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XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition 1.16a

6 Excessively Destructive mechsuits - Cheerful Giraffe

  1. just fixes, no rho yet, sorry :(

    took some time off from adding rho to do a bunch of fixes

    critical fix - Starbound crash with Access Violation Error using old chars that had old tech quests (thanks @Banefiend )
    fix - ronin & theta beams look like actual beams, not steps
    fix - sigma + elite sigma jump height
    fix - holding Down + pressing Jump allows mech to drop through platforms
    fix - pilot is invulnerable ('godmode' until i add mech damage) (@Arra , @NaturesWitness )
    fix - beam weapons and explosives harvest blocks&ores instead of destroying them (@Kitts2307 )
    fix - mechs can't move while starting up or after a hard landing

    whew! probably even more fixes that ive forgotten to mention ;) those are the major ones

    still bugged parts
    a few animations on ronin (hard landing - float in air, deactivate facing left - arm cannon disappears)
    theta body isn't as animated as it used to be

    going to add running to the sigmas, slightly faster than rho/ronin/pirate walk speed
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