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    Short Introduction;
    15 Years After The Destruction Of Earth...
    A civil war rages across Hylotl kingdoms. With no protectorate, and the devastating economic collapse throughout the solar systems, the once united Hylotl nations split in two.

    The Yuganosa, Objective: Spread enlightenment to all species by choice, or by force to achieve "world peace".
    And the Miyakumo, Objective: To militarize, reject pacifism, and allow cultural differences to strive.

    The story will be a log entry of Kyro, a twenty-four year old freshwater Hylotl corporal militant, who serves for the Miyakumo.

    Since I have no title picture, here is a dirt castle on the moon:
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    Good lighting, very moody. :nod:
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    A Fishy Tale
    Fish out of the Barrel

    Our drop ship crashed after an unexpected skirmish on a lush planet. Many of our crew were killed during the frenzy, a blow from the butt of a rifle knocked me unconscious. When I finally awoken, it was dark, and no one left alive to be seen, as if the fight ended hours earlier. Judging by the sheer number of bodies in our uniform, it appears that we have lost the fight. I decided not to wait any longer for survivors on the bloody grounds and wandered into the woods, worried that they might send scouts to eliminate any surviving Miyakumans.

    My head, still aching by the nasty wound on my left noggin, I decided to tend to it using salves I had safely kept in my utility belt.

    A hard rustle in the bushes startled me, I quickly dropped what I was doing and held out a handgun, still struggling to switch the safety off. Three eyes emerges, the safety was off and I fired a shot, it hit the bark of a tree, my blurry vision from the crash deceived me.

    The voice yelled to stop, it was one of my own when I recognized the color of the person's uniform.

    His name is Airi, but prefers Takamori, a low ranking private I had made acquaintance only a few months back prior to our military enlistment.
    Repairing any equipment or artillery is his specialty.

    But anything that involved in any ground work, safe to say he wasn't the best for so...
    Takamori is to me an anchor attached to ones back when it came to navigating harsh terrain.
    In combat he is often stubborn or cowardice.
    But at times like so, at least it was welcoming to know that you are not fighting alone.
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    For hours on end, we wandered the landscape, desperately finding another way to escape the planet. There were no ships in sight, the only ones I saw were back at the battlefield, but repairing them would cost us too much time and effort.
    The Yugon could have already step foot on the bloody soil, so going back would be suicide.

    We took a quick stop on top of a mountain. While Takamori wraps a piece of cloth around my now bleeding head, I started to dig through my utility belt for ammunition, out already!? I pulled out my handgun and the clip was empty, such fool I was forgetting to restock before the mission.

    I guess I would have to go with close quarter combat. That is when luck decided to neglect me, the tip of my spear broke during the crash. Fortunately Takamori saw my trouble, and insisted to help me with the spear. He broke off the rest of the shattered blade and replaced it with his knife. I guess this will have to do for the mean time...


    It was sunrise now, and at that point we decided to only search for shelter first. We had not eat, sleep, drink, or even stopped our journey across the seemingly endless landscape. Takamori, as weak as he is, collapsed out of exhaustion too weary to continue.
    So I carried him on my back, hoping I would last another hour or two with the weight of his body carrying one hundred pound gear on my own.

    It is now midday, Takamori was able to continue on his own once more, but I? No. He suggested I take a rest, and so I layed under an oak tree while he went to gather any fruit he could find so we could eat. But came back minutes later only to bring news that he had found a hut.

    Motivated by what was said, I quickly sprang on my wobbly feet and had him tell me where it was. But before he could finish explaining the location I dashed to where the hut may be, running into a tree or two from my clumsiness and found the hut.

    I knocked on the door, no reply. I asked if anybody inside could let us stay for just one night, and still, no reply.

    I took a look around the home, odd, there were no windows. It began to rain, and I was too desperate to wait any longer. I twisted the crude door handle, it was unlocked and felt as if it could fall off any minute, slowly I opened it and made my entry.


