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    lots of writing and drawing in my future. I'll be re-reading a lot too and also catch up with fellow fics on this forum.

    edit: added a few more sentences of description for chapter 1. it's nothing big, just included the bin and mailbox so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in chapter 5.
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      I want to marry this Robin and I think I also want to marry this fanfic if it's willing to be in an open relationship. Easily one of my favorites :confirm: Everything is good. Everything. Though if I had to say one thing that stands out the most is how well you write the characters. Their interactions feel both extremely real and true to their nature in game. I also like how you seamlessly tie in game mechanics into the story (like the map and time passing, etc).
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        aaawwwwWWWWWWW thanks!! <3 <3
        Robin is everyone's favorite xD including mine. she is totally my favorite to write, not gonna lie. I'm so happy you enjoy the characters and I'm glad they are fairly accurate!
        bless this comment thank you

        p.s. you can date the fic if you promise to take it out for dinner
        marriage optional
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          Wow is this well written, it's as if you put the game into real life. Albeit a backpack holding all those long tools, :laugh:. I actually like that you put slimes near the farm, that poor kitty! Keep up the great work, I'd love to see what else you have to write, and see what ever happens to the Junimos!
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            for the sake of my sanity, I imagine it's a pretty big backpack with holes (latches? openings?) on the side/top for the tools to go, so they kinda dangle as she walks while the more fragile stuff is in the backpack. that's how it makes the most sense to me, but i am no backpack expert so i am letting people make their own conclusions about it, lol. YOU CAN DO IT IN THE GAME, THAT'S MY REASONING

            Thank you!
            I haven't really thought of how to incorporate the community center yet, but eventually I will. There's so much I want to do Dx this will be a long fic, but i will do my best to make everything fit together and to make it not boring

            the more "drama" part of the story will be coming sometime soon which will be the very big, main part
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              A backpack can have things added to it that allows carrying those tools. Like a molle bag can have an entrenchment tool on it. Using sheathes, d-rings, or just some old fashion jury-rigging will do it.

              All it takes is:

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                Oh I was just chuckling at the fact the backpack carries them. It's like link from LOZ carrying everything in his sachel, or back whatever :p I like it though, I imagine it's like the bag Hermione has where you can fit anything it
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                  it is a STRONG, MAGICAL backpack

                  anyways, slight update. daily updates end here sadly, because I can't structure the story one chapter at a time even though I would absolutely love to. i thought i finished chapter 6 for today, but i realized i still needed to add a lot to it and i really need to get the ball rolling on the plot (trust me!)
                  i would feel best posting it when i have more chapters ahead, so i am structuring the story correctly.

                  however, i will do my absolute best to keep everyone informed and i don't want to be one of those people to get super into the story and then disappear for a year or something. chapters 1-3 were special, so i don't think i'll post more than one chapter in a day, but a backlog will make me feel much safer in conveying the story. i've been going sliiiightly blind in the writing until this point.

                  this is when stuff gets real
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                    oh s**t
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                      Jade is clearly very pure. "Where do I hold on?" "You'll see." And she did.

                      Judging by your posts in general discussion and art I feel sure Sebastian is Jade's future husband, so I like how so far he hasn't been given more prominence than the other characters and there has been no instant attraction on either side. It will allow the romance to develop more naturally and at a slow pace more appropriate to the story.
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                        Hahah! Yes, it's incredibly obvious. I'm not gonna even pretend Sebastian isn't my favorite. But, there's a lot to the story, and I am trying my very very best to make it as in-character and natural as possible... not to mention, there are several interesting characters and he isn't the only one! Romance will be prominent in this story, but that's not the only thing I want to focus on. No one knows how it'll happen except me (BWAHAHA.)

                        Seriously, though. I'm glad you pointed out the character development in that way, because that's what I'm trying my best on. I hope you will enjoy future chapters as well, even when the eventual romance gets a rollin'.
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                          Been reading! I'm a little into chapter 4 so far! I'm enjoying it, and Jade seems really nice. Maybe you should put some of your pictures up in your main post so others could see her?

                          As it stands, I'm enjoying the light changes you've made. Starting at end of spring, having Robin as a bestie, ect. There are a few things that you did that I would do myself so instant mad props for thinking alike! :p I wrote Alex a lot like you, but Kim didn't get to clock him D: go Jade!

                          The trio seem to be really good friends, and I like that! Good seeing Abigail act like a teen!

