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    Here's some ideas for an Avian faction we could create using modding, I don't know what are the limit of moddings so I'm trying to not got to far, you guys are totally free to add suggestion or any criticism as long as it stay respectful :

    Commander : Tonauac .
    I know he is not much of that warrior type however he will carry with a powerful staff only the most devoted can wield. This staff is said to be powerful as it can turn faith into a rain of red energy crystals.
    Special ability : Kluex blessing : Tonauac fall asleep for 1-2 turn but so does the enemy around him. (on small but decent area) Tonauac will be vulnerable while sleeping but he won't be the only one, strike the enemy in their sleep, it's now or never.

    Regular units :
    - Avian grounded : just some regular avian soldiers, nothing special about them.
    -Angry rabbits (dogs) : This has to be a joke...right ?
    -Temple guards (spearman) : Don't come if you're not invited. These guys are not joking.
    -Temple archer : right into the heretics !
    -Temple mages : Yooouu shall not PASS !!!
    -Kluex 's will (ballista) : powerful machine charged by red crystals strong range but cannot attack while moving.
    - Kluex's might (giant) : another powerful machine capable of releasing magical attack to destroy close enemies.
    it's litteraly Wargroove : prepare to cry edition!

    Air units :

    -Airship (baloon) : used to transport unit quickly in the sky, this thing better not crash !
    -Kluex sentry (harpy) : a group of powerful machine born to protect the servants of Kluex
    -Stargazer (witch) : ''We're watching you, scum !'' these relentless watchers maintain order and faith and they fly, those have wings... not all Avians were created equals .
    -Kluex avatar (dragon) : Tonauac know about those, and when he see one he do his best to not sleep in front of them.

    Sea units :

    -ship : transport troops
    -(merman) ?
    -(turtle) ?

    Map : Avo.

    Campaign : All shall bow before Kluex and not only the men, but the women and the children too !
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      Sounds like you've thought of what mod you want to create on Wargroove. I've got a few ideas myself but they're a secret. ;)

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