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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lexis96, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Lexis96

    Lexis96 Seal Broken

    I was just thinking of things that would make the game even better.

    1. More pet options besides a cat or dog
    2. The cat and dog do more besides just bark/meow
    3. Pet events, like getting sick, finding gifts, digging things up
    4. After marriage events besides things like children, ect
    5. A better sorce of hardwood
    6. Community Center/Warehouse events
    7. After Comminity Center completion Junimo tasks
    8. A sale item in the empty space where the bags were, like a special promo item
    9. More bulitin board quests (I get like 8 a month)
    10. More randomized events
    11. Higher skill progression cap
    12. More areas to visit, an island, small dwarf village in the mine, meeting the witch, ect
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    • Jayfeather980

      Jayfeather980 Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Yes, this I had an idea like that. All regenerating stumps be replaced with normal stumps and Slow-growth "Hardwood" Trees could be introduced as the primary source of hardwood. They could even grow into one of the larger "Decor Trees" seen throughout town.
      • Roskii Heiral

        Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

        Hardwood becomes pretty common in the lower mines and skull cave, (just a quick side note)
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        • Lexis96

          Lexis96 Seal Broken

          Yes but it's hard to get before getting there then your stuck year round if you couldn't finish the bundle to fix the bus and actually get to the desert. And you always have to start over, it's just too taxing to have to go there and do it every time you need the wood.

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