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  1. Nohirexi

    Nohirexi Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd love to participate! However, I purchased the game from GOG. I moved the games folder to steam though, so it is playable through steam. Will I still be able to get access to the beta?

    *I got to play the Demo at PAX and IT WAS AMAZE
    **Also I literally just created an account for this thread so. Props to Ape for making an incredible game.
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    • sirboulevard

      sirboulevard Space Hobo

      I was actually just coming back to remove said bug report since someone on /r/StardewValley just told me they were a rare one. Thanks for the quick response though, CA!
      • EltonScone

        EltonScone Star Wrangler

        I don't care that I haven't slept and that it is now 5: 30 in the am here. I've downed a cup or two of coffee. No sleep man. Loving this update so far by the way. I'm home again!
        • crayola sunset

          crayola sunset Void-Bound Voyager

          Summary of issue: was able to duplicate the area rug by the tv when you first start by picking it up only on the hilltop layout.

          Expected Behavior: no duplication.

          Actual Behavior: duplication.

          Steps for Reproduction: spam click the area rug while standing over it on the hilltop layout, then move it to another place and you have a second one to put down.

          What Operating System are you using: windows 10 64 bit.
          • cutestacean

            cutestacean Space Hobo

            Here you go. Hope it helps!

            • ZeroMGA

              ZeroMGA Industrial Terraformer

              Potential bug

              Summary of issue:
              Game crashed after going to bed, without saving.

              Expected Behavior: Game to save as normal and continue to next day

              Actual Behavior: After going to bed, game unexpectedly failed and closed

              Steps for Reproduction:
              Year 3, Spring 25
              Did farm routine (harvest strawberries, collect jams, replenish preserve barrels, check animals, etc)
              Went to town at 10am
              Went to Emily & Haley's house
              Was given new Emily cutscene
              Left house
              Was given new Emily cutscene
              Re-entered house, was given new Emily cutscene
              Left house, went to mountains
              Was given new Wizard cutscene and quest
              Went to Sewers
              Apparently I never got the cutscene for the Dwarf and Krobus fight, so did that
              Spoke to Krobus who unlocked the new Sewer Mines
              Dinked around in mines until 12am
              Went back to farm by 1:00am
              In bed by 1:10am

              I tried the day over again, but this time did not do the Emily cut-scenes first. I also did the Dwarf/Krobus scene before doing the new Wizard scene
              Went to Sewer, got Sewer Mines unlocked
              Did not go into sewer, went home and saved game successfully.

              What Operating System are you using:
              Win 10
              Surface Pro 3 (on the side at work, cuz who could wait until they get home??)
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              • Methylene

                Methylene Void-Bound Voyager

                Summary of issue: On the Hill Top map, on the lower right bridge, there seems to be an invisible block on the right middle side of said bridge.

                Expected Behavior: Being able to walk on the bridge with no obstacles

                Actual Behavior: Invisible something blocking me

                Steps for Reproduction: Start any new game on the Hill Top Map

                What Operating System are you using: Windows 10

                I am uncertain if this is a mistake or not, but might as well (And, this might count as Spoilers due to this being in a cutscene?)

                Summary of issue: During Emily's dance scene, she goes to the bird and not the radio to turn it on

                Expected Behavior: Going to the radio

                Actual Behavior: Goes to the bird

                Steps for Reproduction: Started up an old file and entered Emily's house after seeing two previous new scenes

                What Operating System are you using: Windows 10
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                • MoonlitBrenya

                  MoonlitBrenya Phantasmal Quasar

                  I have a question that may be related to my failure to launch through steam (see, I let this stuff simmer while I play). I have my modded game saves backed up. If I delete them in the game now and managed to get steam to launch afterwards, would I be able to add the saves back in afterwards, after carefully testing the mods one by one to see if they're compatible?
                  • sabrinatw

                    sabrinatw Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Oh man, I'm so excited. Totally substituting sleep for playing on the beta. :3
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                    • ConcernedApe

                      ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

                      could you send me your most recent error log located in %appdata%/StardewValley/ErrorLogs ?
                      • ConcernedApe

                        ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

                        I don't think you'll be able to with the GOG version, unfortunately. I still appreciate your wanting to help!
                        • ZeroMGA

                          ZeroMGA Industrial Terraformer


                          here you go
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                          • skullkandyable

                            skullkandyable Space Hobo

                            Summary of issue: Picking a farm in a new game, the description is blocked by the back button in windowed mode.

                            Expected Behavior: description above back button

                            Actual Behavior: description behind back button

                            Steps for Reproduction: start new game in windowed mode.

                            What Operating System are you using: windows 10 64 bit
                            • Angroo

                              Angroo Master Chief

                              Summary of issue: Whenever I do Shift+Tab in game to message a friend back, the game crashes.

                              Expected Behavior: N/A

                              Actual Behavior: N/A

                              Steps for Reproduction: At any point during the game, click Shift and Tab at the same time, and it should crash.

                              What Operating System are you using: Windows 10 64 Bit

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                              • Waraji

                                Waraji Void-Bound Voyager

                                Steam Overlay crash is a known bug. ^^ Good on the video though! I'm sure Ape could use more of that for the more peculiar bugs.
                                • The | Suit

                                  The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

                                  There should be an achievement - Town Playboy \ Playgirl - for marrying and divorcing everyone.
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                                  • Riguel

                                    Riguel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Summary of issue:
                                    Saloon music stops after playing Prairie King

                                    Expected Behavior:
                                    After dying the Prairie King, the Saloon music should restart up

                                    Actual Behavior:
                                    Music doesn't restart playing after dying in Prairie King and exiting back into normal gameplay

                                    Steps for Reproduction:
                                    Go to Saloon around 8pm, play Prairie king, just kill self until you lose all life and get game over screen. Exit game, no saloon music will be playing until you exit the area and re-enter.

                                    What Operating System are you using:
                                    Windows 10 64 Bit
                                    • User23425111

                                      User23425111 Guest

                                      Another minor issue.

                                      Summary of issue:
                                      You have the option of changing the color of the fridge. However, when trying to change it, it stays the same.

                                      Expected Behavior:
                                      The fridge color should change.

                                      Actual Behavior:
                                      It's not changing.

                                      Steps for Reproduction:

                                      What Operating System are you using:
                                      Win 8.1
                                      • Devstorm

                                        Devstorm Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Summary of issue: On hilltop farm, large stumps and/or big rocks impede passage across the bridges and so half the farm cannot be accessed.

                                        Expected Behavior: This may or may not be on purpose on your part. Maybe it's a feature! Or not.

                                        Actual Behavior: I found I couldn't go all the way down to the forest area/Marnie's from the house, nor could I get to grandpa's shrine area because of the placement of the stumps and big rocks.

                                        Steps for Reproduction:

                                        What Operating System are you using: Windows 8.1
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                                        • sophiekle

                                          sophiekle Space Hobo

                                          Summary of issue: Every time i change the color of a chest (then close the chest)and then press "C" there plays some strange sounds.

                                          Expected Behavior: -

                                          Actual Behavior: Strange sound

                                          Steps for Reproduction:

                                          What Operating System are you using: Windows

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