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    Your OC and Sebastian are adorable. TOTES ADORBS, as they say on the internets. And whoo, we write Sam and Sebastian differently, yay. Looking forward to catching more of this. :)

    *Goes back to working on Wednesday's update, glances at clock, throws a plushie across the room.*
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      deadlines are the worst i tell you! THE WORST!
      i tried to have a schedule but let's be honest i just gave up on that
      because sometimes i write constantly, and other times i go through a drought

      i'M SORRY GUYS BUT WHEN 1.1 COMES OUT, I WILL BE SPENDING A LOT OF TIME COLLECTING NEW DIALOGUE. especially since it'll help me with my fic.
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        @MagicallyClueless i really love the dynamics between those three. Grinned the whole time, especially the game part. Well done!
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          Whoo! No worries, you can't rush greatness. Actually, I was just grumpy about not being tired yet, but I'd already grabbed a nap, so I actually got a decent amount of sleep after I finished tinkering with something around 1am. (Music playlists on my tablet to listen to at work, hurrah.) And making a "deadline" isn't actually a problem, because Wednesday's update is done and I'm starting Friday's.

          I AM A WRITING MACHINE, POWERED BY COFFEE AND LOVE. ...but mostly coffee right now...
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            haha I was waiting for that line the whole time lmao! did not disappoint 10/10 never forgetti :rofl: I'm also looking forward to the larger timeframes. def getting the feeling that it's gonna pick up and take off pretty soon here. this chapter was great tho, makes me miss the old tabletop days. altho the warhammer ones were a bit much to wrap my brain around but those peeps paint their own figures and s**t so it's 2legit4me :p I'm guessing this was based loosely on D&D? or maybe Magic the Gathering even tho it's a CCG. my friend used to host tournaments for that. best watched from the sidelines imo lol...
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              I go away on vacaction all moody because no fanfic, and when I came back I couldn't believe it, 3 chapters! Take all the time you need to write, but as a casual advice, inform us when you don't feel like it. Anyway, I am a part of the no timetables side, but I want to know when you feel (or not) the inspiration to write (or you don't want to because you will play the game, I think we all understand).

              Leaving that aside, I am pretty excited about the future of you fic, the bromance between Abby and Jade, I want moar! I can't wait to see those 2 getting in some type of trouble because of their bromance, or some sexy misunderstanding that could enrage Pierre. I also expect best waifu Penny to appear, as I think Jade and Penny share some things in common, and maybe they could help each other. I'm not inside your head, though, so whatever you write will be one bazillion times better than my ideas.

              Also best husbando, I love how you write him! The dialogues feel so real, and you gave us the nerdy Seb inside that emo façade the game wants us to believe. I like how you make him as asocial as I think he is, which is not a bad thing at all, and how Jade just fits with him. It may be me, but to me they fit since the very beginning, I know it is fixed, but it feels natural and cool. I love it. I want more. MORE! GIVE ME MORE!
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                Haha, I totally will! I did make a post being like "whoops sorry since i've been preoccupied with a lot, it will probably be a little while" but things are picking up a little bit again since I have a lot of ideas. I'll always try to post at least once a week, so if we get multiple in a week (like this one, hehehehe) then consider 'em bonuses. i know i should probably save them but I just get too excited really. maybe some day i will learn this thing called "self control".... what a foreign word

                I'm glad you're excited!! There will def be more Jade/Abby times ahead (Jabby? Abijade? i forgot what gabaw said i have failed) but I haven't thought about Penny too much-- that being said though, I think she (and Maru) will get their times to shine. As much as I'd love to, not everyone is going to get insane development, partly because it'd throw my fic off track and partly because my knowledge of them is limited. We'll definitely meet everyone though and I hope I do them justice! My plans for this fic have changed quite a few times and often for the better, so not everything is absolutely set in stone. But yes.

