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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Donut Farmer, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Donut Farmer

    Donut Farmer Yeah, You!

    Trophy and Fish Tank.
    I just spent a lot of time trying to catch all the legendary fish. I've been considering what to do with them. They aren't really worth a lot and they aren't really great as gifts. My suggestion lets you make them as trophies which you can hang in your house OR you get a fish tank which you can view all the fish you place inside. It can just use the fish's inventory portrait for movement in the tank.

    Some of those fish freak me out though.

    Photo Album!
    We got through a lot in our time in our game. A photo album placed in our house on any bookshelf should let us relive those memories. The question remains whether to make it game-wide or character wide. So if I marry Hailey in one game should I be able to access that memory in another? Its a difficult choice because I know the perfectionist in me would go crazy.

    Set Meals!
    This one a friend of mine came up with it. What if after making food. There was an equip slot that has your character eat food automatically? Like one for breakfast/lunch/dinner. If can either play an animation or have a crunch with a message "Your character just had breakfast/lunch/dinner."

    Spouses and Party members!
    Our journey in the mines are a dangerous one. If we were to get a party member we can do so much more. They can be have like someone to carry our stuff. They can help us fight or we can ask them to start mining. We already have items (that can't be accessed or used) for most of the characters in the game in the game files. So I think this idea isn't far off..

    I came up with this idea awhile back. What if at the bottom of the mines and other dungeons we encounter a boss. For the bottom of the mines we can encounter "Mother Cave Carrot" and the victory for defeating it would be the ability to grow cave carrots on our farm (by adding another cave which has carrots growing in it.)

    Farm Animal Abilities (cat or dog)
    While the cat and dog are cute on their own. I think having their own abilities would be interesting. Cats could prevent damage to your fences and dogs would prevent your animals from being attacked at night.

    Expansion Pack Idea
    This is the big idea. A really difficult big one. An entire expansion pack for stardew valley which would include a bundle of new crops, animals, and options. I think it would be fair to see it open a new area (zuzu city) with new characters, characters we can marry, and progression in Pelican Town itself.

    I had an idea of the character getting a vehicle. (Caravan, Wagon, or Pick-up truck) and selling his produce at the Zuzu city Farmer's Market. You would make more profit than normal, but it would manually require you to be there and sell. Basically the time you invest into it. The more money you can get.

    Town developments can open up depending on what you do with the town center and such. A few new dungeons and other things too.

    I honestly love this game, and I want to see it grow and expand without losing its identity. The idea of a farmer going into the city to sell stuff doesn't seem farm off. I sincerely hope to see more new things and I do hope things continue progressing at the rate we are going :)

    Sorry if this is a bit big or long!

    Small Edit: How do people feel about these? I know some of them are radical changes and stuff so any kind of input or thoughts would be appreciated!
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    • nekoCrimson

      nekoCrimson Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Photo album should definitely be based on save file and not account, imo. I do like the idea, but right now I don't feel like there's much for it, unless maybe the player can add their own memories.

      Party members feel a little odd to me for this particular game, but on PC there already exists a mod for it (that I haven't tested) so it may be more viable than I'm giving it credit for. I just feel like the mines are balanced for a single person's going through. Multiplayer makes this fair with no-pause.

      Not a fan of boss battles, to be honest. And most "item bosses" (Mother Cave Carrot) that I could imagine being in the game are already so frequently found that the bonus wouldn't be worth it.

      Expansion packs are hit-or-miss. I could certainly see the draw, but I prefer the live service updates we have now where everyone gets all the content and the amount of work to make packs that players wouldn't feel ripped off by could almost be better spent just making a new small game entirely. (Not that I'm suggesting that's the direction an expansion pack would go in, but I'm questioning why it would have to be a pack in the first place.)

      Everything else is a really good idea though!
      • Zosa

        Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

        there is a pet mod already, your pets bring you found items and the cats reduce crow attacks on your crops
        • Madeliene Madness

          Madeliene Madness Space Spelunker

          Anyone else thinking 'Squid Kid with a health pool 2 or 3 times the size of a purple slime' for a boss?
          • Dark_Yehn

            Dark_Yehn Void-Bound Voyager

            [Music fades]
            In second place this hour we have ‘Well you dismounted, next time where you can see it! Hitching might be a good idea!” Leaving the long running favourite of “If you open it again, at least sort it!” trending most favourite. Bought to you in partnership with Hogan’s Diner, a special eating competition held this evening so why not go and get stuffed. The forecast and news coming up after One Way Cutie Pie here on Space 103.2


            “Thanks Harvey, extra bottle of Juiced Kale for you, got some spare.”
            • One More Day

              One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

              Erm, something tells me that you've never actually had a pet cat....
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              • Donut Farmer

                Donut Farmer Yeah, You!

                I am speaking mechanically wise. Won't make sense irl because cats are little furballs of scratching clawly love who destroy everything.

                Should have a health bar or something show. I think it would be fun at least. Gives you a reason to return to the mines or dungeons~

                Thats good to know o:
                • nekoCrimson

                  nekoCrimson Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Those are two different mods, and catgifts (the one where pets can find items) is great but the pet perks one is wildly unbalanced in favor of cats so it's nice to see new ideas. Plus, mods are only available on pc/mac/linux and it's not like it can't be added officially one day (as long as it isn't just 1:1 copying the mod)

                  Don't be silly, cats destroy couches not fences!... Probably. They mostly just jump over them because who cares about the rules. But then, what is UP with those fences that they last so shortly anyways? Certainly the cat can't do more harm than time already does?

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