Dev Blog 1st September - Stop right there, criminal scum!

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Sep 1, 2017.

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  2. Kawa

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    Pay the fine or pay with your -- oh, okay. Hands front.
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  3. Tamorr

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    Another system to scout the universe with, or is that for... Gonna have to see this when comes about. Adds a bit of color to the empire I am building. :nuruhappy:
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  4. DragonsForce

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    Oh, fancy! I do like what I read there!
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  5. joaorafaelrr

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    At last! Now i can get some cash getting real crimminals. All that digging is starting to give me some profit. I just hope i can snap to covers more, because even if my life pool is big, i fear not recognizing myself with all those scars in my body. :p
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  6. HachiYakumo

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    Jango Fett on the way. "You're more worth alive"

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  7. Ainzoal

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    Ohohohoh this sounds like quite the addition
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  8. Nemasys

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    Awesome! Just one thing... I'm a bit disappointed that it's "Brew Clan" and not "Brew Crew." (Unless it's a reference I'm not familiar with...)
    Eh, nothing a little modding can't fix. ;)
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  9. Yavor

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    As always, a big thank you for all of your hard work, Chucklefish! Wish you a wonderful Autumn!
  10. Iris Blanche

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    Please note that image only and one-word posts are frowned upon the forum rules. Please edit at least one sentence in.

    Iris Blanche
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  11. Sparklink

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    I am so very excited for this; I have always wanted some interplanetary events.

    Ha ha, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  12. Speed Lightning

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    The bounty system looks rather interesting. I have several comments and concerns regarding this system and relevant content such as quests that I would like the developers to consider while working on this update. Please excuse the rather long or potentially ambitious nature of this post; I have shared all of the major ideas and concerns that I have considered so far in my interest of contributing to the quality of the update.

    1) I have heard of an LUA function that allows modders to bind players in a similar way to the picture that you have shared. Although I look forward to using the items that use it against evildoing NPCs, if binding does in fact work this way, this will likely be extremely abusable in multiplayer servers. However, this can be mitigated by implementing immunization against this function by default for players; this will allow modders or other creators who wish to play with the ability to be bound to do so while minimizing interference with vanilla players' gameplay, especially while playing at public gathering points in worlds. I have also heard that bounty targets are instead a separate NPC type, which means that binding items will only affect these NPCs; if this is the case instead, I appreciate that you have considered this already.

    2) While viewing the picture that you shared, I noticed a possible problem with the bounty system itself; missions that are on low-level planets may be too easy for those who have already obtained high-level equipment. I would like to see levels assigned to each bounty on the bounty board that you mentioned, independent of the planet that they are on, in order to accommodate high-level players; in other words, high-level players should be able to take bounties for level 6 targets on volcanoes as well as plains, forests, savannahs, toxic seas, and tundras as well as all other planets that are level 6 or below. Of course, in order to accommodate low-level players, these targets should not appear unless their bounty is accepted, similar to current randomly generated quests. Allowing such targets to appear on other planets would increase the variety of bounty-hunting missions due to the different environments that would be used.

    3) I prefer to explore in Starbound by visiting nearly every planet within a system, then travelling to an unexplored system nearby and repeating the process; I dislike randomly jumping throughout the entire universe. I have two suggestions that would resolve this problem for those who prefer to play in a similar way and for those who prefer to remain near colonies that they are creating.
    3a) I believe that clues would be most logical if they were located within local groups of systems. For example, after the player has found the first clue for a bounty, the next clue should either be on the same planet, within the same system, or - least likely - within fifty to one hundred celestial units of the system. This will minimize the amount of random jumping that the player would otherwise be required to do.
    3b) I would like to see outposts for bounty hunters while travelling across planets; these would appear in similar ways to dungeons and towns. The bounty boards that appear here would have random bounties that would direct the player to clues on the same planet, within the same system, or within a nearby system.

    4) Some parts of worlds have not been used very often or - with all due respect - effectively in quests. Specifically, no quest locations appear to exist underground despite it being possible for villagers to appear within several underground biomes such as sandstone and flower caves; in addition, tropical oceans are the only ocean worlds that have quest locations, although even these do not have very many quest locations, and those that are underwater nearly always, if not always, require the player to defeat bandit divers that do not move very much due to problems with their AI. I would like to see more usage of these areas as locations for quests, as they would add more variety to the bounty hunting system as well as random quests.

    5) You mentioned that the Peacekeeper organization that you are considering will have a ranking system for players who participate in the bounty-hunting system. I believe that also implementing unique rewards related to the organization - and any others that you decide to add - would encourage players to participate in the system further. An example of such a reward may be a trophy with the logo of the group or new sets of armor that grant non-conventional bonuses such as increased speed, regeneration, jump height, or otherwise unused status effects at the cost of penalties such as decreased defense, energy, or health.

