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Ztarbound 1.04a

More features and systems for your mods!

  1. zimberzimber

    A mod that aims to improve some of the untouched by mods vanilla aspects and add some more tools for modders to play with!
    Ztarbound does not add any content of its own (Other than a few things), as its aim is to add features instead of content.
    Some of those feature are...

    Ztarbound is already built into Frackin' Universe, so there's no point in installing this with FU.

    - Update Info Window -
    Unless constantly keeping track of installed mods, players have no proper way of telling whether something updated. Especially if they have a lot of mods installed.
    This window aims to fix that by popping up whenever a mod is updated, displaying some information about the mod, as well as a changelog.

    - Research System -
    A system that gives the option to organize progression in a more strict fashion, and preventing the player from getting lost in a sea of content.
    Using this, you can lock blueprints behind research with varying prices, trigger certain events, or even make a skill tree!

    - Questlist -
    An organized place to view lists of quests and their requirements.
    Useful for tutorials, storylines, or just making a "to-do" list.

    - Scan Interactions -
    Ever wanted to hide a button from the infamous "alt" key?
    Or maybe make your our scan quests?
    Maybe an object that displays dynamic data?
    Well this addition adds the option to set up a "what happens when this object is scanned" function!

    - New SAIL -
    Not only did SAIL get a new look, but it now comes with a handful of extra options!
    View currencies added by other mods that cannot be viewed on the inventory pane.
    Missions are split to main and secondary, as well as displaying which missions are replays.
    And the option to add your own functions to SAIL.
    Fully compatible with Scripted SAIL.
    If you're using a custom race, you must install this patch for the new SAIL to appear:

    - Utility + Example Scripts -
    There are some scripts which can help with making a text be typed out instead of appearing instantly, fading hex colors, rolling dice, and more!
    And some example for setting up your own things, such a function upon leaving/entering a world.

    - And more to come! -

    Documentation for using these feature can be found inside the "_doc" folder on the Github repo of this mod:

    Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Random chit-chat?
    You can reach me via Discord:

    Can't leave you with all that text without some eye candy :nuruhappy:
    newSAIL.jpg questlist.jpg research.jpg
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.04a
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    Version: 1.03a
    I loved that mod.
    We have any way change or add more songs to music player?
    1. zimberzimber
      Author's Response