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ZZ Mech Modifications 1.45

An expansion to XS Mechs!

  1. Update 1.1: Tau Mech!

    • Added Z-01 Tau Mech. Until the quests for this mech are ready, ZZ will be selling this mech for 100,000 pixels.
    • All mech controllers are now 1-handed.
    • ZZ now sells a more expensive Mk.II version of the Portable Theta Railgun.
    • ZZ's ship can now be accessed from your ship's teleporter. You still need the coordinates for it to show up though.
    • Added Tabula Rasa support for mech coloring.
    • Added Purple Ronin Rho.
    • Added Purple Rho.
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  2. Upload Fix

    Fixed issue with dropbox download, it should download directly from the site now.
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