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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by FireflyofDoom, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. FireflyofDoom

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    If anyone wants an extra farmer, I'd be more than happy to fill the space! ^-^ please reply or message me your friend code if you're game!

    Let's create a community!

    What I'd like to see, if possible, is for various farms to create their own text/voice chat channels in order to communicate with their farmers.
    Firefly Farms:
    • Kakariko Farm - Forest Farm - Jax, Mexy, Yoshi
    • Leyawin Farm - River Farm - 3 Open Houses
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    • Rickytan253

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    • FireflyofDoom

      FireflyofDoom Master Chief

      I made some changes, and updated the main post. Hopefully we can make something happen! ^-^
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      • Rdioactivetoastr

        Rdioactivetoastr Space Hobo

        I tried to join you guys but it said the link had expired :(
        • FireflyofDoom

          FireflyofDoom Master Chief

          Click this link: https://discord.gg/V8tUDgt

          It shouldn't be expired ^-^
          • FireflyofDoom

            FireflyofDoom Master Chief

            We need more people involved in the discord! If you're interested in Switch Farming, please join the discord using the link above!
            • FireflyofDoom

              FireflyofDoom Master Chief

              We could still use some more farm hosts in the discord!
              • Cptn.ToolwRench

                Cptn.ToolwRench Intergalactic Tourist

                Added you my code is

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