                          I can't really think of much for constructive criticism. I remember you used the term "newcomer" and "new townsperson" or so very often. But that was in first chapter and it toned down after that. Uhm... I guess only other thing would be sometimes you blur the line between reality and game. It wasn't "jarring" or anything, and didn't completely break the immersion, but things like pulling a hoe from a backpack and... what was it... can't remember so it wasn't that bad! For real though, you're doing great!
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                            This chapter... gave me trouble. I wanted to bring something new to the table and focus on select characters, but I didn't want it to be boring. First time I wrote it, very boring. Second time I wrote it, too exciting and OOC. Third time.... HOPEFULLY IT'S OKAY?? This wasn't my favorite chapter, mostly because needed to be written but it is in that "slow buildup" that I have mentioned many times before. This chapter is like 5,000 words long and I can't add more to it without making the pacing off and weird. Even so, I hope the interactions with the characters are entertaining for you guys. It was still fun to write, after all.

                            Definitely consider this chapter a "break" from the farmer life story. Jade takes a break since it's the very last day of Spring and she's able to strengthen her relationship with both Sebastian and Robin. There are cute and funny moments, and the start of the underlying plot of the narrative.

                            The few chapters afterwards will have a lot of exploration and action, so maybe this break is needed to begin with. Either way, I hope all of you enjoy it.

                            Jade earned a nice little collection of money for her crops and foraging the previous day, but she found that she spent most of it... on pet supplies. The fluffy black feline was still on her porch the next morning, claiming the cushioned swing as his own. The bandage was groomed off of his leg already, but the wound appeared to be in much better shape. Jade decided that their meeting was fate, and she immediately claimed him as her new pet and friend. After retrieving her new money, she took off towards Pierre’s for cat food, bowls, and what she could only describe as “the most precious red collar in existence!” The cat’s name would be Onyx, a play on his charcoal fur color... but his name should have been Prince, because that was how his new owner would treat him.

                            Today, Jade wanted to spend the day by herself. Her potatoes had grown large enough for her to uproot and then ship, though she kept a couple for some home-made meals. She finally finished unpacking everything and decorated the house to her taste: paintings she made on the walls, bookshelves full of apocalypse novels and comics of varying genres, proud plushie collection, the works. After surveying her house, she laughed; her home showed her age, or at least her favorite memories. “This looks more like a college dorm than anything,” she snorted to herself. The room design wasn’t bad though, and she was excited to eventually bring people over. Well, if she could work up the courage, that is.

                            The young farmer transformed the smallest room on the second floor into her own gaming cave as well; it was complete with a desktop computer, a small television, retro consoles, colorful posters, and the ever-so popular beanbag chairs. While the room wasn’t that large, it was still open enough to have comfortable space between the television, game systems, and the chairs. One side of the room had two large windows with a view of the farmland, and the corner of the opposite wall was perfect for the computer and desk that accompanied it.

                            Jade only needed one more box to unpack to be officially moved in... the box was very small, but heavy. Jade sat in the middle of her gaming room, staring down to the very last package before her. Without much thought, she opened it and began rummaging inside. It was a collection of wires, an extra power strip, a few controllers designed for her computer, and...

                            A phone. Jade forgot she had a phone, or rather, she wanted to forget. It was an ancient flip phone that wasn’t larger than the farmer’s palm. Its case was dented, the screen was cracked, and one of the buttons on the keypad was missing. She picked up the phone and examined it, though she shivered. The battery was ripped out of the back, as it should have been. Her hands began to sweat. No. She chucked the phone into the nearest trash can. She didn’t have to worry, she knew she wouldn’t. Jade stored the extra wires and objects for wherever they needed to go, then tossed the very last empty box into the attic.

                            The rest of the day was Jade’s now. Now that her home was complete and there was no farming she could do for the day, winding down was something she felt she needed. Her muscles were sore, it was getting hot outside, and she didn’t feel like showing her face more than once in town for the day. Jade walked back to her newly finished gaming cave and scanned the room. She hadn’t played any video games in what felt like ages... maybe she would finally get the chance.

                            Bam! Bam! “Hellooo!”

                            Robin? What was she doing here? Jade peered out from one of the nearest windows in the room, then opened it to get a better look. “Good afternoon, Robin!” she shouted cheerfully. “What are you doing here? I was gonna be a hermit today.”

