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    Given that a REALLY liked it VERY MUCH, the game presents several bugs that make you unable to complete it at 100% (nor to get all the achievements).

    Here’s a list of the BUGS and ERRORS I’ve encountered so far (on Mac):

    • When you let the first hunter supposedly kill the cat, the game doesn’t give you the related achievement (and the cat is still there).
    • When you save the cat from the first hunter, the game doesn’t give you the related achievement.
    • If the first hunter go outside the viewport and you die, the doesn’t respawn in the checkpoint room.
    • You can force yourself prematurely in the mines through the pulling block from the outside, then you will be stuck.
    • In the mines there’s a small spider that never moves, not even in the latest chapters.
    • The elevator lever by the cartographer house doesn’t make the elevator come back down so, if you jump off the elevator when its going up you will end up stuck and unable to progress.
    • If you want to go back to the Castle to explore it from above again (through the rope section), you will end up stuck cause the locked door needs key (that you supposedly have already used) again.
    • Even when both the hunters are already dead, the game randomly triggers the “chase music”, and it won’t stop, not even when you die/respawn.
    • Sometimes when you die, you are still able see your corpse in the spot from your last death .
    • Every time the Knight kills/free-himself from one of these pulling-slimes, a strange glitch appears on-screen.
    • A bug doesn’t let you take the Note outside the mines in the Man last chapter.
    • In the Italian translation, when you play as the Girl, the Italian expressions for “Go Upstairs” and “Go Downstairs” are inverted.
    • It appears that you can only find 76/80 Pain Shards, no matter how hard you search.
    • The second-last Note is nowhere to be found.
    I think that’s all. Sorry for my bad English.
    You can see all these bugs on my walkthrough (I hope it will help to fix them):


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