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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Kawa

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    With regards to announced features that never (fully) materialize, I'm actually considering to cut back on some features in my own game. Features that I dare not put in words in this place, but that have been apparent for a long, long time now. Their removal may severely improve gameplay and make development much easier.
  2. Ritsuki

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    Wow, thanks man! I was actually thinking about doing that, so I really appreciate the advice!
  3. ManicRykker

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    Welp, I don't want to risk turning the thread into a dialog with Kaepora Gaebora, so I'll just throw my thoughts on all of that into some spoilers and call it a day.

    The features mentioned throughout the devblogs that we never got to see is definitely an unfortunate shame... but folks need to remember

    This stuff took place during the game's beta days

    Tons of ideas are getting thrown around at that time. Not all of them end up seeing the light of day. That's just how game development goes. (That's also why some content ended up being removed during that period. In case you forgot, the game was considered a work in progress.) It's why stuff like the Cutting Room Floor exists. Game devs have tons of ideas, and sometimes they can run into snags that can cause some concepts to be left in the dark.

    We can't accurately judge what was going on during that time, because we just weren't there. They were a team, working on a universal sandbox, for (roughly) three years before finally pushing out of early access. What did they work on in those three years? How was the work load split? Were some of these removed or "forgotten" features canned due to snags, unforeseen game limitations, or just lack of time to spare?

    We don't know... and ya know what? It's not like removed or planned content is doomed to be in limbo. For example, there have been mechs sitting in the game files for ages.. and what happened in 1.3? We got mechs. (And modular ones at that.. which is a lot better presentation wise than the clunky stuff gathering dust in the assets imo.)

    Either way, all of this bellyaching isn't going to push us another three years into the future, feature-wise. All we can do, is give them (constructive) feedback, wait, and let them do their job.
  4. Kawa

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    I take off my hat and raise a cola toast to @ManicRykker.
  5. Ritsuki

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    You're right on everything, but still, when you invest in something, IMHO, you get the right to at least criticize. Buying a game that is still in development phase is taking a risk, risk we all know. But we have at least the right to know why some features are not here when a lot of new ones that wasn't expected appear.

    Again, don't get me wrong, I love most of the new unannounced features. Hell, except for the quests and the mining tools, I don't really have any complaints. But there's a little "lack of transparency" that is a bit bothering...

    Anyway, like you said, this is not the end of the world, and the game is already good as it is. I don't care about not getting the features, as you said, we don't know what's happening inside, we're not part of the team, they must have good reasons for that, but we should at least be informed when functionalities and dropped during dev instead of just waiting without knowing.
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  6. ManicRykker

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    Development can be a weird thing. As a modder, I especially know this. (I experiment with tons of ideas, but sometimes some things I try to do also run into snags.. In my case either from some inexperience, or game limitations I learn of after the fact.. :rofl:)

    Sometimes, I can get so involved in my experiments that I can go quiet at times... Now, picture this tenfold with a Company that not only has their own games to keep track of, but games they have published for other devs too. (Not to mention anything going on in their personal lives, and squeezing in time to have fun themselves!)

    I don't think it's a matter of anyone being ignored, or them being translucent. They're just busy, which is perfectly understandable. (They usually only start popping into the Starbound discord around the time of an update going into Unstable, so that should tell ya something)

    EDIT: Honestly, I am just happy that they have continued to update beyond 1.0.
    I think the improvements and things we have seen so far (Novakid villages, The reworked space travel, the modular mechs, etc) is a good sign of what we can expect going forward.
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  7. Astasia

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    I absolutely understand that things change during development, things are removed, new plans are made, but the specific issue with the colonization system and the reason I bring it up, is because the system is nothing without all the features they said it would have. If we don't get those same exact features, that's fine, but it needs something, it's an empty hollow system that does very little in the game and has been complained about for it's shallowness since it was added.

    Sure, except that seed is used to generate a completely random colonist. Removing the deed and replacing it in the same spot will generate a new random colonist, you can stand there and do it for hours and not see a duplicate, and you can move the deed to a different spot and not see any noticeable difference in the process. So no, the position of the objects in the room doesn't matter at all and has no effect on colonist appearance.
  8. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

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    A single tear shed for the planned Nebulas, that would be end-game systems with all planet types.

    "As well as the final stars enabling high level versions of all the existing biomes."
  9. xan713

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  10. General Nuclear

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    They need to name a dead or alive mission with a murderous guy that keeps coming back alive or keeps cloning him self back alive for *You have the right to remain Dead* where you have to take out his cloning machine but maybe he have even stole more clonings machines so you have to take out all of them while they are all spawning new versions of him at you. basically its a ass*beep* running around doing whatever he wants to and kills who ever he wants to because he just keeps coming back alive. but it turns out that he have killed a lot of good men and women and don a lot of damage to a lot of towns.

    Its how almost all sci fi storys start, a invention ends up in the hands of the wrong person in this case someone who aren't us and who is also a jackass have gottan his or her hands on a clonings machine like ours.
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  11. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

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    Aren't we that person...? We pillage worlds. We kill the local fauna. We have a cloning machine....
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  12. MrDummyGummy

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    Hey , i recently play starbound again after long time. but this time i played , its fps is droping. i think ita because the update because last time i played it , i played it on difrent laptop witch have lower spec but it play at 60 fps now i have better laptop and play the game again it play on 40fps. i think its because the update i saw on the internet there are so many people having problem just like me "lagging on good computer" i think now the developer should really think about the optimisation of starbound rether than other feature
  13. DinoExplorer2000

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    i think he means someone else that does that, that not is the protectorate.
    we start every game becoming a protectorate, so we are allowed to do crazy s*** like that
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  14. sρooκs

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    I like the way you think friend.

    Lets see shady requests for definitely potentially corrupt leaders in need of swift removal from office. For a price of course.
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  15. TheLogicMonster

    TheLogicMonster Master Chief

    I saw somewhere that to take in criminals alive you have to use a new capture mechanic to "cuff them" before hauling them off. I wonder if there will be any way to use the capture option on non-criminals. You can already use capture pods on monsters and the relocator on critters to customize the wildlife when you're building a colony, but what about being able to abduct civilians to populate your town or space station or illicit sex dungeon birthday party?
  16. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

    BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Perhaps a guard or a citizen has found another person doing some shady actions, and are too lazy to arrest them/tell the guards about it.
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  17. Corraidhín

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    This brings sand-box to a new level in Starbound! Not sure if it's the idea or not, but as others have suggested, it would be inmensely more rewarding, and fulfilling, to actually -choose- your career in deep space, if you ran away from earth with Protectorate's help, that does not mean you should be forced into that story line, what if you are a scarred ex-police member? give back to those that wronged you in... Starbound, Bounty Hunter space faring!
  18. TheLogicMonster

    TheLogicMonster Master Chief

    as long as we're taking the law into our own hands (and why not, since we are the galaxy's last protector), and since this game is all about fighting and building, you could have a new type of colony: a prison colony. instead of inviting people in, you arrest criminals and have to lock them up, hire guards, stop breakouts. It would be a new alternative to killing every last enemy you encounter, to take the moral high ground, or let them go in exchange for a hefty bribe, to take the low.
  19. xan713

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    10/10 would love to see this.
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  20. DinoExplorer2000

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    i could build a Castle and become a tyrannic king/emperor!

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