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ZZ Mech Modifications 1.45

An expansion to XS Mechs!

  1. Update 1.2: New Painting System, Supply Boxes, and More!

    • Added XS R-03C Mod. Pirated Rho. This is a variant of the Pirated Rho with recoil compensation. Uses less energy/bullet, but has slightly less dmg/bullet.
    • Added colored armor plating. Find these throughout your travels in order to paint mechs. This change is to encourage more exploration rather than money farming for mech coloring.
    • Added XS Supply Boxes. These spawn throughout the universe and contain Mech Armor Plates. They also have a super tiny chance to have a mech inside. MAY NOT CURRENTLY SPAWN ON FRACKIN UNIVERSE PLANETS.
    • Added Sigma mech color support: PURPLE, SKY.
    • Added Elite Sigma mech color support: BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE, RED, SKY, WHITE.
    • Added Rho mech color support: ORANGE.
    • Added Ronin Rho mech color support: ORANGE.
    • Added Tau mech color support: RED, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE.
    • Added an alternate ability to the XS D-V4 Hero Mech.
    • Increased the velocity and range of the XS D-V4 Hero Mech's bullets.
    • Increased the speed and damage of the Medical Sigma Mech.
    • Changed the looks of the painter's station.
    • Changed the functionality of the painter's station.
    • Lowered the energy costs for the Miner mech's laser drills and hovering.
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