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XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition 1.16a

6 Excessively Destructive mechsuits - Cheerful Giraffe

  1. Sigma derpfix

    Edited the wrong sigma vehicle file, uploaded old broken one

    been busy with xs modular mechs, forgot to upload fix here :wut:
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  2. SB 1.3 update

    the OG mech mod!

    Not all mechs will work in Zero-G / Space
    Theta, Rho and Pirate Rho will NOT due to the way their boosters fire
    Sigma. Elite Sigma and Ronin Rho will work however

    - tweak collision poly for all mechs to enable 1.3 ground movement mechanics
  3. Pirate Rho gun fix

    oops, variable optimization broke pirate rho gun
  4. Player armor stats update!

  5. Working As Intended .. finally ;)

    Hello and welcome to another update of XS Mechs!
    (ZZ Mechs will update also
    Huge changes, some will love, some will hate.

    major fix - stupidly op health/armor/damage scaling - whoops, my lazy bad
    add - Energy Use to all mechs - uses energy from pilot for doing actions (run/boost/dash/shoot)
    add - healthbar above mech when piloted
    fix - dont let player input override dash actions = dashes work better now
    fix - theta boost fires longer depending on boostjet angle - more mobility for theta...
  6. Controller Fix

    just a small update - haven't fixed MP lag yet ;|

    fix - vehicle controllers should now activate Steam Achievement
    add - mech portraits to controllers
    add - Tabula Rasa support - all controllers are 10% off

    still hackin away at vehicle system, do not expect a major update to XS for a while
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  7. Freeze touching npc fix


    updated to fix error where touching a humanoid monster causes mech to stop responding
    i missed a set of {}
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  8. Cheerful Unstable

    4400+ downloads of v1.1, thank you all :D

    Updated for cheerful unstable, retains glad giraffe compatibility

    I have removed vehicle controller crafting from Cheerful
    Many of the mats don't exist anymore, and I couldn't find a good crafting table to put controllers in.
    Now only available from Penguin Pete at outpost. (or his Portable Outpost counterpart)
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  9. Tweaks and Fixes and Updates, oh my!

    more fixes and tweaks

    change - balanced controller pricing & tweaked recipes
    fix - weapon damage scaling, most weapons do 0 damage on player ship
    fix - rho series dashing / backhop movement was underpowered
    change - ronin beam fire duration doubled
    fix - theta beam - beam middle wasn't doing any damage
    fix - missing theta body animation
    change - theta leg positions tweaked to look better
    change - theta movement tweaked so it 'feels' better
    add - import player max energy when mech spawned (...
  10. Rho & Pirate Rho mechs! and lots more!

    Conversion Complete!
    all 6 mechs converted and working fairly close to originals

    add - Rho Mech & Pirate Rho (sound/anim/etc.)
    add - running speed+anim to Sigmas
    add - Vehicle Damage & Damage Effects - Mechs start to smoke at 50% hp, start on fire at 20& hp, destroyed at 0% hp - Repair them at Repairo in Outpost
    add - scale health + armor to planet difficulty
    add - scale weapon damage to planet difficulty (see known issues)
    fix - Sigmas jets turning on immediately when dropping through...