                            “What do you mean ‘what are you doing here’? I’m makin’ you that fence!” Robin crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

                            Oh yeah! Jade already forgot about their favor exchanges. “Hold on!” She shut the window, traveled downstairs, and then opened the front door. Robin stood there and grinned in greeting. The farmer noticed an old truck filled with lumber near the entrance to the field... Oh, no. Sebastian was there, leaning on the side of the truck and smoking a cigarette.

                            “You brought Sebastian? I was joking about yesterday!” gasped Jade.

                            “He’s my helper,” Robin chuckled, then flailed her wrist of dismissal. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Business is slow for him, and I need to get him out before he holds himself up in his room all summer.”

                            The farmer huffed. “As long as he doesn’t blame this on me, I’ll be fine. What are your plans?”

                            Robin examined the perimeter of the farm. “Well, I’ll just cover the whole area, and make sure the fences are nice and low so the slimes can’t squeeze under them. You don’t have to worry about any other curious predators, either. Sound good?”

                            “It sounds perfect.” Jade smiled. “Do you want me to help?”

                            The carpenter shook her head. “No, hon. Have your day off! Sebby helps carry the wood, but really he doesn’t even do the main job. The fun part goes to me,” she grinned, then looked to Sebastian. Her eager look shifted into irritation. “Ugh. I hate it when that boy smokes. Sebby!” Robin yelled.

                            “What?” Sebastian shouted from the distance, finishing his cigarette.

                            Get over here!

                            The raven-haired man sighed and flicked the bud of his cigarette away before walking over. As he approached the porch, Jade noticed how tired he looked... there were circles under his eyes and he was hunched. He even rubbed his eyes as he stepped forward... he must have not slept very well.

                            “Sebby, you didn’t even say hi! And now you smell,” the carpenter grumbled.

                            Sebastian ignored the latter half of Robin’s comment. “Hey,” he said to Jade.

                            The farmer calmly smiled. “Hi, Sebastian. Helping your mom today, huh?” She spoke in a soft voice.

                            “She hardly gave me a choice,” he replied. Robin playfully shoved him, which made him smirk a little. “What? You begged me to come with you today.”

                            “I do not beg!” Robin replied with a huff.

                            “Yes you do,” Sebastian quickly replied.

                            "Yep, gonna have to agree with him," Jade added. They looked at each other with smirks; Jade snorted in response.

                            “Wha- Jade, not you, too!” Robin clapped both of her hands on the sides of her face.

                            “Robin, you begged me to run the errand for you yesterday.” The farmer giggled.

                            “You wouldn’t stop knocking on my door until I said yes,” Sebastian yawned.

                            “Those hardly count,” the carpenter scoffed. “Well, I’m starting my project now. Both of you run along.” She shooed them off with her hands, then walked herself off the porch towards her truck.

                            “Wait, why did you make me come?” The amusement vanished from the son’s face. He narrowed his eyes towards his mother, who was still walking away in a nonchalant manner.

                            “You helped me load the truck!” she shouted back, not even looking in their direction anymore.

                            “I didn’t have to be here for that!” he yelled in return, one of his eyebrows twitching.

                            Robin hummed and approached the door of her truck. “Ohhh well!” she concluded, then opened the door and climbed inside. She started the vehicle and slowly drove it over to the edge of the farmland to begin work.

                            Sebastian sighed with irritation, then glanced at Jade. He suddenly looked away, embarrassed. “... Sorry,” he muttered.

                            The farmer laughed. “No, I didn’t take it that way, don’t worry. If I don’t have to go somewhere, I normally don’t.”

                            He seemed to relax. “Yeah.”

                            Jade smiled. “Well, are you planning to head out? You can stay if you want. I finished unpacking everything, and to celebrate I was going to chill and play some games.”

                            Sebastian’s eyes slightly widened from the mention of games. “Games?” he asked, though not looking at her. It seemed as if he tried to stay calm.

                            “Mmhm. I can’t afford anything new and fancy, but I take great care of my retro consoles!” The farmer gave herself a proud nod. “I grew up on video games, really.”

                            “... What kind of games do you play?” he asked, allowing himself to look at her this time. He seemed to wake up from the mention.

                            Jade giggled. “All kinds! I don’t really have a favorite...” She crossed her arms and stared upwards as she tried to think. “I get into different moods. For a long time, I liked platformers and adventure games... I’ve been itching for an RPG lately, though.”

