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    We've recently had the idea of creating a new kind of race, a massive race (literally), in Steven Universe there are characters called diamonds, we wish to make a playable race version for Starbound. This will be our first attempt ever at creating anything in Starbound, so what we need is generally some software for mac. (currently using an online pixel art studio to draw (barely), but can't find anything for coding software). These are also notes for what we plan to do later.

    The first thing we have decided on is the size of the race, which is massive, approx. 89 by 26 pixels, would go larger but we don't think any area at all would work then. Meaning we will have to create custom codes for movement, item use, a completely custom ship, certainly new techs, and anything else in game. as current characters are 29 pixels tall this will become a challenge.

    Our current plans include:

    The race: (possible cross-communication with gems race maker for working together)
    - several hair types
    - masculine and feminine body type, the actual race has no male counterpart
    - colours of body
    - colours of gems, placements as well (body and head)

    Stats(normal size): (possible FR communication for stats/balancing)
    - more damage, more health
    - moderate energy boost
    - less defense, low speed, moderate jump hight (not jumping higher than their own height)
    - highly resistant to most things

    Stats(shrunk by tech):
    - even more damage, more speed, very high jump (jump approx. 10 blocks high)
    - moderate defense boost
    - less energy
    - very low health
    - lose most resistances

    new mechanics:
    - a crawl mode so that diamonds can fit through normal doors, if they choose to go like that
    - a gun scaling method to make regular guns work for the massive race.
    - new animations to use normal devices/furniture/etc

    new tech:
    - a tech to shrink to normal character size, (takes a few seconds to transform in a very vulnerable state)
    - a tech to pick up and throw npcs or other players

    A custom ship:
    - needs to be larger to fit new character size
    - new sail interface appearance (a pearl in a chair)

    Custom furniture:
    - massive size, massive furniture

    What we would like is tips for software for mac, tips for character creation (pixel art, etc.), or any coding tips (examples, areas to point out) for the above mentioned plans.
  2. D.M.G.

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    I'd be curious to see your work ^^
    I gotta warn you tho, races that doesn't fit in the classic template are hard to mod in
  3. Shadow20218

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    That's the point, we've always been told, go for perfection or nothing at all. And this mod feels like its actually something new instead of just another re-skin of humans. So far we have only done some pixel design but we plan to stick to this until we at least get the characters working, past that point we may have to find some help or something.
  4. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    I'd be curious to see these sprites
  5. Shadow20218

    Shadow20218 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is a preliminary design, we only spent like 40-ish minutes drawing this so far. It's just an example for scaling so that we can test the physics of these designs.

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  6. D.M.G.

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    I see
    Why do you say "we" while talking of yourself tho?
  7. Shadow20218

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    Sorry, its to do with a... um... shall we say problem? We would rather not discuss it.
  8. D.M.G.

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    FAir enough, it ain't no big deal ^^
  9. T4NGL3P4L

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    Alright, First off fella. This sprite wont cut it, Races are gonna need a lot more sprite work done for them. And if your gonna do a race, your not gonna get much bigger then what we already have. My guess you that you will need to scale up the player using JSON and if your gonna do that, its gonna take a lot of learning. Cause not only do you need to learn JSON your gonna probbaly need to learn LUA to get all your animations done right. You would be better off just trying to make your own form of the normal "Crystal Gem" race instead of the diamonds. To start out, you should unpack your starbound files make your way over the the humanoid section and find the Novakids, then take their sprites and edit them. If I were you I would change their "Brands" to be the gems on different parts of their body. From there on your on your own, and don't give up. Can't wait too see what you can do, good luck :avalilol:
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  10. Shadow20218

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    Thanks for the encouragement and redirection, so far we have only done more sprite work so thanks for the advice.
    The reason we are not doing the regular crystal gems is that we want specifically to make a giant race and the diamonds are one of our favorite types of giant creatures, rather than say massive ogres or some other mythical type creature, the spacefaring super modern species of the diamonds just fits the feel of Starbound better to us.

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