10th August - Manipulates anything that matters!

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Really, why CF?
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    What if selecting each 'mode'/tool icon opened up a kind of scrolling sub-menu of 'sub-modes'. So,

    Selecting MM/digging tool (either by clicking or by pressing R) would select it in default collection mode, with LMB collecting whatever from the foreground, and RMB from the background. (Except liquid. See below)
    Scrolling the scroll-wheel would switch to other 'sub-modes', for example the next submode could be mining mode. This extracts the ores while leaving the soil etc intact.
    The next submode could be material mode. This is for collecting soil, stone, clay, sand etc while ignoring the ores.
    Next is liquid mode. LMB sucks it up, RMB spits out whatever liquid was last collected. Or vice versa.
    Also useful could be move mode, which lets you pick up and move blocks and objects without automatically 'collecting' them. RMB could switch orientation (left- or right-facing).
    Selecting Wiring tool (either by clicking or by pressing T) would select it in default wiring mode, as normal, for connecting electrical components.
    Adding this sub-mode system could allow the wiring tool to have more function, for example a component mode could let you easily select your available timers, gates, etc
    There could be a microchip mode. Clicking in this mode opens a UI window letting you place your available components onto a grid and connect them up to your liking. When done it converts that layout and those components into a custom 'microchip', having the same total function but in only one block.
    If pipes are introduced, there could be a pipe mode. This would probably work the same as wiring (but with blue lines instead of red?), and would allow liquids to flow from one place to another. Pumps, connections, turbines, dials, etc could be placed the same way wiring components are, and there could even be a dedicated plumbing mode for selecting these (like component mode)
    Selecting Paint tool (either by clicking or by pressing Y) would select it in default last colour mode. The last colour used is ready straight away. LMB to paint foreground, RMB for background.
    With the paint tool, though, scrolling would let you choose your available colours. So each sub-mode "slot" would be a different colour.
    Some kind of undo mode (Ctrl?) could either remove colour from the selected area, or (if that isn't technically possible), perform an "eyedropper" function on the cursor location, to select that specific colour.
    Alternatively (or simultaneously), palette mode (Shift?) could bring up a UI window with a colour-picker. This could include buttons for undo/eyedropper. Players could choose shortcut colours to scroll through.
    A cool addition could be a texture mode, which would paint a selected pattern in the current colour, rather than just solid colour. The texture/pattern would probably be selected in another UI window.

    Other ideas for tools:

    At some point, you could probably unlock a special Gun tool. This would be alongside actual guns. By default it shoots energy/laser/plasma 'bullets' and depletes your energy bar.
    There could be a special tab in the inventory for projectiles. If possible, anything placed in this tab will become a projectile for your "gun tool", and can be selected as different 'projectile modes' by scrolling. Not everything would be able to be put in this tab.
    To incorporate the pet system, there could be a Creature tool. By default it's in capture mode, and is essentially a "gun" shooting capture pods with LMB. RMB would scan the creature to show it's stats.
    Captured creatures (filled capture pods) can be selected by scrolling. LMB shoots the selected pod, releasing the creature. RMB places it, giving you maybe a minute before it releases. This would be useful for placing creatures in zoos or farms, for example.
    Also useful would be a move mode similar to above, letting you move your creatures around without having to capture them. This would only work on your own domesticated/captured (pet) creatures, otherwise it'd be too easy to 'move' monsters in battle.
    Another potential possibility could be a command mode, which would let you give simple commands to your currently deployed creature. LMB could be to move, RMB to attack...? Or... switching to this mode could bring up a small UI window at the bottom of the screen with available commands. And/or... after getting the necessary skill/upgrade, pressing Shift in this mode would let you take direct control of your current creature. ie: WASD etc controls the creature, not you, and LMB/RMB use the creatures' attacks. Perhaps this would slowly drain your energy. Pressing Shift again would switch you back to normal.
    Perhaps the MM could be used a bit like a tricorder, with an Examine tool. This would replace the little magnifying-glass button in the top-right.
    Mousing over would show a one-or-two-word title of the object, block etc. LMB would give you the fuller description. RMB (after sufficient upgrade) would only function with craftable items, and would show you what items, tables, etc are needed in order to craft it.
    As someone already suggested, a Grappling hook tool might be cool, and could work well as an MM extension. In my mind, though, the hook and rope would have to actually be the MM's electrical-looking energy, or at least something similar. Perhaps some lore could explain why it acts like a rope..? Or it could just shoot the hook-and-rope.
    A possible variation could be that the MM energy sort of anchors itself to the ground, wall etc, and then any movement (WASD) moves the player relative to that anchor. In other words, you end up lifting yourself off the ground. To clarify: Imagine lifting an object with the MM and moving it around, except swap the positions and now make the 'object' an anchor point where the end of the MM energy meets a block. Now you are essentially being moved around by the anchor point. I hope that makes sense.
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    I'd have to agree that it's kind of a pointless change, but I'm more or less neutral on the subject.

