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    ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

    Hi everyone!

    Version 1.1 is basically finished, but before launching it in full, I want to do a little beta test to catch any bugs I missed.

    I am trying to keep this kind of low-key, so I'm just going to be posting about it here... no twitter or reddit this time.

    If you decide to help me out by playing on the beta branch, I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

    To access the current beta version of Stardew Valley (on Steam):
    1. Right click on Stardew Valley in your games library and select "Properties"
    2. Click the "Betas" tab
    3. Click the drop down menu and select "beta" (no password is necessary)
    4. Steam will download the beta version. Stardew Valley should now have a [beta] tag in your library.
    While it's very unlikely that playing the beta version will threaten your save files, I recommend backing them up anyway. Your save files can be found in the" %appdata%/StardewValley/Saves" folder.

    Please use this thread and the report template below (if possible) to report any issues you encounter. Also, make sure to check the list of issues found so far (at bottom) to see if your issue has already been fixed.

    Summary of issue:

    Expected Behavior:

    Actual Behavior:

    Steps for Reproduction:

    What Operating System are you using:

    v1.1 changelog:

    New Features
    • Shane and Emily are now available to marry. They each have new events, music, and more!
    • Spouses now have a unique outdoor area and behavior on the farm.
    • You can now choose from 5 different farm maps at character creation. Each map is focused on a different skill area.
      • Standard Farm - The original Stardew Valley farm.
      • Riverland Farm - Lots of water, good for fishing.
      • Forest Farm - Foraging opportunities and a unique weed that always drops mixed seeds.
      • Hill-top Farm - Has a small mineral deposit from which ores spawn, including a unique geode-bearing ore.
      • Wilderness Farm - Bats and Golems spawn at night.
    • "Shed" building... An empty room that can be decorated, filled with kegs, etc.
    • "Mill" building... Can be used to turn wheat into flour and beets into sugar overnight.
    • A new quest that can be started after the Community Center or JojaMart quest arc is complete. The new quest results in a new "magical construction" feature available from the Wizard's Tower. The new quest is triggered when you enter the Railroad area.
    • Added several new locations that are related to the above quest. "Junimo Hut" building (Magical Construction). Junimos will harvest crops within a certain distance of the hut, instantly transporting the harvest back to the hut for you to gather at your convenience.
    • "Earth Obelisk" building (Magical Construction). A permanent warp totem to the mountains.
    • "Water Obelisk" building (Magical Construction). A permanent warp totem to the beach.
    • "Gold Clock" building (Magical Construction). Prevents weeds from spawning and fences from decaying on your farm.
    • You can now move your buildings via Robin's construction menu.
    • New house upgrade from Robin that adds a cellar to your house and teaches you the "cask" crafting recipe. In the cellar, you can use Casks to age cheese and alcohol, increasing their quality.
    • "Iridium-star" level quality is now attainable for aged goods and fruit. (2x value)
    • NPC's now appreciate quality level in gifts, but it only has an effect on gifts they "like" or "love".
    • Added Coffee, a spring/summer crop, and Coffee Bean. The bean acts as the produce and the seed, similar to sunflowers.
    • 5 Coffee beans can be added to a Keg to make coffee.
    • Honey can be placed in a keg to make mead.
    • Void eggs can be placed in mayonnaise machines to make void mayonnaise.
    • 2 new fish, "Void Salmon" and "Slimejack"
    • You can now choose to color your chests with one of 20 color options.
    • Evil Shrines, where you can make offerings in exchange for dark magic.
    • Divorce. You can file from a little book in mayor's house.
    • You can now wallpaper the little hallways in your upgraded house.
    • When you beat Journey Of The Prairie King, you can now start over in a harder mode, keeping your upgrades and coins.
    • 2 new "Lost Books"
    • Krobus now sells a "Return Scepter"... a tool which acts as a permanent warp totem to the farm.
    • Giving someone a gift on their birthday will never make your spouse jealous.
    • Pierre now sells a "Catalogue" furniture item that can be used for unlimited free access to all wallpapers and floors.
    • Robin now sells a "Furniture Catalogue" furniture item that can be used for unlimited free access to nearly all furnitures.
    Bug Fixes
    • Wild plums are now labeled as fruit.
    • Grandpa's Shrine should now always properly give the reward for reaching 4 candles.
    • Fixed issue where gathering an item with the "botanist" profession would fail if the inventory was full, even though the gold-level item was present in the inventory.
    • Slime charmer ring should now protect against giant slimes
    • You can no longer tap a stump
    • Fixed Joja Warehouse graphic issue in winter
    • "Check action"-mapped keys should now work to attach bait to a rod.
    • Rain ambient sound should no longer play in Sandy's Oasis under any conditions.
    • Your baby should now be properly born, even if you pass out in the mines on the eve of the birth.
    • Moonlight Jellies engagement crash
    • Galaxy sword should now be truly unloseable
    • You can no longer lose hay to a hopper because you have no silo.
    • You can no longer plant fruit trees off the farm.
    • Typo fixes

    Thanks for helping me test and I hope you like the new update.

