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Feedback 1.0 Lore and gameplay [SPOILERS]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by ladyKAE, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. ladyKAE

    ladyKAE Tentacle Wrangler

    In term of the mechanics, I have really enjoyed everything added to the unstable branch. Upgrading my crafting stations has been a lot of fun, I'm enjoying having multiple terrains on planets, and everything - honestly - just feels so much more alive! I've been loving the time I've been spending playing, but there are a couple of things that I do miss.

    Going into lore here.

    The tension between the races is nearly gone. Playing a Hylotl, walking into a Floran city and having everyone be relatively friendly has been - really weird. I've been gathering up codexes and piecing things together, and, honestly, I really preferred when the people weren't so united.

    The old lore.
    I felt gave much more character to the races. More individuality. While I understand the need to unite them for story's sake and happy rainbow sparkles, the darkness behind all the silly was a great drawing point of the game. The Terrene Protectorate could easily still exist as an alliance that the base governments of other races in the Universe (Big Ape, Kluex Priests, Greenfinger, Hylotl leader) disagree to work with them for whatever reason. The Hylotl are haughty, Greenfinger is too fixated on using his own people to fix problems, Big Ape is far too controlling, and Rebels are too focused on bringing down Big Ape. Everyone working together is nice, but EVERYONE working together? It comes across as a little bit campy. (I do miss Greenfinger, by the way. I prefer the old "Tribemasters" lore to "Greenfingers" lore. The way the codex jumped from "controlling plants" to "plants reverse engineer technology" left me scratching my head.)

    Opening mission.
    I'm a little sorry to see the individual openings for the different races go. I liked the "Spread your peace," "Apex rebel," "Avian grounded," and "outcast Glitch" openings. They added a lot to the game. I understand if at this point there's no time to piece those in and make them work, but I preferred them to having every race automatically start as a graduating Protector.

    In terms of mechanics, I would love to see races be able to make their own style of weapons again. I'm missing my katanas. I would also like the heat/cold system reimplemented as maybe an additional survival mode. I preferred having to watch I kept from freezing while mining. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm alone on this but, I prefer it to the Erchius monster chasing me. This is just nitpicking though, and I wouldn't mind at all if things remained as they are now. I do find it strange though that rampaging through towns is no longer an option. I'm glad not to accidentally hit townspeople, but it seems like it should be an option.

    I loved Starbound when I first started playing in Koala days, and I still love it now. The added mechanics have all really helped me enjoy the game 100% more. The only thing I haven't enjoyed is the happy pill fed to the game lore in 1.0. It left me feeling a little empty.

    Edit:: Added a bit on villager killing in mechanics.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
  2. BitHorizon

    BitHorizon Ketchup Robot

    I personally like that they went for a more happy feel. In my opinion, early on, it felt like the game had a cute aesthetic but was trying to be darker and edgier than it really was.
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  3. steelwing

    steelwing Big Damn Hero

    I don't mind the happy pill so much, but given what we know about how the races feel towards one another, I'd really like to see the race relations get re-implemented. I'm hoping that's on the devs' "post-1.0" to-do list, assuming they don't already have it in place.
  4. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    Best thing about 1.0 is the hoodie.
  5. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    they removed katanas?!
  6. ladyKAE

    ladyKAE Tentacle Wrangler

    You might be able to buy them from an NPC somewhere? But I haven't found any for sale yet, and I haven't been able to craft any. Just shortswords and broadswords.
  7. Femmex

    Femmex Industrial Terraformer

    That the racial weapons are gone and that you can only craft 2 at any tier is so lame...

    I have just crafted the Aegisalt addon for my upgraded anvil. I can make only one kind of Pistols and next tier a "Bow" oO

    I am a cool spacecowboy gasbag aka Novakid... what should i do with a "Bow"? Yes i need it for hunting but... Where are my "boomsticks"? :D

    Okay i know, i can find much better guns... but A.) i need to find them and B.) its not the same...

    Expect the castration of the charakter backgrounds, and this... "glory" crap, the update is really cool.

    If Chucklefish give me my weapons and my background back and create an "option" for "friendly" Fire it would be really really really genius.
    And maybe a cowbell for controlling all Farm-Animals in an area...

    I have chickens, Cows, Sheeps in all of my houses...

    Its a lot of whining i now. But really expect this things: Its a great update and i enjoy it much. :D
  8. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    To be fair, racial weapons weren't so important, as they were actually reskins of the same weapon.
  9. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    To be fair, in a sandbox there should be reskins available for the same weapon.

    I often played an aditional glitch character that i gave the Cstations and minerals to craft me glitch blades.
  10. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    But they didn't really have anything unique to them (Sadly, since it was weird for everyone to craft the same kinds of weapons, as Novakids weren't the only ones who could have crafted guns that fit thematically).

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