RELEASED (9 Oct. UPDATE) Karmylla's Mods - Immersive Map Edits (+SMAPI Hidden Places!), Farm Cave, Cellar

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Karmylla, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Artus Azimov

    Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

    Hey !
    Currently testing summer town map.

    It's so nice! :D I love the little pond. Now Pelican Town looks real pretty. :3
    Also, I tried Hidden Places for the first time and I love it, but SMAPI seems to say there's a compatibility problem with Expanded Crevices (like Haley's darkroom map ?).

    Of course it is not compatible with mods like Clean Up Crew and OCD but I already knew it. Clean Up Crew doesn't work at all. OCD works but you don't see the fences to repair.

    I didn't encounter major bugs. Everyting works fine. I just noticed two little things.

    Picture 1 : At the top right of the map, there is a fence bloking the way. Is it normal ? I don't remember it from the vanilla game so I thought it might be good to mention it.


    Picture 2 : There is a bug with the talest of the palm trees in the middle of the little parc. Its top leaves are cut. I think it's a compatibility problem with the summer town tilesheet?


    Here you go ! I'll try to test the other seasons as well. :)
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    • Karmylla

      Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

      Thanks for testing!
      The fence you see in picture 1 is already in the vanilla game, actually :)
      And the bug on picture 2 is something that I didn't notice! Thanks for reporting, I'll resolve it for the final update!
      • General Chaos

        General Chaos Pangalactic Porcupine

        Greatly appreciate your work, I stumbled upon it at random and was glad to see it was a interior mod since I had not had one. Was even more pleasantly surprised when I saw the compatibility patches for map recolor. Since your patch actually updated the mod in the town pathway areas it took care of a issue it has since it has not been updated since. Thanks a ton, my game is more complete now.
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        • Artus Azimov

          Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

          All right then ! :) I'm glad to help you, even if it's not much.

          So, I tested spring and fall. Everything is fine. Riding a horse in Pelican Town had never felt so smooth. ^-^
          I just noticed a little sprite error at the foot of a cliff, but I think it's linked to an existing error on the vanilla map and not yours. Oh well, I'll just post a pic anyway. We never know.

          View attachment 190151
          I will try to test your winter map tomorrow, I just have to find a save file in winter with the community center done.

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          • Karmylla

            Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

            Oh, yeah, that's a little error in game, but it's something I can easily resolve in this new map! Again, thank you so much for testing it! If everything goes well, I'll start updating the festival maps with this new layout as well :D
            • Karmylla

              Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

              Guys, I need your honest opinion: I could add trees you can cut down to the Town map, instead of the static ones that were added in the vanilla Town map!
              This would mean that you would have to wait till they grow large, which could make the map not as appealing at first, but, at the same time, you would have that cool transparent effect when behind a tree! There is also the problem of seeds sprouting all over the place, but hey, it's your job to keep SV clean and well kept, right?
              What say you, add trees you can cut OR continue with the static trees?
              • Zalkyria

                Zalkyria Phantasmal Quasar

                You could have an option for both? For those that don't mind the static trees can have the file and for those that dont want the static trees they get the other.
                • Karmylla

                  Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

                  I would prefer to have a solid version that I could update, because I'll need to add different patches regarding translations and tilesheet recolours, and that's going to be a lot of work as it is.
                  • Zalkyria

                    Zalkyria Phantasmal Quasar

                    True I understand that, I can say static might be better in the end?
                    • Artus Azimov

                      Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

                      Oh, like Tree Life ? :D Well it certainly would be nice because I used to play with all of Androxilogin's mods installed. But if it's more work for you then I'd say to go for the static trees option.
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                      • Alvadea

                        Alvadea Starship Captain

                        I vote for static trees. I dont know if it would look fine on festivals in the village otherwise. Because they are extra files and I think the game wouldn't save your tree states then, right?
                        • Artus Azimov

                          Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

                          Right now I don't think her maps include town festival events but that's a good question. Though I don't remember having any problem of that kind with TreeLife installed.

                          I have tested winter map yesterday, no major bugs to report. I might edit this post later and add some pictures.

