Dev Blog 18 October - 1.3.3 Hotfix

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. icetacker07

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    Are you still here, are you all right?
  2. MikoLightning

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    Xylia, it's been 3+ months now since the last dev blog update. I don't think anyone is trying to push the developers to just release the update in an unfinished state. You are just defending them for a while now as if you are being personally attacked by people just wanting an update on the development. We went from getting multiple development updates a week to one a week and now it seems a few a year. Their social media is dead compared to a year ago. Nothing is being released. They've had a stream a bit ago for their new game but absolutely nothing for Starbound.

    There are so many bugs and things to improve in Starbound. I'd even take DLC by now to have a high quality game because the game has sooooo much potential. The modding community is so good and does so many things for the game. If a single random person can glue together so much in a mod which expands the scale of the game 2x, how can't a whole dev team that knows the game the best since they made it do it? It just seems like the game is basically dead by now. Not even just saying that, it literally looks like it.

    And no offense to the dev team, I love what they've created, I just wish there was more support. Like I said, I'd even take DLC as long as it's well made and good value. The fact that free content updates are a thing is amazing and I'm happy so many go this route these days again but it's becoming a standard again on the other hand, it's something you'd expect now. The video game industry is very competitive and harsh. If you aren't a huge name you need to put a lot more effort into building a fan base and making yourself a name.

    We aren't asking for any major updates or announcements, we just want to see a small spark of life every now and then so we can at least breathe because we know it's not entirely dead yet.
  3. CyberusWolf

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    I doubt anyone is even pushing for an update update, but more like a progress update. People who buy their games deserve to know the progress of an update, them disappearing for three months without word is a pretty poor way of showing support to their customers. Either they need to state it's still coming or people will be angry, it's not hard to understand that their consumers require updates for a game they purchased.
  4. Corleone

    Corleone Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Honestly I think by now it should be clear to everyone that Starbound is not their main focus anymore but rather a side project.
    Sure they are working on an update but being silent for a quarter of a year is not exactly promoting.
    I'm not sure if they even pay attention to the forums anymore as mentioned before their social media is almost dead.

    I remember a while back they mentioned on the blog that they will keep working on Starbound but one day hand it all over to a Mod team.
    Maybe this would be the right time as the community would surely appreciate some renewed devotion...
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  5. xan713

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    If they hand it to a mod team, at least also pass the keys over to the console developers to allow for mods to work on the xbox one release, like Bethesda does.
  6. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    I like to imagine that the devs (if they're still alive) were like "ok guys no more contact with the outside world until we get at least to version 1.6 and then release everything at once" and that they're all locked in their offices working on the game 24/7 even though that would probably make their lives hell
  7. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

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    Or it somehow turns out to be a HL3 scenario?!

    The wait intensifies. I for one welcome our future mod devs becoming official devs.
  8. rdcl170

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    It does seem to me like the devs of this game have become sidetracked with other projects, mainly marketting other peoples games that their publishing. Bummer to me since starbound is what attracted most people to chucklefish, and now their fixated on some kinda bogus stuff. The new game their developing looks meh, in comparison to what it seems everyone was hoping StarBound would be.

    @Above Poster - Same, I would love to see people dedicated to expanding and developing this game get the rights to take over official dev, similiar to Terraria.
  9. daniskarma

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    Yep, it seems like starbound is a very low priority right now for Chucklefish. IT's a shame, because the game isn't complete yet, and their other games.... meh... to be honest they aren't very good.

    They seem to think that starbound is all sold out, and they are not going to sell more copies. And this will be true if they stop developing the game. Bad business plan if you ask me, carry on with a good project can (and will) led to lots of sales, we have lots of examples (minecraft, terraria, don't starve). While abandon a good project in order to do mediocre games doesn't seem to have much future.
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  10. Xylia

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    Starbound 1.0 (it is industry standard to only put the "1.0" label on something that is considered "finished") was released a year+ ago and they continued development on the game moving forward, and they've given us no reason to believe otherwise.

    [Citation Needed]

    Seriously, where do you get this stuff?

    Chucklefish is a developer AND publisher; those "mediocre games" as you call them that you see popping up with the Chucklefish Logo on are merely published by Chucklefish. Such as Stardew Valley. CF has nothing to do with the development of that game. They simply publish it.

    I would then surmise that their publishing team and their development team are not the same.

    A few months of silence does not mean they've abandoned the game, or anything of the sort. How about giving them some trust and time? I remember there were times during the Koala days, where we'd go 6+ months or it seemed like it, without any updates.
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  11. GenoMech

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    I wouldn't say they've abandoned the game out right, just the silence from the past few months is a bit concerning, last time i was on was at the tail end of October 2017, not much word since then. On the other hand...........this is what mods are for

    [[edit]] and i mean mods like.....well mods, not like moderators or something
  12. UnderControlTr

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    More task must be aded
  13. Lintton

    Lintton Guest

    I’m getting a little concerned too. Didn’t they say they had news this january?
  14. Maximmonkey

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    I think it would be Intresting if big ape had been discovered alive and had huge bounties on his head because of the rising of the rebels and you have to capture him and bring him to a personal prison, which u build and put prisoners that u have caught in there, like NPC house requirements except for prisoners and when u start hunting down an outlaw your prisoners could tip u.

    Or the Hoth scene from starwars except with big ape as Darth Vader and Lanna Blake as luke . with tons of fighting. As a level.

  15. Masiakasaurus

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    I was under the impression that Big Ape was a convenient fiction the miniknog dreamed up.
  16. Xylia

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    It appears to be some sort of AI that the Ministry of Knowledge developed/created that wound up taking over, and generations later, everybody kinda forgot that the "guy" running the show was actually a computer.
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  17. aviatorEngineer

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    Agreed, this definitely ain't the longest we've gone without hearing from them. But.. dang, it was so nice getting used to those regular updates. Even if it was just "hey, we're still doing the thing, check back with us in a bit!".
  18. Dayokun

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  19. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    That would likely explain why there's been no word from CF... they don't have a CM, lol.
  20. The Squid

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    In case anybody missed it, there's a new post on the dev blog

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