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Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by Galactic Mindswipe, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    Hey all, if you're interested in Broken Age, I got a discount coupon on Steam. How to enter? Just post a number 1-100 (100 slots is full) and on Saturday, March 1st, I will declare the winner. I will declare the winner early if we get all 100 slots taken.

    Also yes I know it's not a game but still, I'm poor and got this in my Steam Inventory.

    EDIT: I am now giving away 2 coupons to 2 different people! HOORAY
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  2. SilentGuy

    SilentGuy Big Damn Hero

    1st! Haha :D
    Anyways, number 1 please. I don't know what to to with the coupon, but it's free!
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  3. Butterscotch

    Butterscotch Phantasmal Quasar

    2nd! Who could've guessed that!?
  4. Grimmturd

    Grimmturd Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm gonna post this not to necro the thread, but to inform that the coupon in the OP is, I believe, expired. So this thread should probably be locked or closed.
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