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Yes Chef! 1.13

A cooking flow redesign! Get fancy with the spices!

  1. New Cookware - Bug Fixes


    • New Cookware added - Glitch Theme
    • Fixes for some freezers not fixing
    • Fixed a few objects crashing on use
    New suitably medieval themed Glitch cookware added. Fixed a few issues where some chopboards, freezers, teapots and the like were crashing. Simply due to a copypaste error when I introduced new themes. Ive gone through the items one by one and as far as I can tell i've sorted the problems.

    May have missed something, if so...
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  2. New Cookware - Novakid

    • New Cookware - Novakid
    Introducing the novakid themed cookware! A blend of Frontier Steampunk and shiny express train paint finishes.

    Any problems let me know! :)

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  3. Fixes..


    • Now -actually- have correctly fixed the boiled egg
    Turns out files don't change unless you save and commit the changes.. who knew?..

    Sorry, and cheers!
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  4. Bug Fixes - New Avian Cookware!


    • New Cookware
    • Fixed Boiled Egg Blocker
    • Fixed Nano Choppingboard Crash
    • Added missing recipe for Hylotl Freezer
    • Changed dependency to MoreFarming
    So, I think that was the critical stuff.

    New Avian Themed cookware! Kinda like this one, a fitting morrocan/tribal vibe that suits them well.

    Fixed the issue with the boiled eggs not actually boiling (cheers for the spot mate!)

    The Nano choppingboard was crashing...
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  5. New cookware - Bug Fixes and a few changes!


    • New Cookware
    1. Hylotl Traditional (full range)
    2. Nano (full range)
    3. Espresso machine, watercooler (additions for original human set)
    So been busy! The original (human) cookware set has two additions. An Espresso machine and a watercooler. Two new themed sets introduced are the Nano set (an expansion of the nanostove into a full spaceage cookware range) and the Hylotl set (based on thier traditional style).

    Hylotl set can be...
  6. BugFix - Art


    • Fixed the blender artwork
    I accidentally saved over the blender artwork with the freezer artwork, This is now fixed.

  7. Bugfix - Player recipe fix


    • Bugfixes: Added freezer blueprint to player.config
    I forgot to add the recipe to the config file. This is now done and you can now actually create the Freezer from the iron crafting table..

    Apologies, didn't realise until now.. whoops ;)
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  8. Freezer and Frozen Goods


    • New Cookware - Flash Freezer, Ice cream, Snowcone
    Frozen goods are now once again craftable with new cookeware. The Flashfreezer!

    Ice cream and snowcone mixes can be made at the kitchen following the mix method, pop the mix in the flashfreezer and grab a spoon!

    Now that should be everything from the basegame craftable, if thier's something i've missed let me know. I can now work on more varients of existing dishes and some new stuff too along...
  9. Added Starter Quests


    • Quests Added
    A series of small quests have been added to guide the new player into the new cooking environment. Right now they point a new player toword making the starting wilderness cookware in an effort to guide them toword the new functionality.

    The quests start with a new item Protectorate Camp Guide. This can be found in a new characters ship locker and can be bought for a nominal price at the terramart for existing characters....
  10. Recipe Update - Tier 4


    • Tier 4 Recipes Added
    The recipe flow for the basegame Tier4 food items has been finished and added. You should now be able to make everything currently available in the game using the new flow. Frozen goods are still subject to the old flow. I wanted to get the bulk of the work done and released for use before I set aside time to make a frozen goods device.

    • Chocolate cake
    You can now once again make chocolate cake