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1.0 Impressions.

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by SephiGast, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. SephiGast

    SephiGast Void-Bound Voyager

    The combat feels somewhat smooth (other than creatures occasionally freezing mid jump/run), the addition of alternative attacks from two handed weapons and guns was a nice feature, though I would like to see more "Skills" added to weapons in general.
    From planet to planet, the number of randomized monsters seems quite small, I see more of the biome specific monsters than I do any randomized, not sure if this was due to the monster randomization being altered to create more specific creatures or just a feature being cut down.
    The boss fights were rather simple, and could do with some AI upgrades, maybe a more extensive move list for each boss encounter, about the only boss fight I did enjoy was the last one, which I wont go into due to it being a spoiler :D

    World Generation
    I feel that near enough every planet I go to is the same, I have encounter the same villages time and time again, the same micro-dungeons, the same loot in crates/chests, I feel that this could be vastly improved upon, and not by the aid of mods, far too often are mods used to fix the lack of content pushed by a developer, and I do hope this is not the case, and we see more when it comes to planets in Starbound by the developers :).

    We really need more in the way of items, by this I mean weapons, armour, craftables, having finished the game and getting what I would say is the best set in game... I was quite disappointed, I was expecting some sorta post game items we could hunt down through the vast universe, not sure if you have plans for post game content... but I would assume it wouldn't be too difficult to add.

    My specs are: intel i5-4460 3.20Ghz, 16Gb ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX 745.
    I have found that if I run fast enough, I can cause the chunks to stop loading for a good 2-3 minutes, where my character is effectively stuck at the edge, this doesn't seem to impede NPCs, and doesn't include objects they seem to load fine.
    The other issue I have is the Ark, it causes some amount of slow down post game... I am sure you get what I mean... when ever I am on the same screen as it, my character moves slow, cursor moves slow... kind makes going to see the NPCs at that end of the Outpost pointless.

    I feel the game is still very much in alpha, with a number of issues to be solved, in terms time playing, I have finished the game, and while I enjoy creating towns/cities, I feel quite limited, I also like going on exploring, but as stated above, I feel I am seeing the same generated locations over and over again, which put a damper on my exploration...

    Anyway, I hope to see the team continue working on Starbound, and do look forward to any updates that do come about :)

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