Bug/Issue [1.4.1] [Windows 10] Softlock with Club/Sword

Discussion in 'Support' started by DeliDoggo24_, Dec 5, 2019.

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    I am playing on multiplayer and am getting a softlock glitch while using a club and sword in the mines. I have done some testing, and this bug can be consistently reproduced while anywhere in the map. I recommend, if you want to try this, to do it in your cabin with furniture that you can pick up by clicking. This is so that you can fix it, otherwise you will have to wait until 2 A.M. for you to pass out.

    Steps to reproduce:
    • Acquire any sword and club and have both on the toolbar. (I was able to produce this bug with the obsidian edge and lead rod)
    • Use the secondary attack with the club and, while the animation is playing, spam the primary attack. The club should hit multiple times.
    • Directly after doing this and without swinging the club, switch to the sword and swing. You have to be very quick with this.
    You should now be softlocked in place with a sword floating above your head. No key binds work, but you can still click the journal icon and zoom buttons. If you don't have any furniture near you, the only way to fix it is to wait until 2 A.M. and pass out. However, if there is furniture, you can pick it up. That will allow you to navigate your toolbar by clicking. If you click back onto the club, and swing, you should now be able to move again.

    This also seems to happen randomly without even swinging the sword, and works with daggers too. Just perform the secondary attack with the club, and then, after some time, switch to another weapon. This doesn't happen consistently though, and only my friend has been able to reproduce it.

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