Music 8 bit Beepbox songs i have made (and might use)

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    i found a website where i could make my own 8 bit music songs.
    main reason i made this thread was because the quality was serious reduced when i downloaded the songs so i figure i could just place the links here in the meanwhile, and show off some of them at the same time while i figure out a way to get better sound quality on them and so i can remember the notes.

    if you wonder the links are massive because it takes With all the notes i have put in the songs if anyone because i don't know how to upload the saved sound files (maybe i just upload them on youtube) also i have made way more songs then this these are just some of songs i quickly put together exsept the first one)

    i call this one for another day in robo city. (a bit high sound turn the volume down a bit but not that much)

    edited version

    sewage version

    racing version.

    i call this one for the human carnival built for humans not robots. it was sorta meant to be annouying but i think i took it a bit far

    a edited version
    another edited version

    i call this one for Stop shooting at us crazy humans. i admit that this one was very bad

    some edited versions

    i can't get this one to sound right.

    a edited version.

    another edited version

    i lost inspiration half ways on this and i just made it to repeat

    a edtied version
    another edited version
    don't listend to this unless you want to go crazy its not even 10% don
    a edited version just to test out something.

    ok this one i was very satisfied with but this is also a repeat.

    a edited version.
    i call this one martian marching and mayham
    a edited version
    i haven't placed this in the right order yet because i am strugeling to get it to sound right.
    i was actually working on a slow tune but then my brain said TO HELL WITH THAT CRANK IT UP TO MAX SPEED!
    also its not don yet.
    i have no idea what i did when i made this.

    just playing around.

    a edited version probably will use it for bips platform missions
    rainy streets

    not sure what to use this one for

    under water deep sea version of the first one

    robo city night theme

    i call this for Ah the beach, The open sea... That i cant go near or i die, but look at The Sand... that keeps getting everywhere... and listend to The seagulls... that keeps pooping all over my head while laughing hard. but look its such a sunny day.... in the matter of fact too sunny My cpu is overheating!

    a horror version of the first song

    a storytelling tune

    not sure on this
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