                I am glad you enjoy the husbando as well! Honestly in-game he talks as much if not more than other people, ahaha. I'm writing him as fairly talkative when he is comfortable with someone, especially considering how he feels like no one listens to him or no one takes him seriously. When you're used to people tuning you out, you tend to lift the flood gates towards someone who is willing to listen. I wouldn't say he's that bad, but it is pretty apparent that he enjoys messing with Jade. I'm happy to know it all feels natural, since that was my intention. Everyone knows i'm head-over-freakin-heels for Sebastian, but I didn't want to write them in love at first sight, because there's not as much fun with that! And as we progress, it may not be all rainbows and sunshine. There's also the fact that Seb is sO SLOW in warming up to people, and probably one of the more romantically dense marriage candidates. I think development would have been much, much slower if Robin didn't low-key force him to hang out in the beginning. Since Sebastian is probably my fave character in the whole game, I've been careful with him. It probably shows, lmao. But of course, I'm trying to make the other characters just as interesting and engaging.

                More to come!! I have some aMAZING things written that I am really excited to show when it's all finished.
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                  Unless it was already suggested, I vote for "Jadigail." :3
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                    jadigail i love it
                    that will be the bro ship
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                      So they are officially a BroTP.

                      Latest chapter made me hope/wish for a full scale version of Solarian Chronicles IRL. Or maybe a video game of it down the line from CA.

                      Also, "regretti you off a cliff" is hilarious. That said, it should go without saying that I am the "write as you can and want" group. I am also probably the slowest writer in the group because of many reason, but the speed at which you and @Risukage write blows my fucking mind because holy shit. When you want to get a chapter out and have the time to sit down, they get out crazy fast, and Risu pushes out updates at least three times a week and that would be impossible for me. You two seriously have my respect.
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                        I really hope Solarion Chronicles will be expanded on too, or at the very least in 1.1 we can have dates/hang outs and be able to play it again!

                        Sebastian is very sassy. xD
                        Yeah, definitely write at your own pace! I will say that I am an EXTREMELY FAST typer which I think helps me get my ideas down before they get stale in my head, and then I have my proofreader ( @CjBeats , love ya!!) who helps me if I'm stuck with some ideas and it really helps having someone to plan with and to talk to as well. So, if anything, jotting down your ideas really quickly can help if you're stuck and it's always nice to have someone to discuss with so it's not just you stirring around and trying to figure everything out.

                        That being said, I really look forward to what you have! There are so many great fics here and I just love to see people's interpretations and where they want to take the world of SDV.
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                          @Ghostly Fox dude I've seen what you write and it's good! You just gotta get around to it again when you're ready. and I will say this too, as we all have no doubt experienced, there are other places where we can write stories and fanfics that are not nearly as warm and welcoming as here. oh they're also way more pushy, all like, gimme dis gimme dat and do it stat! I mean yeah, I want all the fics asap but it's not a malicious threat, just a sign of admiration and encouragement. I for one am grateful for anyone who spends their valuable time making and sharing any content here, free of charge even, that isn't a straight up s**tpost lol. yourself included, friend.

                          in fact I think we're too nice here. you gotta balance it out from time to time. i'm sorry @MagicallyClueless but your font is default. there I said it okay. don't be mad okay.
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                            *sobs profusely* i'M SORRY
                            I only have so many fonts to choose from!! ;_;

                            yeah we are really nice though.
                            when i first posted here, i was extremely nervous and was much more critical of myself because I haven't written in a while (let alone a fanfic) and I wasn't sure people would like what I was doing

