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Y-17 trauma override harness + Bonuses (optional) 1.3-1.4

Want an unusual costume? ;-)

  1. Each part of the costume gives certain bonuses...

    1. Each part of the costume consumes little energy and also regenerates health a little. When putting on all parts of the costume, the rate of regeneration of health increases (however, like the energy consumption rate :avalibleh:)
    2. Each part of the costume gives certain bonuses:
    • Helmet - Increases damage dealt by any weapon by 30%
    • Jacket - Increases the health and energy reserve by 25%
    • Trousers - Increases the speed of the player's movement in water and on land, as well as the height of the jump by 25%
    • Backpack - Protects against poisoning (you can eat raw meat! Waaagh! :viking:)
    3. Now you can buy a costume Buy in Infinity Express at the outpost
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