                            Sebastian had fully turned to her, eyes fully focused on her. “Yeah?” He took a step back and rubbed one of his arms when he realized he was acting too interested. “Uh... what about a genre?” he asked.

                            “Horror!” Jade beamed. “But I like all kinds of games, like I said... And I don’t have many horror games to begin with,” her cheerful tone lowered into a disappointed mumble.

                            “Have you played Void of Space?” he asked again. “Sci-fi horror... and it does have some RPG elements with the upgrades and skill points,” the young adult murmured.

                            “That’s what I was thinking of playing!” The farmer grinned. “That’s one of my favorite games, actually.”

                            Sebastian could no longer conceal his excitement. He made a large, genuine smile. “Mine too!” he replied. “But Solarion Chronicles is more up my alley.”

                            “I’ve always wanted to play that game, but I’ve never really tried tabletops before... And I never had enough people to play it with,” Jade sighed, but with a smile. Her eyes diverted to see Robin; she was setting up the fence posts, but was also staring over at them.

                            “Well, Sam and I- ...” Sebastian noticed Jade’s staring and turned to see as well. The son’s face drooped, mouth formed into a scowl. Robin quickly turned her head back and continued to work as if nothing happened. “Mother...” he growled, tensing his shoulders.

                            Jade chuckled. “Want to come inside? We could play some games if you want,” she suggested.

                            “Do you mind?” Sebastian asked almost shyly. His attention quickly went back to Jade.

                            “I wouldn’t have offered if I did! Come on, let’s get out of Robin’s sight anyway. She’s very...” Jade made a hand gesture, unsure how to properly explain.

                            “I know,” he breathed tiredly. The farmer opened her front door and walked in, Sebastian following behind. “She did this when I first met Sam, too. I remember her harassing his mom with times to come over...” He sighed. “If it’s any consolation, it means she really likes you.”

                            “Aw, it means a lot. Robin’s a sweet lady.” Jade closed the front door, so Robin could no longer see or try to read their mouths. The carpenter wasn’t all too pleased to be unable to eavesdrop on them, but she returned to work with higher spirits.

                            Jade was both excited and terrified to have someone over at her house. She was done unpacking everything, but never thought that she would have a guest over so soon. Her nerves seemed to calm down when she noticed Sebastian’s interest; he nodded to her collections of books and movies, and his face brightened to see the stacks of video games upstairs. “You have consoles with the cartridges? I didn’t think you’d have that kind of retro... these look brand new!” He eagerly dropped to his knees to better examine the game collection in its cabinet, Jade kneeling beside him.

                            “Yeah! My dad was a big collector when it came to retro consoles. He kept these in the attic for ages before he finally caved and let me have them. They all still work, too. Check this out,” Jade began, taking out a clear cased cartridge from the shelf. It was bright red and in perfect condition, the art on the front containing the title ‘SOLARBOUND’. “This was my dad’s favorite out of his whole collection. He had me promise to never sell it OR use it... As if I would.”

                            Sebastian gasped and stared in shock. “Holy shit, is that an original copy?!” Jade handed it to him to let him examine, which he did with much excitement. “And the red edition?! There are only thirty of these known to exist! How the hell did your dad get a hold of this??”

                            Jade laughed. “Garage sale for like fifty gold,” she told him. Sebastian scoffed and carefully handed the game back to her.

                            “Figures.” Sebastian watched her put the game back on the shelf, and then he continued to scan the game titles. “I’d kill for his luck,” he smirked.

                            Together, they reminisced about their favorite childhood games as they attempted to pick out a favorite game to play. With all the choices they had though, it was difficult. Being unable to play a game due to too many choices is a first-world problem that Sebastian wished he had back at home. Another game meant another snide remark from Demetrius, which meant another argument and another evening full of uncomfortable silence within the carpenter shop. Sebastian scowled as he thought of the potential trouble with his step-father, but looked to Jade confusedly when she had nudged his elbow. “Hm?”

                            “Void of Space has co-op you know,” the farmer suggested while holding up a case with the same title. “How about it?”

                            “Oh. Sure,” he replied without much thought. Jade happily complied and put the game in its appropriate console. She tossed one of the game controllers to him before plopping in a nearby beanbag chair. The farmer playfully pat the other beanbag chair for him to sit, which he calmly did. At first, Sebastian felt awkward to be in a house that wasn’t his or Sam’s, but he grew increasingly comfortable as they played the game. He forgot to even consider their level of friendship when Jade began to point out easter eggs within the gameplay, and he began to spout his own bits of knowledge as well.

