A Guide to Recovering Deleted Bookmarks and Lost Planets

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    This is the brute force method. The less worlds you have explored, the easier it will be. For clarification, I am using Windows.

    Step 1. Navigate to the storage\universe folder.

    Step 2. Extract all file names ending with ".world"—if you cannot see these, select View, and then check File name extensions.

    Step 3. Edit the file names for the /warp command. This means removing the .world extension, and replacing each instance of the "_" character with ":". For example, "268712295-474960335-45563441_6_1.world" should be converted to "268712295:-474960335:-45563441:6:1". You append this to the "/warp CelestialWorld:" command to get "/warp CelestialWorld:268712295:-474960335:-45563441:6:1".

    Step 4. In-game, type /admin into the chat window. This will give you warping privileges. Paste the command that you have created in the above step into the chat. This will warp you to the planet. Try this on every .world file that you have extracted from the universe folder until you get to the right one. /admin again to remove privileges.

    Step 5. Backup your bookmarks and swear to never accidentally break a flag again.

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