    I'm certainly less disturbed about it than I am about the notion that this is all the art/frontend team got accomplished today; I'm pretty sure that shuffling sprites and text around like this would take most modders about half an hour. o_O
  4. Kawa

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    Or maybe this is just all that could be shown to the audience with a reasonable expectation of being understood (HAH!) and such?
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    will we see a return of the old tools with renewed purpose? I like the idea of having modules to alter the function of a tool with a name such as "matter manipulator" but I would like to as well seeother tools with more specific purposes (that would be able to do whatever they are meant to in a very efficient fashion)

    edit: on second thought... what was the point of this update? you are pretty much just... getting rid of 2 sprites someone put 15 minutes on at most... to... give people the chance to guess what bloody tool is our partner using? I can see some drinking games starting on this, but nothing is really being added to the game.

    Being serious here though. what were you thinking getting rid of 2 tools to make them upgrades for an already over used tool would make the community feel like? tools have been nerfed to the point they are either useless or... useless! and very hard to find too. The only instance in which I can feel those tools would be useful in would be... giving them to an npc! what does that look like? oh good lord, a typical fetch mmo quest...
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  6. SkyNinjaGod

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    I really like this idea! Total support! Only thing I would like though, is paintable Manipulators.....That would be amazingly awesome! But yeah, I know it takes a lot of time, I know it''s hard to codify, but, just suggesting.
  7. Breakout

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    I enjoy this change. It is the way I think it should have been implemented since I started playing the game.
  8. StarScribe

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    Meh, wouldn't mind a concept that would allow to at least retain the feel of using different various tools than just having an all in one do it all "gun".
    I really used to enjoy mods that added various mining tools and chainsaws into the game, felt like lots of variety and style.

    I would like to propose an alternative concept for having your manipulator provide you with lots of switchable functionality...

    Lets see... how about you upgrade your manipulator with "nano constructor bots" that would have the ability to analyze, de-construct and instantly re-create tools you discover in the world right into your hand when you need it anywhere you need it and when you are done would return to standard manipulator form.

    The process of enabling reconstruction of tools would require research/time and resources to do and once done would require special power cells that would power all your nano-constructed tools when you use them, thus while making this feature very useful, instant and compact would not render actual tools obsolete.
  9. Vuldreg

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    It would be kind of cool if at close range the manipulator would turn into a pickaxe but at long range use the laser it currently has been doing.
  10. Noonu

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  11. Old_Crazy_Gamer

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    Like the idea but why not just once button to select/deselect as you talked about and then pgup/pgdn to cycle up or down. Keeps possible keys open for other items or functions.
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    That escalated quickly
    I guess I need to attend your punneral. :pfff::):megusta::mwahaha::rofl::rainbowbarf::rainbow:
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    I'mma manipulate that punneral! Mine if I told the Avalis, Ningens, and other races to wire your family some funeral funds. Hope that the venue ain't painted in red though!
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    Oh... then I dunno why the big deal.
  16. jacoblouis

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    I like this idea! though the option for using it as a wiring tool seems a bit redundant. there is already a wiring tool in the game! though i guess you might be able to use the MM as a wiring tool earlier on in the game and then get the wiring tool later on.... But over all i really like this new idea!
  17. Krank

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    ...well, i guess the matter manipulator should be doing these things, but since we already had dedicated slots on the toolbar for them, it's just a style change. Maybe we could get an ore scanner attachment (to let me see further into rock, like a x-ray flashlight)?
  18. TheArmchairExplorer

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    If it's just a style change, then I'm neither bothered nor enthused. But so far as some of the maybe-scaremongering earlier in the thread about losing other tool types goes: I'd really hate to see a reduction in the variety of what I can do in the game. Please keep the other tool types, or make it possible for hack modders like myself to remake the old ones and build new ones.
  19. Corraidhín

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    Im extremely curious and eager of the new stable... more so, how close is it to the next stable? and if we will get a character/universe wipe again. Id like to know, but I could honestly care less if my characters and overall "progress" is deleted, a clean slate would be great at this moment in time, but I want to know... when is there gonna be a new stable? UG was quite a while ago, and I do not mind the "stale speed" of it at all, I just want to know... when!
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    Well, it's not a big deal as far as gameplay goes, really, unless there's a lot more changes to the system than anticipated. Like, they're changing HOW you upgrade the MM, by having you find components to craft MM Upgrade Modules like you do tech Teleporter Cores (or earn them in quests), rather than have them tied directly to ship size, so I'd imagine adding the Wire & Paint capabilities are just part of that new upgrade path.

    I mean, as far as the change goes, I'm... ambivalent? Like, I get why. Branding is super-important, and having something "iconic" that people recognize as "oh that's from _____" is a thing many game developers would give their collective/figurative left nut for. In SB's case, that would be the Matter Manipulator, since player-characters are out, and so far they've not really given us any "iconic" enemy types (which they really ought to put some effort into. I strongly feel like some of the more outlandish sub-biomes need unique enemies found ONLY in those Biomes). So making sure that the MM is front-and-center is, honestly, important for the game BEYOND the actual mechanics of the game... especially given the ubiquitousness of "pixely pickaxe = Minecraft".

    That said... I feel like at least the MM should pop out a small extension depending on the tool you use. Like, a ray-gun-ish prod pops out of the end for the Wire ability, and then a colored tube with a spray-nozzle at the end when using Paint. Nothing major, the main body stays the same, just a teeny bit of transformation.

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