    6) Lastly, speaking of other possible organizations, you mentioned that the player would be a bounty hunter for a Peacekeeper organization. However, I am concerned that this would limit the player's story - including their story-related choices - rather severely and potentially reduce the variety of quests, bounties, and similar that they would have access to. I would like to see multiple bounty-hunting organizations implemented instead, which would have different types of targets and lore, as well as independent rankings and possible rewards with each organization. I believe that a system with multiple organizations would work best due to the organizations that already exist within Starbound's lore. I have several examples of such possible bounty-hunting organizations.
    6a) Bandit gangs may be interested in looting towns, capturing guards, and fighting against other bandit gangs for personal gain. Although I am not personally interested in joining such a gang in-game, I believe that many players would enjoy doing so. These gangs would have randomly-generated names due to their relative size and number; if the game gives internal IDs to these gangs - similar to UUIDs - using the gang's name as its ID would work best in the case that the player finds the gang elsewhere. They would also take bounties for all other types of targets, such as Miniknog officers, Resistance members, Kluexian priests, tomb raiders, Protectors, and Occasus members among others.
    6b) The Miniknog is likely interested in targeting Resistance members as well as freelancers who are possible threats to their regime. They may or may not find those who have recently worked with the Resistance to be helpful in their efforts.
    6c) The Resistance is fighting against the Miniknog. They may wish to hire bounty hunters in order to sabotage the Miniknog or capture their officers in order to extract information. They may or may not find those who have recently worked with the Miniknog to be helpful in their efforts.
    6d) I would not be surprised if Kluexian priests wished to capture threats to their order or possible sacrifices.
    6e) Members of Greenfingers' tribes may be interested in hunting trespassers, traitors, and other prey.
    6f) For those who wish to betray the remains of the Terrene Protectorate after defeating the Ruin, Asra Nox and/or the other Occasus members may wish to recruit bounty hunters against non-Humans and Protectorate members, and they may or may not only be interested in recruiting Humans.
    6g) Those who still attempt to uphold the values of the Terrrene Protectorate may wish to recruit Protectors in order to rebuild the group. Bounties that the Protectorate set would likely target similar criminals to those that villagers currently give quests to the player for, such as tomb raiders, cannibals, and bandits; in addition, I expect that the Occasus would be targeted by this group for their crimes of planetary destruction and attempts of galaxy-wide genocide. I am uncertain of how similar the Peacekeepers' values are to the Protectorate or whether they should be an extension of the group or a separate group; I would like the developers to consider this further, as those in both the developing team and the players' community would likely be interested in this lore.

    Of course, these are merely suggestions for the general structure and the details of the bounty-hunting system that would likely increase its quality immensely. Regardless, I appreciate the work that you and the remainder of Chucklefish's developers have done so far, mollygos, and I look forward to seeing your progress on the update. =D
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  13. Eralia

    Eralia Phantasmal Quasar

    wow this day is really gOOD
    now im just hype
  14. Luscinius

    Luscinius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like the ide but... Another peacekeeping organisation? Why are we pushed to always be the good guys?
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  15. Kawa

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    Whoever said bounty hunters are good guys? Did HachiYakumo's Fett gif not tip you off?
  16. MithranArkanere

    MithranArkanere Space Kumquat

    It's always nice to have a reason to travel around.

    But the more you travel the more need a minimap, though. You can't rely on placing flags everywhere to remember where's something interesting to revisit after you are done with the chase, or where exactly you've been already.
  17. insakna

    insakna Void-Bound Voyager

    the new Peacekeeping organization is going to have a big awesome base... right??
  18. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I'm curious to see what's going to happen with the Peacekeepers. I'm guessing they'll be based on space stations, and may or may not get their own furniture set. I imagine it would be possible to make use of existing assets, particularly from space stations and human prisons. But if they have their own furniture and aesthetic based around bounty hunting, I'm all for it. Especially if that allows a unique Peacekeeper tenant that offers bounty hunting quests from the comfort of your own colony.

    Though, if it were up to me, I'd probably have reused the USCM in their retconned corporate military state. Not only would allow for some of those wonderful human bunker objects to return (along with some new / updated ones), but the writing would allow for some fun with corporate buzzwords and insistent terminology. You're not a 'bounty hunter', you're a 'security contractor'. They're not a 'target', they're a 'person of interest'. The contract isn't to 'neutralize' them, but to 'pacify' them...
  19. Roskii Heiral

    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

    Admiral Piet: Bounty Hunters.... We don't need that scum...
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  20. Lord Humungus

    Lord Humungus Big Damn Hero

    You could have multiple organizations doing bounties. USCM as one, the scattered remnants of the Protectorate as another one. So 3 organizations offering bounties as possible within existing lore.

    Then again if they want to go darker there's always floran clans wanting meat or the miniknog wanting to hunt down exiled dissenters as options.

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