A House for Linus

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sgt. SiBou, Oct 11, 2016.

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  2. Harmony001

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    It would be nice to move him in one of the sheds on the farm, and he can work on the farm aswell, and get paid 5g, a place to call home.
    A bed, a cooking fireplace, tv, calendar, a dresser and chest to put his things in. Like the file a saw on stardew valley nexus-animal sitter.
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    • Mythil

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      Yeah that would be great, make us feel like we really can change things in this pretty town !
      • SnailsAttack

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        Maybe he could do basic work around the farm or something. That or the house could be built if you give him materials to build it himself, and he replaces his tent with a small shack.

        After that he could give the player some unique reward(s).
        • Laryska775

          Laryska775 Hey, You!

          I like this Idea too, when I was playing for first time and I saw Linus I wanna "adopt" him to my house to work with me. But... I dont know if this is possible, he really likes his tent and that "life style" he have. He is happy with it.

          Anyway, when he have a shed or little cabin, he could be worker to hire. Pay him idk... 300g and he will go to your farm and hervest crops, trees and hug pets :p

          Its sad seeing him in cutscene
          when he search George's dumbstep

          Anyway, back to idea. I love it, +1 ^ ^

          ~ Im sorry for my english, this is not my first language, so I know I can be hard to understand ~
          • Harmony001

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            awww, this is all a great ideas for linus, and i bet he would be happy, we could also build his tent on the farm if he decides to live in a tent. Here's another suggestion, interacting with chairs, it would be nice to lounge on an outdoor chair and watch the sunset. Linus has his chest to sit on outside, why can't we? Cheers.
            • RAINBIRD55

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              Yes! The magnificent (and now prosperous) Stardew Valley can't have ppl living in tents (or trailers)! Even a modest 2 room structure would be good.
              • BarbarianRas

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                So, when I first met him and saw his trashcan scene, he does certainly come across as the town hobo. He certainly looks/lives poorer than Pam (I had to rescue Penny from that squaller) but, as you talk to him more that first impression seems rather short-sighted. He talks a lot about nature and how he rather likes the solitary life. Unlike Pam who is poor partly due to unemployment, but mostly because she's an unrepentant drunk who we nonetheless trust to drive a bus, Linus is in a tent in the mountains because he wants to be in a tent in the mountains. My theory is he's agoraphobic, so even if you offered him the fanciest house ever he'd turn it down. Linus is awesome the way he is! =)
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