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Ztarbound 1.04a

More features and systems for your mods!

  1. ----- 1.04a -----

    > Fixed a bug that prevented using AI chips from Scripted SAIL
    > Non-existant chips will no longer prevent SAIL from working (This means you can safely uninstall Scripted SAIL and any AI chip mods)
  2. ----- 1.04 -----

    > Removed a log print in the music player
    > Fixed music player missing particles after its reloaded while playing music.
    > Fixed the list inside the missions menu overlaying the main/secondary buttons when clicking reply
    > SAIL now supports textTyper's scrambling

    > Made the 'FadeHex' function inside 'zb_util.lua' use the closest whole instead of the bigger for the 3rd parameter when its not a whole
    > Corrected some typos in 'zb_util.lua' (valToHex -> ValToHex)(mergeTable ->...
  3. ----- 1.03a -----

    > Fixed a typo preventing the update window from working
  4. ----- 1.03 -----

    > Updated the math.clamp function inside zb_util.lua
    > Added zb.PrintTable function to zb_util.lua (Like DeepPrintTable, but doesn't print the tables within tables)
    > Fixed the "next" button not being disabled when there's only one thing displayed and the player called the pane.

    Music Player:
    > Added a wall mounted variant
    > Added recipes for the object, the wall mounted object, and the portable item. Recipe is unlocked by iron bar, and crafted at the EPP section of the anvil.