                            One interesting thing that Jade learned about Sebastian was that, when she could get him to talk about something he was interested in, he could go on about it for a while. They ended up gaming for hours and talking as they did so. Discussions of the game they were playing turned into discussions of other games, which then morphed into proposals about fan theories. Sebastian was well-versed in everything involving his favorite titles, be it video game, book, or movie... Jade found it a very charming habit of his. However, when he noticed he was talking more than Jade , he would suddenly go quiet and stop himself. Whenever they were waiting for their game to load, he would withdraw from their current conversation and shyly text on his phone.

                            “Why do you do that?” Jade curiously asked him as he put his phone away. The game finished loading and they continued to play.

                            “Why do I do what?” Sebastian asked in return.

                            “You get all excited, and then you just stop talking and apologize. You shouldn’t be sorry, you know. I haven’t been able to discuss games like this in ages!” Her eyes sparkled with such fascination.

                            Sebastian was genuinely surprised to hear that. He glanced to Jade, but brought his attention quickly back to the game. Her stare was... intimidating for him. “I was talking too much. You weren’t really... saying anything, after a certain point. Sorry.” He scratched his neck and tried his best to watch the game.

                            “You did it again!” Jade chuckled. “I was quiet because I was listening, and I’ve never heard you talk so much before. People are so busy all the time, so... I like having a long talk with somebody, even if it’s just video game theories.”

                            The raven-haired man lifted an eyebrow. “Really?” he asked. “Hearing a theory about Dreadlord Oxodius being a good guy of all things?”

                            The farmer giggled and nodded. “Yeah, that was really cool! I wasn’t convinced until you spelled the theory out for me.”

                            Sebastian didn’t really know how to respond. His face intensified in color, and he seemed somewhat flustered. “Oh... I didn’t really expect you to be that interested.”

                            “Why not?” Jade tilted her head and looked to him, no longer paying attention to their game.

                            “... Because no one is,” he murmured.

                            Jade paused the game and turned to her side in the chair, so she could face Sebastian better. “Well, I think you have a lot of really interesting things to say. You’re really smart, Sebastian!”

                            He huffed and stared to the wall straight across from him. “You say that, but then you’ll hear about my ‘prodigy’ of a half-sister,” he grumbled.

                            “If you want me to be honest. I don’t really care what she’s up to if she’s not talking about stuff like this,” Jade responded with a shrug. “And I don’t think you’re any less intelligent.”

                            Sebastian didn’t reply, but he had obviously heard what she said. He shifted in his seat and looked away from her, face slowly heating up. His attention caught onto her computer and desk at the far end of the room. “You have a computer?” he inquired.

                            Jade brought her gaze to her computer as well. “Yup, mostly for games and stuff.”

                            “You don’t have internet connection yet,” he muttered.

                            The farmer blinked and looked back to him. “I don’t. How do you know that?”

                            “I’m the one that sets it up for people in town. Do you want to have connection? It’s free, since this town is so small to begin with and we all kinda share it.” Sebastian finally looked at her. He seemed calm again, but Jade’s expression twisted into worry.

                            “Um... Internet? Connection?” She hesitated.

                            “... You can just say no,” he mumbled.

                            “N-no! I mean yes! I...” Jade sighed. “I would really love to have internet, but... I wasn’t really... planning on having a connection this time around. I’m...” She hung her head, trying to figure out how to word herself. “You’re pretty savvy with this stuff, right? Since you’re a programmer, you understand computers and internet and stuff?”

                            “Uh... It varies, but I’d like to think so.” Sebastian didn’t seem to follow what she was saying, or why she was acting strange.

                            Jade glanced both left and right before nervously staring at him. “It’s not possible for people to track computers or anything, right?”

                            Sebastian lifted an eyebrow. “That’s a pretty specific question,” he pointed out.

                            Jade’s eyes widened in realization. “Ugh. That is super shady sounding, I’m sorry,” she laughed nervously. “I just have a bad history with being, um, on the grid, I guess... So I thought I’d avoid it altogether here.”

                            “How so?” he asked.

                            Jade sighed, then scanned around the room before dropping her sight to the floor. “Keep a secret?” she asked him.

                            Sebastian shrugged. “Sure.”