    List Of Issues Found So Far (Fixes may not be in current beta build yet):

    Color Key:
    (#) = Fixed and Currently Available In Beta Version
    (#) = Fixed But Not Available in Beta Version yet
    (#) = Not Fixed
    (#) = New!

    • (New) If you've found the Galaxy Sword, you can now buy another from Marlon. You can also buy the Galaxy Dagger and Galaxy Hammer.
    • (New) Slime balls have a chance to drop petrified slime
    • (New) Added a graphics option to display "sharper" stack number digits.
    • (New) You can once again plant fruit trees around the edge of the Greenhouse interior.
    • (New) After seeing Shane's 8-heart event, each chicken you purchase from Marnie has a 1/4 chance of being blue. Aside from appearance, the blue chicken is identical to the white chicken.
    • (New) Balance changes:
      • All animal products are increased in value by 25% (rounded up to the nearest 5g)
      • The Rancher profession now increases the value of animal products by 20%, up from 10%
      • The Artisan profession now increases the value of Artisan goods by 40%, down from 50%
      • The Blacksmith profession now increases the value of metal bars by 50%, up from 25%
      • The value of Blueberry is now 50g, down from 80g
      • The value of Starfruit is now 750g, down from 800g
      • The value of Cranberry is now 75g, down from 130g
      • The value of Ancient Fruit is now 550g, down from 750g
    • (Fixed) Tooltip for the bottom two new farms can be covered by the "Back" button on the Character creation menu.
    • (Fixed) The initial introduction dialogue from villagers comes after their usual dialogue.
    • (Fixed) Opening the steam overlay crashes the game.
    • (Fixed) Invisible wall on pier at beach.
    • (Fixed) You can exit out of the "move buildings" screen while a building is still being moved, causing the building to disappear.
    • (Fixed) Hill-top farm starting furniture -- duplicate rug.
    • (Fixed) Hill-top farm invisible barrier tile on south-east bridge.
    • (Fixed) The fridge menu erroneously gives the option to choose its color.
    • (Fixed) Saloon music doesn't resume after playing Prairie King.
    • (Fixed) Crash on sleep after visiting the Mutant Bug Lair.
    • (Fixed) Picking up item from ground (Eggs, crystals, etc.) always yields golden quality item with Botanist perk chosen.
    • (Fixed) Coffee Beans & seed maker unintentional "exploit".
    • (Fixed) Glazed Yam recipe can't be read.
    • (Fixed) Prairie King says to "Press Button to start a more difficult journey", but only the space bar works.
    • (Fixed) By using the scythe tool or your sword on the casks on your cellar, they are destroyed and don't drop anything.
    • (Fixed) Using any tool but the pickaxe on the geode stones crashes game.
    • (Fixed) Special font characters aren't displaying correctly.
    • (Fixed) Spouse outdoor areas are still there after divorce.
    • (Fixed) Shane and Emily still sending mail after marriage.
    • (Fixed) Game crash if loading on day that spouse tries to feed animals.
    • (Fixed) Trees and weeds spawning in bad spots on new farms.
    • (Fixed) Return Scepter issues.
    • (Fixed) Can place chests on stairs leading to cellar, allowing you to get stuck.
    • (Fixed) Harvey's outdoor marriage behavior animation messed up.
    • (Band-Aid Fix) Sometimes can't get through door in Shane's 4-heart event.
    • (Fixed) Game sometimes crashes when right-clicking animals or harvesting animal products
    • (Fixed) Jukebox has 'coin' soundeffect as song
    • (Fixed) Talisman statue reappears after initially disappearing
    • (Fixed) Spouse kiss animation glitch
    • (Fixed) Shane and Emily don't require bouquet to see 10 heart event
    • (Fixed) Able to walk through henchman if you use galaxy sword on him
    • (Fixed) Can't interact with TV when placed on rug
    • (Fixed) Slime hutches share water
    • (Fixed) Crafting menu issue using gamepad
    • (Fixed) Building upgrade when only trying to move under certain conditions
    • (Fixed) Furniture you place in spouse room is in the black void after divorce
    • (Fixed) Grass/hay harvesting counter not showing up
    • (Fixed) When marrying Shane or Emily, they're also attending wedding
