Other 1.1 Wilderness Walkthrough Series!

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  1. Pawfect

    Pawfect Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi all this is Pawfect!

    I am making a 1.1 Wilderness series for Stardew Valley, so far I have uploaded 5 videos.

    I want to explain to those that watch my videos the rationale behind all my decisions and try to provide the viewer a bit of a tutorial with lots of tips along the way!

    Episode can be found here!

    The plan is to go through, collect as much gold and items as quickly as possible.

    Goals for Spring:
    1. Unlock the Minecarts before the end of Spring
    2. Collect 10+ Quality Sprinkers before Summer
    3. Go into summer with $20k+ in the bank for seeds.
    4. Reach level 100 in the mines.

    Goals for Summer:
    1. Build a Fully upgraded Coop
    2. Build a Fully upgraded Barn

    Goals for Fall:
    1. Unlock the Greenhouse

    First Year Goals:
    1. Have $1Mil in total earnings
    2. Reach Level 10 in all skills.
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    • Pawfect

      Pawfect Void-Bound Voyager

      Spring is now complete and I have uploaded 25 Episodes!

      If curious, see below spoilers of some Spring Achievements!

      I would love to receive some comments, anything at all!

      Finished the Minecarts Community Centre Bundle on Day 21 of Spring
      Built a Coop with 4 grown chickens
      Built a Barn
      Crafted 26 Quality Sprinklers
      Started Summer with $23,000 in the bank
      Reached level 120 in the mines
      • Pawfect

        Pawfect Void-Bound Voyager

        Summer has been complete, thanks all that have seen my series and commented!

        • Fully Upgraded Coop
        • Fully Upgraded Barn
        • All Steel Tools
        • Stables Purchased

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