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Ztarbound 1.04a

More features and systems for your mods!

  1. ----- 1.04 -----

    > Removed a log print in the music player
    > Fixed music player missing particles after its reloaded while playing music.
    > Fixed the list inside the missions menu overlaying the main/secondary buttons when clicking reply
    > SAIL now supports textTyper's scrambling

    > Made the 'FadeHex' function inside 'zb_util.lua' use the closest whole instead of the bigger for the 3rd parameter when its not a whole
    > Corrected some typos in 'zb_util.lua' (valToHex -> ValToHex)(mergeTable -> MergeTable)(isArray -> IsArray)
    > Updated 'newSail.lua', 'fm_musicplayer.lua', 'questList.lua', and 'researchTree.lua' to fit these changes
    > Added two functions to 'zb_util.lua' for checking if a position is inside a box area
    > Rewrote Hexadecimal related functions in 'zb_util.lua' to use strings instead of tables (usage unchanged)

    > Fixed 'textTyper.lua' script to replace any non-ASCII characters with a blank one instead of crashing the window (Affects SAIL and anything that uses the script)
    > Rewrote 'textTyper.lua' 'scrambling' function to use a string instead of a table (usage unchanged)
    > Added missing comments regarding text scrambling in 'textTyper.lua'

    Note regarding ASCII characters:
    The reason I'm not fixing textTyper to work for non-ASCII characters (like O's with dots above them or Japanease characters) is because its not worth the effort.
    Just don't use language modifying SAIL chips if you have Scripted SAIL installed and you're good.
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