                            But, 13 chapters later, and I'm doin' good! I'm still critical of myself of course, but you guys see it far less since I have more confidence in the forums now. I know for sure that I wouldn't be like this on other sites, and it's a reason I'm doing the fanfic here and not fanfiction.net or anything. The community is so nice and welcoming, and I fully believe that you blossom better in a much more nurturing environment. Critique is always wanted and accepted, but there is a time and place, especially if you're just doing this for the fun of it. Ain't no use trying to ruin people's fun.
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                              @Ghostly Fox & @Gabaw: Heh, thanks. :3 I would have left it to the dustbin in the back of my mind, but people expressed interest and are actually enjoying it, which really inspires me to keep going. Also, I type about as fast as I think, so once I have a keyboard handy I can knock out pages like crazy. (Getting a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet for when I'm out and about was TOTALLY WORTH IT.) And cool, I didn't know you basically work with an editor, @MagicallyClueless, you're more pro than I am! :p So yeah, as long as you keep writing it, I'll keep reading, so focus on a good story and I'll look forward to surprise updates!
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                                so many chapters AHH-
                                I really love the pace of the story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter. <3
                                (My comment is really short compared to everyone else's xD)
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                                  that's ok!! thank you very much! <3
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                                    you're welcome! ^3^
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                                      A little language warning for this next chapter. I know previous ones have curses sprinkled about, but a certain character in this one lays it on pretty heavily. I don't think I could write him more tame, honestly. Just thought I should prepare ya.

                                      Jade’s fridge was getting uncomfortably empty. All her large meals consumed, snacks devoured, drinks guzzled and desserts never stood a chance. Today marked a day in which she would have to rely on the grocery store for her stomach to live a fulfilled life. After her usual farming duties of watering the crops, playing with Onyx, and equipping her backpack, Jade set out towards Pierre’s grocery store.

                                      The store was as it often was; not too large, rows of food and drinks, produce, and some hygiene products here and there. Really, the store wasn’t all too impressive-- but Jade had no interest in the Joja Mart at the other end of town, even if Sam did work there. At the very least, she was forced to live much healthier with Pierre’s selections. All of the food was fairly fresh, save for the few snacks that adorned the corner of the store. Of course, Jade went to buy snacks first, and then decided to truly be an adult and shop for fresh groceries.

                                      “Excuse me, madam.” An unfamiliar man gestured to some packs of food on the shelf in front of Jade as she was browsing. The young farmer peered to him, surprised by the different voice; she had certainly never seen him before.

                                      His most noticeable feature was his glorious dirty blond mane of hair, obviously cared and brushed to perfection. His hair swept out to his right side, he had piercing emerald eyes, and his jaw was rather masculine, though his visage carried a very calm and day-dreaming expression. His suit seemed dated, but it fit him rather well; he wore a red button-up jacket with a cotton white shirt under it, a green ascot, slacks that matched the ascot and dark brown loafers. One of the first things that came to Jade’s mind-- other than that he was gorgeous-- is that every man was so exceedingly tall in Pelican Town, barring Sebastian. This one practically dwarfed her, as did most others, and she wasn’t even all that short for a female. For some reason, the young farmer could smell the ocean.

                                      “Oh, sorry.” Jade kindly smiled and moved aside for him. The man softly smiled in return and proceeded to get his groceries. “Um... I don’t think I’ve seen you before,” she shyly murmured.

                                      “Ah, yes. Are you the new farmer?” he asked, storing whatever he required into his nearby shopping basket.

                                      Jade nodded. “I’m Jade, nice to meet you.”

                                      “It’s a pleasure, Ms. Jade,” he answered. Man, his voice was deep. “My name is Elliott. I live in a cabin down by the sea, so that might be why we have not seen each other.”

                                      That explains the ocean scent. “Oh, I think I’ve seen the cabin before! I’ve only been there a couple of times though, so that’s definitely why. I live way out in the forest, so some days I don’t even go to town... But it’s very nice to meet you, Elliott.”

                                      “The forest? How lovely,” Elliott whimsically sighed, “I enjoy the serene sounds the forest gives. The river is quaint in the best of ways.”

                                      “I agree!” Jade beamed. “Though, I can’t say I’ve taken the time to really breathe in the environment. I really should, now.”

                                      “I highly recommend it,” Elliott kindly replied.

                                      Jade was going to give a gentle farewell, but she noticed something rustling in the chest pocket of his jacket. “Um...” she muttered, poking at her own chest to try to gesture to him. “There’s... a little...”

                                      Elliott softly smiled. “Hmm?” He looked down at his own chest, and then let out a hearty chuckle. “Oh my, it seems a crab has made its way into my pocket.”