                            “Back where I used to live, I had a...” Jade struggled to speak. “A... stalker.” It didn’t sound as ridiculous as she thought it would at first. Sebastian watched her, but didn’t express anything other than the fact that he was listening. The farmer calmed down, took a deep breath, and then continued: “Knew where I was at every moment and would stalk me online, too... I used to have a phone, but even if I changed the number, eventually they would be on the other end. It’s made me pretty... paranoid, admittedly.” She laced her fingers together and twiddled her thumbs, staring at her feet. “I mean, that’s not why I moved here or anything. Nothing like that. But... well, it did get pretty bad. I can’t lie. Sorry.”

                            Sebastian sighed as he pondered about his response. “I don’t think you need to worry.” He stood up from his chair and walked over to the computer to better examine it. “As long as you don’t use any old usernames or anything you’ve had, you’ll be fine. As far as tracking you, I don’t think it’s something so simple... Especially since you live so far away, now.” He turned to Jade, hands in his pockets. “So you want internet, then?”

                            The farmer’s eyes brightened. “Would you do that? It’d be fine?” She stood up from her chair and hugged her chest as she stared at him.

                            The raven-haired man nodded. “I’d have to go back home and get the set up, so it’d be tomorrow, but.. Yeah.”

                            Jade grinned and eagerly went up to him with open arms. “Thank you!” she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around him in an embrace. The intention was friendly, but Sebastian instantly tensed and froze. His arms were up in the air, and he couldn’t move. The last person that Jade was this close to was Alex... the height difference was incredible, with Alex dwarfing Jade in height. In contrast, Sebastian only seemed to be a few inches taller than her. They were nearly face-to-face with each other, but that only made the situation even worse for Sebastian. She quickly realized what she had done and released her gentle hug, taking a step back. He stared into the distance with shock, as if he were a deer caught in the headlights... whoops. Jade’s face flushed with both worry and embarrassment. “O-oh, sorry! I’m really sorry! I, um. You don’t like people... getting close. That was my mistake.”

                            Sebastian didn’t reply, making her feel even worse. He put his arms down as she let go, at least. And he was breathing, or at least, she thought he was... hopefully?

                            BAM! BAM!

                            Both Jade and Sebastian flinched from the sudden noise. There was the creak of the front door. “You here, hon?” called Robin.

                            “O-oh! Um! Yeah! I’m... here! C-coming!” Jade glanced to the room’s door, then back at Sebastian, who rubbed his ears from the noise. “H-hey, I really am sorry. Uh. I mean, I know it’s just a hug, but I know we’re not like, well... B-bye now.” She buried her face in her hands as she quickly walked away, completely flustered and ruined. It was better to get out of there and give Sebastian some space.

                            Robin waved to Jade as she almost tripped down the stairs before hastily catching herself. “Whoa, what’s gotten into you, clumsy?” She chuckled a bit at her own tease and crossed her arms. “You doing okay?”

                            “I’m fine!” Jade yelled. Though it was an interesting strategy, yelling louder did not necessarily increase the truth in what she was exclaiming. Robin saw right through the lie and noticed the nervous sweat and rosy cheeks on Jade’s face. The farmer knew that Robin didn’t believe her. Jade would make all these efforts to be friendly, but every action ends up backfiring in some way. Punching a large guy’s face, hugging a reclusive guy’s torso. Both painful and incredibly awkward for at least one of the people involved, if not both. Jade’s simple impulses led her down a path of carelessness; complete destruction, in her eyes.

                            Robin couldn’t help but find Jade’s expression of horror entertaining, but also worrying. “What’s up with you? You look like you’ve seen the end of the world,” she inquired in an attempt to be sensitive.

                            “I might as well have,” Jade whispered in woe. Sebastian walked downstairs, hands back in his pockets and hair flayed over his face. Robin just had to glance at him to put the entire situation together. Now she was really entertained.

                            “I’m surprised you’re still here, Sebby,” the carpenter grinned. “I was just about to let Jade here know that I finished half the fences. The other half will be completed tomorrow!” Robin gave a friendly pat to Jade’s shoulder as Sebastian stopped to be with them. He didn’t look as frozen as he did before, but Jade noticed that he refused to look her in the eye.

                            “You got that much done that fast?” Jade asked, trying her very best to focus on Robin.

                            The carpenter nodded. “Yep, work day’s over.” That’s when Jade noticed that it was dark outside. She peered behind Robin to look through the opened door; the sun slowly vanished behind faraway trees. Time passed that quickly?