                          Also @Karmylla : Is there already someone working on a french translation of your mods ? If not, I'd be happy to help. :3
                          • Karmylla

                            Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

                            I asked about the trees only because I was planning on adding more, and I believe they look better with that transparency visual when walking behind them, as well as the shadow underneath it. But now that I think of it, I don't know how it would fare with TreeLife, so I might as well just ho with the static trees, and just me mindful about where to place them :)

                            No, I don't have anyone working on a French translation! If you would like to do it, I would be much obliged, thank you :D
                            • Artus Azimov

                              Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

                              I said I would edit my latest post but instead I'm posting a new one. While testing more thoroughly the winter map I came upon several heart events with the villagers. I got new little bugs to report.

                              I think there's a clipping bug on the table next to my farmer ?

                              Once again, a bug related to the size of the objects on the town tilesheet.

                              I think those are the only two bugs which are directly linked to the town map. I noticed three other bugs during hearts events with the villagers.

                              event 1.png
                              During Shane's seven hearts event, Shane gets into the street light on his left.

                              event 2.png
                              During Penny's two hearts event, she crosses the fences right to Dusty's doghouse.

                              event 3.png
                              ... THERE ARE TWO DUSTY ! :eek: (I think this is Alex's four hearts event ?)

                              I could test your new map with TreeLife installed if you'd like it.

                              Well then I would be happy to oblige you! :laugh:
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                              • Karmylla

                                Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

                                Thank you so much for this detailed report @azimov !
                                I was already aware of the issues with Penny and Alex's heart events, I even mentioned the issues on the front page, and now I guess, with the new map post-Joja Mart, we'll also have an incompatibility with Shane's heart event :\
                                But since these issues don't stop any of these events, I was lazy and didn't edit the events in game xD But, ah, I really should, shouldn't I? x) Argh, I guess I'll add these files as well to the new update, blurgh

                                Thanks for the help azimov, with testing and translating, you're very sweet :D
                                You get many cookies!!! :D
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                                • Artus Azimov

                                  Artus Azimov Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Ooops, my bad ! I didn't noticed you already reported them on the front page ! :facepalm:
                                  It looks like I'm complaining, I'm sorry ... :oops:

                                  To be honest with you, I'm not really bothered by some event bugs. I just felt like reporting these bugs since I stumbled upon them. ;)

                                  I'll keep you up to date with the French translation advancement then ! :)
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                                  • SheepMilks

                                    SheepMilks Zero Gravity Genie

                                    hello its me again!

                                    I was wondering if I did something wrong.. I went back into Stardew, and reinstalled this mod, but
                                    for some reason during the stardew valley fair, the edges of the grass are green again on all corners,
                                    but not on the rest of the map.

                                    I must have installed something weird LOL
                                    I was wondering if it was normal, or if I did something wrong.. I always get lost when trying to install this all the time..
                                    and its so simple i know it LOL
                                    • Karmylla

                                      Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      Something must have gone wrong! To do everything right you first need to install the recolour you are using, Eemie's or Elle's, and only then can you add my files!
                                      This way I'm sure everything will go nicely, and the correct files will be overwritten with mine :)
                                      If you need any extra help, feel free to contact me!
                                      • Karmylla

                                        Karmylla Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Hey everyone! I got a little update for you :whoop:

                                        Unfortunately, Devilbro has not answered to my message in regards to the use of his Hot Springs tilesheet in this future mod I'm making, so I will do the same I did with Bartalac and his Elliot Cabin tilesheet: I will be using their resources and crediting them, of course, but if they ever come to me and ask to remove their content from it, I will do so.

                                        In other news, I am working on an update of the Town map WITH Joja still intact, so I can make a better transition between the before and after the Joja ruins, and I would like your opinion on something, again (I just love bothering you guys :p). Since I'll be adding a Hot Springs in that new area behind Joja, I was thinking of placing obstacles there which will be removed when Joja disappears, after completing the Community Centre. I will give you a sneak peak of what I'm talking about:
                                        seak peak.png
                                        I think this makes sense to give more longevity to the game, and making the Community Centre mission more rewarding. Not only do you get a nice park, but you also get a hot springs!
                                        I would like your opinion on this!

                                        That's all for now folks, but I will be working on this for a few days, hopefully by the end of next week, I'll have something to upload :D

                                        Oh, ALSO, the next update will remove all previous tilesheet compatibility files, because I will be making a solo Dusty file with the sprites, something a lot more simple and that I should have done since the very beginning :p
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                                        • SheepMilks

                                          SheepMilks Zero Gravity Genie

                                          I WOULD LOVE THIS
                                          also im still in trouble with installing because im baka
                                          but Ill try to figure it out first and message you later on it if i absolutely cant figure it ou ;w; <3

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