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Outdated XS Corporation Mechs 1.05

Adds more mech tech!

  1. Update 1.03 - New mech: Pirated Rho Mech Tech!

    = 1.03
    - Fixed bug in which player appeared backwards when using melee attack in Rho mech while walking backwards
    - First release of R-03C Pirated Rho Mech
    - - FEATURES:
    - - Slower, heavier version of the Rho
    - - Weapon "Pyro Cutlass" with lower base damage but strong damage over time
    - - Graviton hook is basically telekinesis; moves enemies to mouse cursor, can throw creatures etc.
    - - Dramatic appearance, Rubium skull faceplate and Impervium armor plating
    - Mechs now have startup/shutdown animations
    - - Larger mechs take longer to start up or shut down
    - - The Sigma models can be jumped in or out of in midair
    - - The Rho and Theta models can only be started up or shut down while on the ground in a valid spot
    - Possible fix to "sound explosion" bug
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