                                      “What are you going to do?” The young farmer’s eyes widened with a pang of worry.

                                      “Well, it seems rather comfortable. I would not want to disturb it.” The beach-dweller simply shrugged and continue to collect groceries. “It is the life of living on the shore, after all.”

                                      Jade giggled and watched the tiny eyes of Elliott’s pocket crab. “You’re very nice, Elliott. Well, I’ll leave you be now.”

                                      “Feel free to say hello anytime,” he pleasantly concluded, watching her leave with a calm smile of his own.

                                      The young farmer then took the time to gather everything she needed, and head to the front counter to purchase all her goods. Pierre was standing there, first judgingly staring at her until he saw the full basket of food in her arms.

                                      “Afternoon, Pierre,” Jade calmly stated to him with a smile.

                                      Pierre did his normal, professional glance, pushing glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Morning, Farmer. Will this be all?”

                                      “Yes please,” she cheerfully replied. As he rung everything up for purchase, the young farmer examined the store. “So, is Abby here?”

                                      “Why d’you want to know?” Pierre asked.

                                      “Well, she’s my friend.” Jade smiled. “How is she doing? Or really, how is your family doing?”

                                      He huffed. “We’re fine, Farmer. I hope you’re faring well as well.”

                                      “Of course!”

                                      “Hm... Do you even shop at Joja?” he asked with curiousness plaguing his voice.

                                      “Oh... No, I had to live off Joja when I lived in the city. I’d prefer to never do that again.” She put the required money on the table when he was done. “Tell Abby I said hi for me, please.”

                                      “Sure.” He was a man of few words, apparently. “Glad to have your loyalty.”

                                      “Of course!” Jade bowed her head and gathered her groceries. “Have a wonderful day,” she concluded before leaving. Hopefully Pierre didn’t hate her guts now, but she still felt like she was skating on thin ice. With every sweet soul like Elliott, there would be someone hard to impress like Pierre. She did somewhat understand his reasoning, however.

                                      Luckily for Jade, she didn’t really have to come across so many people. A wave to Lewis as usual, a kind nod to Marnie, whom she has talked to via letters, and a fist bump to Sam, who was enjoying his day off from work and practicing on his skateboard. The young farmer peacefully returned to her home and stored all of her groceries for eventual meals, but she didn’t really feel like sitting around and acting lazy. Adventure was calling her name.

                                      Jade shuffled out the instructions she gathered from the Community Center to hopefully make more sense of them. “Is there anything I can do?” she wondered aloud. One of the tasks was to ‘grow the largest crop of all’, which she had no control over... She stared outside and looked at her still developing farmland. That definitely wasn’t going to happen soon. ‘Unite yourself with the stars...’ Jade couldn’t even begin with that one. One particular task interested Jade; ‘Speak to the people of the past.’ Maybe the abandoned neighborhood held some significant history in this regard. The old mine shaft, perhaps?

                                      “Time to go back to the old neighborhood, maybe. I only got to see part of it.” She pouted, staring over at her sword leaning near the front door. “I’ve been practicing a little bit. I think I can handle myself... hopefully.” Jade did have the advantage of taking equipment with her-- last time, she was quickly overwhelmed and had no choice but to flee. With a greater understanding, the young farmer would be able to hold her ground. “Yeah. You know what? I’m gonna do it,” she proudly told herself.

                                      After grabbing her sword and taking her backpack armed with only tools and bottles of water, she exit her house for more exploration. She ventured over to the side of the fence she escaped once before and hopped over it, cautiously entering the depths of the woods. The trees only seemed to increase in height and width as she traveled closer to the heart of the Secret Woods, grassy ground soon being hardly invisible as she came across vines and brush. Needless to say, the forest by her house was incredibly dense. So far, there weren’t any slimes or other unwanted creatures nearby, but she kept walking and realized that she hadn’t reached the old abandoned neighborhood yet.