                            “Wow,” Jade murmured. She had nothing else to say.

                            “So what have you two been up to?” Robin asked with excruciating cheer in her voice. Both Jade and Sebastian glared at her. She was too nosy for her own good.

                            “Video games,” Sebastian quickly stated. The less description, the better.

                            Robin grinned. “Games, huh? So what did you do?”

                            “Mom, you should go start the truck,” Sebastian respectfully mumbled to his mother. Robin laughed and ruffled both of their heads before walking out without another word. They were alone again, but it was Sebastian’s choice this time. Jade still felt incredibly guilty about invading his space, but at least he was more relaxed. He saw how nervous she was, and sighed. “... It’s really not that big of a deal,” he muttered, fixing his hair.

                            Oh, thank heavens. Jade made an incredible sigh of relief. “I’m glad, I was just so worried because of how you responded and all.”

                            He decided to ignore that, but looked away from her again. “Thanks for letting me stay.”

                            “Thanks for coming, I had a lot of fun.” Jade smiled. She felt much better since Sebastian was talking to her.

                            “Me too...” He smirked. “Why do you do that?”

                            “What? Why do I do what?” Jade stared at him, confused.

                            “You freak out about everything. You shouldn’t freak out, you know,” Sebastian mocked, a mischievous grin forming on his face.

                            “Well-” Jade suddenly stopped herself, realizing he was copying her earlier dialogue. “You are horrible.” She laughed and then began to shove him to the front door. “Get out of my house before I give you a shiner.”

                            Sebastian was able to laugh too. He started walking without her aid, then giving her a wave. “See you tomorrow,” he said.

                            The farmer’s smile widened as he left. She was completely relaxed then. “Have a good night!” Jade waved back to him with utmost enthusiasm. Robin started her truck and drove slightly over to Sebastian so that he could climb in without needing to walk further. Together, they left the premises of the farm. Jade walked onto the porch to watch them leave, another sigh of relief escaping her throat. Her new fluffy companion meowed in greeting and rubbed Jade’s leg with his tail before trotting inside. Jade was quiet as the farm revealed its nighttime sounds and scents.

                            Jade didn’t really have the day to herself after all, but it was a good day regardless.
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                              Apocalypse novels, gaming cave, retro consoles... Jade's got it made! How could Sebastian resist?? Gotta salute Jade's dad tho for giving up his prized collection to the next generation. Sometimes you must let go of what you love :cry: I liked this chapter and didn't think it was too slow. You struck a good balance. Also, more feisty Robin! Her yelling at Seb is music to my ears :rofl:
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                                Ahhh thank you! Admittedly, I'm pretty hard on myself. But that's probably because I've read this chapter and revised it so many times that I'm just like, blah, set it out there no matter what. When you read it over and over, it's more difficult to see what sticks out. I'm glad it wasn't too slow for you!!

                                Robin is and always will be the best
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                                  Well, after reading through some threads and discovering your fanfiction I had to sign up and now I finally can tell you: I just love your story! It is soooo good. I kinda feel like I`m standing right beside Jade while she is doing her stuff. You are really great at writing!
                                  Purpose of signing up: fulfilled.
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                                    aaaAAAHHHH YOU ARE SO SWEET
                                    first off, WELCOME TO THE FORUM! we're all really nice.
                                    second, I'm really glad you enjoy my writing!!! sorry I don't have a total set schedule yet!!
                                    But I hope you enjoy the chapters to come as well! <3
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                                      Demetrius isn't the only reason Sebastian is kind of reclusive and surly, is he? Having an excessively enthusiastic, bossy and hint proof mother arranging play dates for you after reaching the age of legal adulthood has got to be embarrassing. I wonder if he tensed up and froze because he was surprised by how much he enjoyed Jade hugging him.

                                      A stalker? A hint as to why Jade moved. My powers of prediction tell me this stalker will reappear to cause trouble.
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                                        That's what I'm afraid of but here's hoping ol' Sebby stops writing in his diary long enough to run him over with his motorcycle! The bloodthirst is real raaaaaarr!! haha it'll be interesting either way, for sure.
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                                          This actually gave me some really interesting ideas, different from what I've already written. Huehueheueheuehue.

                                          Stay tuned, you guys. I'm probably gonna be posting the next chapter in the next hour or so.. I need to stop posting these so late Dx but Monday/Thursday sounds like a good update time for me. We'll see if I hold it up
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