4-armed mechs

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  1. AtHellsDoorStep

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    What I think would be super cool is 4-armed mechs. Two arms on each side controlled by the mouse, so say you have two beam drills on one side and a dual-shot gun AND a beam sniper on the other. The two beam drills on the left are used by the left mouse key and the dual-shot gun and the beam sniper are controlled by the right. Simple!

    P.S. This could be like a modification to the mech through a questline w/ Dr. Aggey (penguin mech guy)

    And I think it would be cool to get some power 5 items for the mech. Lovin' the game!
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  2. KingDragonMage

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    yes, but I would also add a fuel canister instead of having to recharge batteries in the mech, for each arm uses a different amount of power, a section to put a fuel canister instead of the body would be helpful.
  3. Captain Cape

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    How would you be able to control each arm separately, though?

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