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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Holy hell, first time I see this article. The only unique thing about tenants now is special furniture for doing quests, however it's sad that this furniture can't crafted or made in pixel printer and also it's not worth the effort. I thought that main reason to have colonies was money but it's extremely tiring to go over all tenants to collect money and get seeds instead. Also, colonies are FPS eaters. Well, Starbound has more requirements than GTA5, at least GTA5 works on high settings with stable 60FPS on my PC compared to unstable ~20-30 FPS of Starbound. This was the main reason to stop playing for me because building anything drains FPS like crazy.
    Also I wish for some automation update. We have logic gates but all we can do with them is to open doors or turn on lights.

    Anyway about the update, I hope it will be good, at least it looks fun when I read the dev blog. I hope that devs will finally do necessary optimization, however it's unlikely because they don't care. Being able to play every game I want with high FPS and having to invest $500 just to run Starbound with stable FPS is crazy.
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    Yeah, i agree with this guy. It would be cool to have a bounty hunt in the game with big bosses. But i have another suggestion. How about if at the top rank the only post wanted would be on asra? That would make it so you could go to their main dreadnought, occulus style. And in big hunts maybe big bosses could be specifically styled. Like an angry greenfinger or avian priest. And maybe in some cases they can surrender peacefully. Like a phsycopathic person that just wants a cake to come back. And getting an additional reward for doing so. Also them having their own voice. Them referencing their own plans. Thanks for this game, you devs rule

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