floran and Apex; so maybe I didn't find the Novakid and the Hylotl or maybe they aren't masks for these races. Did any of you guys find an Hylotl or Novakid Mask?
    Or even maybe an unknown mask (which could be the eight unknown race shown on the ancient gateway). And if you guys have read the "TombKeeper's diary" (it was in an old update, i think it has been taken out of the game but you can still find it online), do you think that there could actually be hidden passages in the tombs? By the way, in the Diary, the tombkeeper mentions the body of a Sunborn in an hidden tomb inside the bigger tomb (tombception),he even says that she awakened and wants to get out of her tomb (since he kinda lost his mind at the end of the story we can't be sure that he was telling the truth) but in the "Note on the Sunborn Corpses" the author says that the Sunborn are all buried together in a secret place known only by a few chosen Avians, and that the rumor about their bodies being buried amongst mortals is only a very clever strategy to attract looters and get more sacrifices to the Kluex.
    So, anybody has more info or any theories?
  2. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, all of the races are culture-themed , and all of these cultures are human-made somehow. Could be possible that they see the human as a form of creator or cultural founder and that's why they protect them within their tombs.

    Or maybe they just mummificate them to eat them later on... Who knows..:zombie:
  3. SnowKate709

    SnowKate709 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Actually if you examine the sarcophagus as an avian, they will straight up tell you that some avians tend to take up partnership with non-avians, so the human sarcophagus would belong to the human partner of an avian, possibly husband or wife, in belief that in the afterlife they can both gain wings together.

    The masks are to scare away other races from raiding the tombs and stealing valuables off of bodies, so there is not a hylotl mask since they would rarely if ever have seen a hylotl invade a tomb because of the general concept of it, and the smell of rot and death, being repulsive to them by nature. They're also a peaceful race, so they wouldn't typically go looking for fights unless they really are desperate, and most avians by now, especially Stargazers, would know this.

    Novakids are relatively mysterious to other races because they don't care for making settlements or really making themselves known, since they prefer a lifestyle of reckless adventuring, so they'd have eluded the avians (as well as the other races) enough that most of them wouldn't even have seen a novakid, let alone worry about them raiding tombs enough to make a sign for it.

    The second mask, the intimidating avian mask, is to indicate that an area is for Stargazers only, and that Grounded are not welcome to the place marked with it.

    The hidden Sunborn temple may actually be referring to The Great Sovereign Temple, which is one of the locations you must visit in the final game's storyline. It is hidden enough that you require finding several clues including a hidden starmap in order to locate it, and when you visit it, it is nearly entirely desolate, so obviously it is nowhere near any well-known location.
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  4. CR-33P

    CR-33P Intergalactic Tourist

    Well thanks for the infos, lad. One last question for you, do we have any info on when the final game storyline will be implemented?
  5. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    1.0, but who knows when that'll be happening.

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