    • (Fixed) Moving building screen comes up when trying to build buildings (after moving buildings)
    • (Fixed) Monsters stop spawning on Wilderness map after you save/reload
    • (Fixed) Emily's events triggered at wrong heart levels
    • (Fixed) Cellar doesn't count as house when passing out
    • (Fixed) Train sometimes abruptly disappears from the tracks.
    • (Fixed) Unable to get mermaid pendant after divorce
    • (Fixed) Floor TV from furniture catalogue doesn't work
    • (Fixed) Strange fruit tree planting behavior in Greenhouse
    • (Fixed) Fruit that drops when you chop a tree doesn't stack with fruit that drops when you shake a tree.
    • (Fixed) Can't read the final lost book in the library.
    • (Fixed) Stray pixels on Goat.
    • (Fixed) Pierre's portrait shows up as a light blue square when he complains about your snooping around in the bedroom.
    • (Fixed) Marriage candidate NPC's not saying their full dialogues at Flower Festival
    • (Fixed) Using rain totem and then quickly entering the house causes player character to get stuck in the wall
    • (Fixed) Return Scepter can be permenantly lost, unlike the other tools.
    • (Fixed) Issues with introduction Quest (Can't reproduce)
    • (Fixed) Clay Exploit
    • (Fixed) You can move through the walls in Wizard's Tower
    • (Fixed) Foraging with full inventory sometimes results in the item disappearing.
    • (Fixed) You can place items in spa
    • (Fixed) Glow rings de-activating if you use Return Scepter while on the farm
    • (Fixed) Stone floor looks wrong in certain configurations
    • (Fixed) Items disappear if they go out-of-bounds in the greenhouse.
    • (Fixed) Seeds growing on hilltop farm stairs
    • (Fixed) Leaving mine quickly while bomb is about to explode causes debris on current screen (same with mating slimes, causes baby slime to spawn on current screen)
    • (Fixed) Blue Jazz not consumed in Lucky Lunch
    • (Fixed) Unintended movements especially when planting seeds
    • (Fixed) Shouldn't be able to get stuck in a chest when warping home from festivals
    • (Fixed) Walking through wall and onto water in Riverlands map
    • (Fixed) Sebastian shadow issues after working on motorcycle
    • (Fixed) If you marry Emily, you can now interact with her parrot in your house
    • (Fixed) If you weren't able to get the statue of perfection due to a previous bug, you can now revisit grandpa and he'll give you another. This also works if you've lost your statue.
    • (Fixed) Worm bin exploit
    • (Fixed) Casks are always finished when you reload your game.
    • (Fixed) Wilderness farm skeleton crash
    • (Fixed) Marnie will take more than one cave carrot for quest
    • (Fixed) Torches and other light sources held by player won't be lit after saving/reloading
    • (Fixed) If you started the community center and then switched to Joja part way through, you'll never see the Joja end cutscene, and also will never trigger the new Wizard quest.
    • (Fixed) Coffee Beans don't show up in items shipped collection.
    • (Fixed) Jack-o-lanterns don't glow
    • Penny says Pam got her job back before she does
    • Foragables spawning on bushes
    • TV says it'll rain, but doesn't
    • Possible lost book reset
    • Hardware cursor stuck on screen after plugging controller in
    • Spouse still in house after divorce (can't replicate)
    • Shane is "working" even though he's not.
    • Shaders only apply to the left half of the window (OS X)
    6:58pm PST on Friday: Over the weekend, I will only be able to update the windows version of the beta. My apologies to the Linux and Mac users. Please make sure to include your OS in any bug reports, so I can better understand the true cause of the issue. Thank you! About to update the windows version now.
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    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      Omg. <3

      I'll leave it to the more tech savvy ones to test this but I'm really excited for all this stuff. The junimo buildings and the furniture catalog are probably my favorites from the whole list. <3 Thanks so much for all your hard work on this game, I have loved every minute of it. n_n
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      • BabydollAnne

