Bug/Issue A Bug or Two in Mid/Late Game (Minor Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Aweh, Aug 22, 2020.

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    Playing on Steam right now. I've encountered a bug at the start of scene 31 (the first snowy area with the knight), and it forced me to replay the last scene a couple of times afterwards. If you don't dash past the black gate fast enough, it closes back up and practically softlocks you. This is before any save points as well, so as I said I'm forced to replay the scene before. I've gotten through this issue, but I feel like this bug would be devastating for other players as well.

    If this is a bug, it seems like a pretty game-breaking one in my opinion.

    On another, smaller note, I'd caught a bug around the mines area where you encounter the first humanoid enemy. I'd fiddled around with the cart a little bit, then my character's sprite turned opposite from the cart, and then I ended up flying through the left wall. It doesn't seem like a bug that any unexperienced player would encounter, thus it's at the end of my post. But, if you're against exploits, this one might be worth a look at as well.

    Hope these get looked at soon!

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