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WIP ∆Mod Official Thread

Discussion in 'Other' started by Seria-Myouna, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. After looking through the config files, as for me it seems possible. Making Gas Giants landable is piece of cake, but making them filled only with floating islands could take some time.
  2. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Actually, I'm hitting phantom bugs now. It seems that the game doesn't let you fly to certain gas giants but lets you fly to others.
  3. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    NVM, found the bug, anyways, current progress report:

    Hydrogen Gas Giant biome: Kinda partially finished, made it generate metallic hydrogen, just have to add in the clouds now.

    I could get a .zip together if anyone wants it.
  4. Ahrima

    Ahrima Aquatic Astronaut

    So I'm a bit confused. Is this just a list of things that are officially being worked on by the dev team? Or is this a ginormous mod being worked on by volunteers from the community?
  5. dragontech

    dragontech Subatomic Cosmonaut

    That second one.
    Also I'm still free to write. If you need/want me.
  6. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The latter, this is a community-made partial conversion mod.
  7. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Because Seria is currently away, I now introduce:

    THE DELTA MOD 0.00001_A (or whatever I titled it) release!

    • You can land on Gas Giants.
    • New HydrogenGiant biome.
    • New Metallic Hydrogen liquid. (Don't step it it, it hurts like hell)
    Media Fire Link:

    Installation Directions:

    • Make a new /mods/ folder in the Starbound main directory.
    • Create a new folder within there called "delta-mod".
    • Copy all the files into there.
    • Go to Win32, Linux 32/64, Mac32 or what is applicable, open up bootstrap.config.
    • Edit the part that says [ "../assets" ] to [ "../assets", "../mods/delta-mod" ]
    • Enjoy!
    Mod loaders *will not work* (or at least the ones I've tried) because of some hackery that goes on in celestial, planetgen, and liquids.config.
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  8. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    "An upcoming major modification for Starbound that will involve everything from harvestable/explorable gas giants to entire underwater planets rich with secrets and dangerous enemies. Our main foci, aside from new types of planets to explore and conquer, will be on weapons, agriculture, drones and additional story arcs."

    For a second there I thought I read underwear. A planet made of underwear...
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  9. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut



    Don't know what to say.

  10. infinitetech

    infinitetech Big Damn Hero

    Hey, where do I sign up? I love this sort of thing, I can trouble shoot, some spriting, and love making concepts/features (real life mad inventor) lol
  11. H1N1theI

    H1N1theI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You can contact Seria-Myouna, because she handles all the art stuff.
  12. infinitetech

    infinitetech Big Damn Hero

    okay, sounds good, i can also code a bit btw, im used to modding minecraft and have modded some terraria, all personal use stuff though

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