                                      Minutes upon minutes passed. Still no ruins. Minutes turned into over an hour, which then turned into multiple hours. Jade should have been there by now, right? She didn’t go very far before, or at least, it didn’t seem that way... was it possible that the ruins were only accessible at certain times?


                                      Jade finally saw an opening between two large bushes. She parted them and peered into the location, eyes brightening when she noticed a stone path structured the same way the town square did it.

                                      But... these weren’t the ruins she saw before. Actually, there were no ruins at all. The young farmer walked out from the bushes and examined her surroundings. Within the forest walls lie an open area containing a thin stone path and a shallow pond. She ventured over to the pond, seeing unique fish she had noticed before. Ones settling at the bottom of the pond appeared to be catfish, and they were gigantic. Other smaller fish spritzed around the water, sometimes splashing out of their area of comfort for a brief period of time. Jade smiled and decided to leave them be for the time. She turned around, but froze; there was a large, strange statue of an old man in her line of vision.

                                      At least there were ruins, the young farmer supposed. There were collapsed columns of marble nearby, the statue appearing to be the same material. She cautiously approached the statue and noticed a nameplate below his feet:

                                      “Old Master Cannoli... Still searching for the sweetest taste...”

                                      Jade blinked and examined the statue once more. He did appear to be an old man with a spindly beard, hunched over and waiting for something to come. “How interesting,” Jade thought aloud. “Nice to meet you, Old Master Cannoli.” She smiled and pat the statue, then crossing her arms. “I’m gonna see what else this place has,” she muttered, deciding to venture the direction opposite from whence she came. She froze again when the mouth of the forest was visible.

                                      The poor farmer couldn’t catch a break... someone else was there. Jade remembered seeing her walking before, but she was always too far away or too busy to really be interacted with. The young woman before her had bright orange-red hair, unique purple eyes, and sported the odd choice of wearing a green belly shirt under brown suspenders and gray pants. Similarly to Jade, she wore brown boots. She seemed to be pulling out a type of fern and storing it in a nearby woven basket.

                                      “U-uh... Hello there,” Jade piped up. She couldn’t have been very far from her house, if someone else was here.

                                      The woman jumped from Jade’s voice. “Whoa, didn’t see you there,” she mentioned with a lighthearted smirk.

                                      “Yeah, sorry. I was adventuring the forest and ended up here on accident... Um, I’m unsure if we’ve met before, so... hi? I’m Jade,” the young farmer nervously answered.

                                      “Oh yeah, I’ve seen you a few times. I’m Leah, it’s great to finally meet you.” She smiled. “It seems you’ve made quite a home here. I’m glad. What brought you here?” the redhead inquired, bending back down to forage for more items.

                                      Jade slowly walked up to her to see what she was doing. “I just moved out of the city, I wanted a home of my own.”

                                      “Zuzu City?” Leah wondered.

                                      “Nope, from the other side of the region.”

                                      “Geez!” The forager stood up, satisfied with her full basket of goods. “Impressive. Hey, have you made use out of foraging yet? It can be a decent money maker,” she said, lifting up her basket of foraged items.

                                      Jade nodded. “I have, actually! Though, I’ve never been here... Um, where are we?” she asked, embarrassed.

                                      Leah chuckled and started walking, Jade following behind. “You don’t know where we are? It’s literally right beside the path to your farm.”

                                      “... Really?” The young farmer wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not. They did exit through the mouth of the forest and came out into a much more open field sprinkled with trees. The two of them were back in the familiar Cindersap Forest, the large river side visible along with the large wizard’s tower in the distance. Just to their left was the cleared path that led up to Jade’s farm. “... Oh.”

                                      “Haha, well, now you know.” Leah calmly smiled. “I’m going to head back to my cabin now, but it was very nice meeting you!”

                                      “Yeah, have a good evening!” Jade waved her off. Wait, it was evening? The farmer stared up to the reddening sky with a mumble. She wasn’t upset that she found the entrance to the Secret Woods, but she was infuriated that her whole day was wasted scavenging through the trees, rather than locating the place she actually wanted to go. “I must have gotten turned around somehow,” she grumbled angrily to herself. “I need a compass.”