    Opening the door all the way to let the light in, I was greeted by avian furnishings but in the middle of the room lies a puddle of blood and guts. The blood was everywhere, on the cushions of the chair, soaked to the pages of books on the shelves as if it were red ink, and the ceiling! Guts and organs scattered on the floor tiles. And the smell of rotted flesh, was putrid and suffocating.

    A slightly broken matter manipulator laid in the middle of the puddle, I held my breath and slowly grabbed the device, at the same time swatting the insects that were feasting on the organs away. Not knowing that Takamori was behind me the whole time, his eyes started to water, he gagged twice.

    I managed to find a working power rifle under the bed and some more medical supplies on top of the shelf, but no preserved food.

    We do not wished stayed their for long, nor did we plan to. I do not know what had caused such a scene, but I do not want to.

    Now would be a perfect time to leave before Takamori regurgitates.

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    Continuing our hike we found another house.
    But upon closer inspection this house looked as if it was fortified.
    We were greeted by a metallic person tending to its corn just outside of its home.
    It was a glitch! I have only read about them, but never have I actually get to see one alive and up close before.
    We introduced ourselves to this strange alien and asked if we could stay in its home for one night. It was dangerous to sleep outside because peculiarly wildlife was more aggressive than I first thought.
    The glitch obliged and offered us food and shelter.
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    Part 2
    Home Sick

    During our little chat, I got to know that the glitch is actually a male, strange.
    His name is Greenbelt, a unique style of glitch naming that I am not familiar with. I asked him if he happens to know a way to get off the planet.

    He was dazzled by the question, saying that there WERE star ships just behind the mountains in the west, but it was being carried off by other ships from a field littered with dead hylotl wearing the same uniform we have on.

    A moment of silence consumed the home.

    Finally, Takamori asked if there was another way to get off the planet.
    Greenbelt went out through the opposite side of the house and pointed at a forest far off in the east.

    He explained that a gateway that lies just behind the woods can be used to open a stable wormhole to whichever location the user wishes.
    At first I was confused, a gateway that can open a portal to any location?

    It sounded a bit "off" in a way but desperate to return home, I willingly accepted it. I asked Greenbelt if he knew how to open it.
    He explained once more that the gate is incredibly old, and that it was in need of major repair.

    Unfortunately months ago, he and his comrades had almost put the machine in working order until a group of bandits attacked.
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    And so I offered Greenbelt our aid, he accepted it but he wont be coming along with us to the forest, too risky.
    Just across from the forest is a mine, Greenbelt explained that we needed some resources to successfully repair the machine.
    Twenty pieces of an orange glowing rock, said to be harvested from the outer core of this planet, and the mine should hold containers filled with them.

    I gave Greenbelt my micro radio transmitter attached to my helmet so he could keep in touch with us, Takamori provided me with his.

    Our hike didn't began till it was almost nightfall, it wasn't safe to walk in broad daylight while the Yugans were still scouting the soil.

    In the dark the forest is harsh and unforgiving, but at day it was actually quite beautiful. Such lush greenery and the colorful flowers the forest hold.
    Just behind the mountain lies the setting sun. When the sky darkens the predators will have us in for a fight.

    When the sky finally faded to black, we were greeted by many aggressive beasts.

    With each one harder than the last, we could only avoid so much before being cornered.

    There were only two of us against this unforgivable planet but we managed to save each others lives dozens of times.
    It was amazing how I only now starting to realize that this planet have shorter days and longer nights.

    We've managed to escape a large flock of flesh eating flesh-less birds that could miraculously fly without feathers.
    Both of us were terribly exhausted, still walking across the dark and dangerous forest, I am beginning to lose hope that we were ever going to-

    I think we found it.

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    In all seriousness
    I'm gonna discontinue this thread because we're gonna be moving to Minnesota and it is going to be very busy.
    Besides I'm too lazy and bored already, so I'm just gonna stick to building instead.

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