1.3 update balancing issues (opinion, I suppose)

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Seripa, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Seripa

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    The new features you've introduced in 1.3 are very good, interesting and definitely in the right direction. Unfortunately they come with a slew of imbalances and I'm not sure if they are intentional or not. I managed to get the starter mech before I even dished out iron armor or established a base. Just following the shallows of the introductory quests, the mech quest included, and suddenly I have a super efficient machine that can pool in vast amounts of ores and ship fuel, can pretty much ensure I can safely explore a planet making the weapons I worked and crafted pointless and so on.

    Now a good majority of the matter manipulator upgrades are obsolete, just about, not all of course but it's bordering with those too. Mining picks? No. I have a drill arm that tears through large chunks of dirt, rock and ore in a matter of seconds, and all I have to do is recall to my ship and it's like I never expended any resources to do so because the mech requires no real, consistent maintenance like actual fuel or an upkeep on the different modules that make it up.

    All of the options I have to make pixels - Farming, cargo running for space stations, etc? Why? I have a mech that can drop into an asteroid belt and mine an endless supply of gold? Does not matter how rare it's supposed to be now. I'm not even past my first tier and I have loads of it. Not even ten minutes worth of farming, no less.

    I see the components to the mech you are just given for free. They're expensive, but even if I had to craft those and earn those parts to build the mech, it'd still be a bit broken.

    My suggestions right now are to remove the full, free mech as the quest reward and implement some kind of consistent upkeep on the various parts of the mech. There's a variety of parts you pick up while flying around and killing stuff and searching space stations. Make those a requirement to repair the parts that take damage and wear and tear through use. And even better, make it to where you need to craft and set down a docking bay to lock your mech in before you can repair, refuel or exchange parts or components.

    This is killing it for me, which is unfortunate because the features seem so amazing. I just can't really sit well with getting a free mech that pretty much negates the actual progression of the game. It requires no upgrades to traverse the climates you'd normally have to progress up to and upgrade to survive.
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  2. Efrim

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    You're not alone. I revived my account to come complain about the zoom levels and size of the interface of the Nav computer. With that said though; it's absurd that you can access mechs without being at least at the durasteel stage.
  3. Ainzoal

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    Your mech cannot dig background blocks. It also runs out of energy real quick on the planet surface since enemies don't drop batteries >_>
  4. Seripa

    Seripa Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You say that like not being able to dig through the background wall or going up once or twice to beam up for a consequence free, full recharge is just too much of a price to pay to clear out all the ore you need for a tier in under 10 minutes while having immunity, a cannon, and a drill that will obliterate anything that decides to get close to you. (I did this and it's why I stopped playing)

    Also, the many methods of pixel making being made obsolete by dropping into an asteroid field without having to craft the tech item required to survive the oxygen lacking zone to farm an endless amount of gold to sell isn't being mentioned.
  5. Ainzoal

    Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

    Considering that you have ores spawning in the background yes that does play a part especially if the stuff spawning in the background is super rare like in later tier planets.

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