                                      Because the young farmer refused to go back to her house empty handed, she started venturing off to do some foraging of her own; she passed the path to her house and head to the middle of the forest. As she wandered around to find some freshly grown sweet peas, she noticed there was someone sitting at the docks of the nearby lake... Oh, no. The dark-haired man from before, ruggedly dressed. It seemed like he had more than one drink, considering the empty bottles of beer beside him.

                                      “Hey, you!” He suddenly shouted, noticing Jade just on the other side of the lake. The young farmer flinched, and looked over to him with terror stricken eyes. “Stop makin’ so much noise!” he growled.

                                      “S... Sorry!” Jade replied back. “I’m j-just... Foraging.”

                                      “Foraging.” He scoffed. “You think that’s all it takes to get by, huh? Gotta escape from the city, suddenly you’re in this magical wonderland full of pretty flowers and happy animals?”

                                      “Hey, I said I was sorry!” Jade replied with an elevated voice. She didn’t want to yell, but she knew she was getting close to.

                                      “You think you got it made,” coughed the man, taking another swig of beer. “You make me fuckin’ sick.”

                                      “What the hell is your problem, dude?” Jade was irritated enough to go around the lake and stomp onto the docks, where he was. “What did I do to you to warrant such a response?”

                                      “You’re too smiley,” he mumbled.

                                      “Why does it matter to you? Maybe you’re too frowny,” she growled. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed those shifty glares you’ve given me before. What the honest hell is your deal with me?”

                                      He lifted his head to glare at her one more time. This time, Jade was staring back, now that she had the courage. Of course, he wasn’t affected by her piercing gaze. “Ever since you moved here, everyone’s been talking. But I don’t get it. You’re fake as hell. You think you’re all cute and shit, with that high voice and clothes my fucking eight year old cousin would wear.”

                                      “The last thing I am is fake,” Jade snapped in response. “I know who I am, and I embrace it, unlike whatever the hell you’re doing. Am I the one drowning my sorrows with alcohol? No, I’m doing shit, doing more than you ever have.” He could practically feel the heat her anger was generating; her face was a solid red. “Truth hurts, doesn’t it?”

                                      He huffed, taking another drink. “You’re arguing with a drunk person. Cute.” He stared back out to the lake. “You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

                                      “And you don’t know what I’ve been through. So kindly dump yourself into the lake. Asshole.” Jade stomped off without another thought; screw the foraging. She didn’t engage in conversation with that man before for good reason.

                                      The sun had already set by the time Jade returned to her home. She opened the front door to let her beloved cat inside, then stomped in afterwards, going to shower and dress in the most comfortable clothes she could dig out of her drawer. Almost mindlessly, the young farmer grabbed the few unhealthy snacks she bought from Pierre’s store and went upstairs to browse the internet and stuff her face with chips. The entire time, she was mumbling under her breath, but finally quiet as she settled in front of her computer.

                                      Oh, she had some instant messages. For a brief moment, she forgot that even existed.

                                      SEBASTIAN: Hey loser

                                      SEBASTIAN: Did you finish Cave Saga

                                      Jade slowly began to calm down. Taking a deep breath and leaning back in her chair, she replied:

                                      JADE: sup nerd

                                      JADE: uh duh, i read the whole thing last night

                                      JADE: do you really think i’d have a new edition of cave saga and not binge read it in one night

                                      SEBASTIAN: Tru

                                      SEBASTIAN: My sleep schedule is a lie when it comes to new releases

                                      Sebastian helped her feel better, but the whole issue was still bothering her. She sighed as she thought of what to do.

                                      JADE: lmao, same

                                      JADE: hey though, is it okay if i rant for a little bit?

                                      SEBASTIAN: What got yer jimmies rustled

                                      JADE: honestly i don’t even know his name but he rustled my jimmies pretty good

                                      JADE: like, the jimmies are on the ground right now, rustled right outta their seats

                                      SEBASTIAN: Damn, that’s some serious rustling

                                      SEBASTIAN: What’s up?

