Music 8 bit Beepbox songs i have made (and might use)

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    i found a website where i could make my own 8 bit music songs.
    main reason i made this thread was because the quality was serious reduced when i downloaded the songs so i figure i could just place the links here in the meanwhile, and show off some of them at the same time while i figure out a way to get better sound quality on them and so i can remember the notes.

    if you wonder the links are massive because it takes With all the notes i have put in the songs if anyone because i don't know how to upload the saved sound files (maybe i just upload them on youtube) also i have made way more songs then this these are just some of songs i quickly put together exsept the first one)

    i call this one for another day in robo city. (a bit high sound turn the volume down a bit but not that much)

    i call this one for the human carnival built for humans not robots. it was sorta meant to be annouying but i think i took it a bit far

    i call this one for Stop shooting at us crazy humans. i admit that this one was very bad

    i can't get this one to sound right.

    i lost inspiration half ways on this and i just made it to repeat
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