        BabydollAnne Orbital Explorer

        Congratulations on finishing the update! I'm very excited to test for you :)
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        • Minimanta

          Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

          Argh, so tempting!
          All the magic in this update, so exciting! <3
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          • MoonlitBrenya

            MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

            I'm down, let's do this! -cracks knuckles and goes to remove all mods-

            thank you so much CA for all you're work, you freaking rawk, dude.
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            • Chlorruption

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              Thanks for everything, big guy.
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              • MissKiki

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                RAWR! ON IT!
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                • Gibbsypoo

                  Gibbsypoo Space Hobo

                  Summary of issue: When hovering over the bottom 2 farm options (hilltop and wilderness) the back button covers the description. I can look them up online but for anyone new they won't be able to see the new options.

                  Expected Behavior: Able to view the descriptions

                  Actual Behavior: The description pop up window is behind the back button to return to the main screen

                  Steps for Reproduction: Hover over the farm options

                  What Operating System are you using: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
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                  • ConcernedApe

                    ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

                    Fixed. Thanks!
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                    • Angroo

                      Angroo Master Chief

                      *gets reposted on Reddit literally one minute after your post*

                      By the way, I LOVE your game CA, and thanks for updating it with awesome features.
                      • Minimanta

                        Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                        Summary of issue: The initial introduction dialogue from villagers comes after their usual dialogue.

                        Expected Behavior:
                        When talking to a villager for the first time they should say their initial introduction dialogue.

                        Actual Behavior:
                        Villagers say their usual dialogue then introduce themselves.

                        Steps for Reproduction:
                        Start a new save file and talk to the villagers.

                        What Operating System are you using: Windows 10.
                        • AKawesomeman79

                          AKawesomeman79 Space Hobo

                          Summary of issue: Steam Shift Tab crashes Stardew Valley

                          Expected Behavior: Steam shift Tab should display steam overlay

                          Actual Behavior: It just crashes Stardew Valley

                          Steps for Reproduction: Steam Shift Tab anytime while Stardew Valley is open crashes the game

                          What Operating System are you using: Windows 10
                          • GlitchyFloria

                            GlitchyFloria Orbital Explorer

                            Summary of issue: Opening Stardew Valley after already playing it once before crashes the game.

                            Expected Behavior: The game opening normally

                            Actual Behavior: A .NET Framework crash about not being able to access a discarted/disposed object, by the name of "Texture2D".

                            Steps for Reproduction: Open the game for the first time, close it, then open it again.

                            What Operating System are you using: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
                            • Lilliput

                              Lilliput Supernova

                              Wow. That's some list of new features! Shame about not being able to plant fruit trees off the farm anymore, though-- I was very fond of that as a way of sprucing up the community. Still, those look like some amazing upgrades to the game.

                              Evil shrines? Dark magic? Now, don't be tempting a nascent witch like that, CA. Naughty. I can't /wait/ to try out the magical constructions, though!

                              Thanks for all your hard work, CA!
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                              • LuthienNightwolf

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                                My farm is going to be crawling with Junimo. X3
                                • Gibbsypoo

                                  Gibbsypoo Space Hobo

                                  No problem. A very minor issue, but awesome to get a response so fast!

                                  Also mild fangirling that the amazing CA replied to me. Aaaaaah!
                                  • Gibbsypoo

                                    Gibbsypoo Space Hobo

                                    Summary of issue: Invisible wall on pier at beach

                                    Expected Behavior: Should be able to move on all the pier area

                                    Actual Behavior: Invisible wall on the first 'block' of the easternmost pier right where it meets the beach

                                    Steps for Reproduction: Run around on the pier

                                    What Operating System are you using: Windows 10
                                    • MoonlitBrenya

                                      MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

                                      Steam can't seem to open the game, it's been telling me for a couple of minutes now "Preparing to launch" but nothing is happening...

                                      Summary of issue: Game not starting via steam

                                      Expected Behavior: Game to launch

                                      Actual Behavior: nothing

                                      Steps for Reproduction:

                                      What Operating System are you using: windows 7 64 bit

                                      Shall I try the game shortcut in the steam folder?
                                      Edited to add, I loaded game successfully from the shortcut in the steam folder. Steam never launched the game after waiting 5 minutes.
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                                      • Borodin

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                                        Sounds great. Looking forward to it, whenever GOG releases 1.1. :)
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                                        • Lilliput

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                                          I think you mean, 'bouncing with Junimo'.

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