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Zerotap Dash 1.4

Doubletap zombies, not movement keys.

  1. Elegance Update

    The Avelon
    This is almost certainly the final version. This update does not change file names but it does change how the code works.

    Now the dash key segment of code is injected into the tech alongside the old code, meaning if the original tech gets modified I don't need to update this mod to reflect those changes. This also means for mod editions of ZTD I don't need to redistribute anyone else's code. This new system will be the new standard for all ZTD mods for those reasons.

    Big thank you to bk3k and Errors4l for the suggestion and help with syntax respectively.

    Note that theoretically the doubletap function is not completely suppressed now - but you must tap the same button twice in 0.01s which is, insofar as I am aware, impossible. Because of this you can also go re-enable doubletapping if you want both, by editing the techname.tech.patch files. Default values are 0.25, if you care to do so.
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