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Y-17 trauma override harness + Bonuses (optional) 1.3-1.4

Want an unusual costume? ;-)

  1. artguk
    This modification adds a "Y-17" suit from the game "Fallout: New Vegas. Old World Blues".


    Also, to this modification are attached several fraudulent additions, which you can install at will.Supplement "Voucher of the Protectorate" and Addition "Quick Start".Also there is a variant of setting all these modifications combined into one file.

    Mobile trauma suit "Y-17" is not just clothing.;)
    This clothing has certain abilities and properties.This costume regenerates health, but for this, it consumes energy.
    ( When the energy is over, it is restored again. However, this happens until you are hungry.)

    Also, this suit will not let you die of hunger, but in this case, the regeneration of health and energy stops as long as you are hungry.

    Each part of the costume consumes little energy and also regenerates health a little.
    When putting on all parts of the costume, the rate of regeneration of health increases (however, like the energy consumption rate :avalibleh:)
    Each part of the costume gives certain bonuses:

    • Helmet - Increases damage dealt by any weapon by 30%
    • Jacket - Increases the health and energy reserve by 25%
    • Trousers - Increases the speed of the player's movement in water and on land, as well as the height of the jump by 25%
    • Backpack - Protects against poisoning (you can eat raw meat! Waaagh! :viking:)

    :chrono: Attention

    This costume can be obtained in two ways.

    1) Get a new character at the beginning of the game, when you are on the ship, after the destruction of the planet Earth.
    2) Buy in Infinity Express at the outpost

    (ItemID of parts of clothes: y17mback, y17mchest, y17mhead, y17mlegs)

    :kitten:Now I will talk about different versions of this modification :kitten2:

    VaucherOllin1.pak - At the beginning of the game on the ship you get a suit of Y-17 (You can also buy it in the Infinity Express at the outpost if you do not want to run the game with a new character), resources for the rapid development of the character (This will only work with a new character) and can create from the pixels in the Inventor's Table a very expensive subject "VoP".


    VaucherAddy17m.pak -At the start of the game, on the ship, you get an Y-17 suit. You can also buy it in the Infinity Express at the outpost if you do not want to run the game with a new character.

    VaucherAddIT.pak - You can create from the pixels in the Inventor's Table a very expensive item "Voucher of the Protectorate." You do not need to start a new game.

    VaucherQS.pak - When you start a new game, you just get the resources to completely improve the manipulator of the matter and the techno map to discover all the technologies.

    :confirm: Modifications: "VaucherAddy17m", "VaucherAddIT" and "VaucherQS" can be installed both together and separately from each other.

    :confirm: If you want to get everything, then you do not need to install the individual parts listed above. It is enough to install only one file: "VaucherOllin1.pak"

    Pay attention to another great modification. It allows you to create statues, holograms and mannequins of players, non-player characters and monsters. :cathug:
    Player Portraits 2018 2018-08-13
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. cracky6
    Version: 1.2
    Me: *scorlling down mods*
    *Sees his old worst enemy*
    *Literally says "Hey, who turned out the lights" as he spams download*
    1. artguk
      Author's Response
      Count the shadows :D