                                      JADE: so you know that dark haired dude that guzzles beer during our saloon nights? like near the arcade

                                      SEBASTIAN: That’s Shane

                                      Shane. The name fit him pretty well, she thought. She’s known quite a few jerks named Shane. The young farmer scowled, stuffed a few potato chips into her mouth, and furiously typed on her keyboard.

                                      JADE: oh, so that’s who it is. well, he was drinking at the lake near my house this evening and out of freaking nowhere he starts yelling at me

                                      JADE: starts talking about how i’m fake and how i think i got it made, etc.

                                      SEBASTIAN: Yep, sounds like Shane

                                      JADE: wtf is his problem?

                                      JADE: he assumed a lot about me and it pissed me off!!!

                                      JADE: ... let me ask you something

                                      JADE: do you think i’m fake? like i act too happy or whatever?

                                      SEBASTIAN: No, I don’t

                                      SEBASTIAN: He’s pretty much like that to everyone, so don’t let him get to you. And then you said he was drinking

                                      SEBASTIAN: Sam works with him at the mart so he has to deal with him a lot. The guy is more pessimistic than me and that’s saying something

                                      SEBASTIAN: I think he’s more stuck in the rut of everyday life and becomes angry with people who seem to enjoy living more than he does.

                                      JADE: well it ain’t my damn fault is all i’m sayin

                                      JADE: jimmies at maximum rustle

                                      SEBASTIAN: Do you want me to send a bunch of videos about baby animals and their hilarious (and small-bodied) antics?

                                      JADE: yes

                                      JADE: how did you read my mind

                                      She felt much better to get the rant off of her chest and had completely calmed by then. The rest of the night was joyfully spent watching videos and lighthearted chatter. Jade was glad she had someone she could rely on, even when she got home... Well, mostly. She didn’t even realize how late it was when she finished browsing the web. “Dammit, Seb,” she tiredly muttered under her breath, now smiling.

                                      The young farmer was able to make it to her bed before she passed out from exhaustion. Her tiny feline friend eagerly joined her and curled up her back, preventing any more movement for the rest of the night. The young farmer felt the rest of the week would be hectic.

                                      We meet not one, not two, but THREEEEEEEE new people. Yay! Fabio, Fan Favorite, and Grumpy 2.0

                                      Cameo appearance for Grumpy 1.0 which contains Some Witty Gestures (tm)

                                      The next chapter marks the beginning of "skipping around" and the Luau, etc. I'm... actually writing multiple chapters at once, but I think it's helping me piece everything together in a better manner. This chapter, as well as the next few, will have a lot of character focus. I mean, I know that's the point of my story, but I still thought I should say. I've written some pretty hilarious and intense bits that I am SO EXCITED to show but I can't yet since it's a few chapters ahead. Akhkhdflfhhjfvbslk I need to keep writing

                                      But I should probably slow down on showing them here. But again, I have no self control. We'll see. WE'LL SEE.

                                      ENJOY HUGE INFLUX OF CHAPTERS.
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                                        Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                                        I've been reading your fanfic for the last couple days, just finished it newest chapter included and I gotta say I love it! We have pretty similar views on how the characters are.
                                        I love how you include the different character cutscenes, albeit not in the "right order" but it feels right and natural.

                                        But I have to say Shane is really not that bad. He comes off as an asshole to begin with, but it's a facade. He's a big softy on the inside, I know it. He adores Marnie's chickens as an example. He's just depressed. Had a crappy life so far and is now stuck in a miserable job. I hope that shows later in your story.
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                                          Yay, I'm glad you enjoy it so far!

                                          And yes, I know, haha. I wrote him fairly hostile because he was drinking at the time (i.e. more brutal honesty), and he is a jerk when you first meet him. Then I believe that Jade's personality does not mesh very well with Shane's in the beginning. I'm best friends with Shane in my game right now so I'm aware of how nice he actually is! But of course we all have to start somewhere.
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