A Frog merchant on a subterranean temple :D

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Lemyngue, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Lemyngue

    Lemyngue Aquatic Astronaut

    He was there alone, no talk just selling
    Wish I could come here back more easily @_@ (and remember the path... This game needs a map! D: )
    I dunno if I'll find some frog city but it would be cool!
  2. Lemyngue

    Lemyngue Aquatic Astronaut

    got a error while posting the picture, weird
    if it doesn't work here's the dropbox image:
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  3. Notho

    Notho 2.7182818284590...

    Cool. I've posted in other threads about wanting to be able to bookmark locations in game.
  4. the merchant is bound to the temple thingy. he always sells the same things and is always in the same location relative to the templething.

    on my last planet i had like 5 of them right below each other.

    so sorry to say that but hes anything but special :p
  5. Show

    Show Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, I wouldn't say that. I've explored a good number of planets now and just found my first one as well. (Or maybe I'm just unlucky ;) )
  6. im pretty sure they only appear afterter reaching a certain tier but eh. they arent that uncommon and sadly always have the SAME things for sale. meet one->buy a million bomb-omb's->never care again :/
  7. HerrFuzzy

    HerrFuzzy Starship Captain

    They sell Lanterns, which are great if you've run out of torches while underground, gold and silver pickaxes, and bombs. I really like that they are still working in the ruins of their civilization (and that gold pickaxe is pretty great early in the game if you find them.)

    Nice picture, OP!
  8. well thats the point.... i forgot everything but the bombs because there is never any point of buying them.
    you can craft the lantern (they never run out)
    you should have way better pickaxes (ar at least equally good) since this isna t a T1 planet (i doubth that they spawn in T1. if im wrong then gold pickax is really good)
  9. HerrFuzzy

    HerrFuzzy Starship Captain

    They spawn on T1 planets. :D
  10. i actually ment to say "...never any but the bombs because they are the only thing worth buying" something like this...
  11. HerrFuzzy

    HerrFuzzy Starship Captain

    Ahhhh. Yes, every time I've encountered them on T1 planets, they have gold and silver pickaxes, and the lanterns.
  12. G4M5T3R

    G4M5T3R Cosmic Narwhal

    I found this guy on a moon than may not be a moon but an organism.
    *will edit with coords soon, brb
  13. Lemyngue

    Lemyngue Aquatic Astronaut

    If anyone wants to check
    X: - 50313654
    Y: - 91887235

    There's is also some sewage in this planet (and lots of Tar, which are easy to dig) and Oculemons to harvest
    On the surface, only a glitch base or something like that
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