19th July Progress

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    Tiy submitted a new blog post:

    19th July Progress

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  2. Sgt. Sprocket

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    Great job, as always.


    <MaiqTheStop> Tiy_: there seems to be a high amount of gravity
    <Tiy_> its not finishedddd
    <MaiqTheStop> Tiy_: well finish it
    <MaiqTheStop> >:L
    <MaiqTheStop> bad tiy
    * MaiqTheStop slaps Tiy_ on the wrist
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  3. Krono

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    This is my reaction every time I see a starbound update, haha.

    Also, is there any way we could get an update on the Roadmap?
    Just to ease our curiosity.
  4. Awesomized

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    <Sprocket_> http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/19th-july-progress.26569/#post-1036256
    <ModBot> URL title: 19th July Progress | Official Chucklefish Forums!
    <Tiy_> damn
    <Tiy_> someone linked it before I did

    <Tiy_> also whats funny is
    <Tiy_> if it happens to be raining on the planet
    <Tiy_> when you fall
    <Tiy_> you currently fall faster than the rain
    <Tiy_> which looks funny

    Also, water should turn into ice on the asteroids.
    <Ordona> suggest it Maiq :p

    <Tiy_> I kind of want to make it so that when you teleport to a planet now
    <Tiy_> you just
    <Tiy_> see yourself in a beam fly down all the way through the atmosphere
    <Tiy_> but that might get irritating after a while
    <Hyperax> make drop pods
    * DoomZero (ad220ea8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
    <Tiy_> naw
    <Hyperax> an alternate method of entry to the planet
    <DoomZero> (removed comment not relevant)
    <Tiy_> beaming around like powerrangers is cooler
    <Marketh> If you were going to do that I think drop pods would look cooler
    <Tiy_> :D

    <Tiy_> one option is, allowing players to actually beam directly from the ship down to asteroids if the planet has an asteroid bel

    <Ophies> Tiy_, will we be able to explore moons on planet?
    <Tiy_> if the planet has an asteroid belt youll be able to choose
    <Tiy_> whether or not you want to land on an asteroid
    <Tiy_> or the planet itself
    <Tiy_> you can fly to a planets moons Ophies
    <Tiy_> with your ship

    <Circeae> Tiy_, what about making gas giants with asteroid belts now? If you fall from it, you reach die a quick death
    <Hyperax> oh that would be fun
    <Tiy_> thats a fun idea Circeae
    <Tiy_> probably quite easy to do
    <Tiy_> hmmm

    <Ophies> Cinnamon sticks are horrible straws
  5. cyggardner

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    Great job dev team!!
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  6. Sizzle

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    wow that is amazing :O
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  7. Rueya

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    One of the best updates yet, thank you Tiy and co. This game is really living up to its name in leaps and bounds! ;)
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  8. Mikerlantz

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    yay go Tiy and the Team! =D
  9. Gadrill

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    Reload just... one... more... time... "New update!" Me: :DD
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  10. Richardson

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    I saw an asteroid with water on it. Is that a normal occurrence or a side effect of the random dirt thing?
  11. lilmurf

    lilmurf Master Chief

    I am so pumped for this game to come out! I love how you guys do daily updates its great!
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  12. BlastRed

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  13. nekisaur

    nekisaur Void-Bound Voyager

    Soooooooooooo wonderfullllllllllllllll :rainbow:
  14. TheNightOwl

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    14th Awesome work D
  15. BlastRed

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  16. DeltaOverTime

    DeltaOverTime Void-Bound Voyager

    That looks awesome! I can't wait.
  17. T-Bone Biggins

    T-Bone Biggins Phantasmal Quasar

    Not saying Starbound is copying anything, but this looks a lot like Edge of Space now you're in the asteroid field. EoS has nowhere near the polish though. Cool thing is at least we got a planet on the bottom. Hopefully we get rare ores in those asteroids.
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  18. thetokenshadow

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    Holy crap that was a drop. Just THINK of the tower you could build!
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  19. Awesomized

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    Edge of Space doesn't have poptops.
  20. Autzome

    Autzome Black Hole Surfer

    this is more than i could have ever imagined! imma make space station 13.

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