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Outdated XS Corporation Mechs 1.05

Adds more mech tech!

  1. Update 1.02 - New mech: Rho Mech Tech!


    = 1.02 Changelog
    - Adjustments to how high a block wall mechs can climb:
    - - Sigma/Elite no longer can climb 3-high blocks. They can climb 2-high.
    - - Theta mech can now climb 3-high blocks, but not 4.
    - Animation adjustments to Theta
    - Optimized rail cannon beam for Theta
    - - Used to spawn a maximum of ~ 300 projectiles at 100 range
    - - Now spawns at very maximum ~ 86 projectiles, more likely under 70 at 100 range
    - Renamed entire file structure to have xsm_ prefix to avoid mod conflicts. NOTE: Will require full reinstall and recrafting. READ ALL DIRECTIONS IN README
    - First release of R-03 Rho Mech
    - - FEATURES:
    - - Agile, high-performance CQC mech
    - - Arm-mounted plasma lathe, a melee weapon - damage scales with energy available
    - - "Zappo" Graviton Beam, can pull enemies in from a short distance (alternatively serves as a light source)
    - - Jetpack can boost upwards or dash in direction mech is facing (doubletap in direction)
    - - Mech can backstep (doubletap in opposite direction as mech is facing, only on ground)
    - - Mech walks more slowly backwards than forwards
    - - Mech can sprint, forwards only
    - - Landing heavily temporarily limits mobility
    - - Mobility is limited while attacking with melee
    - - Mech can skid across the ground if moving quickly horizontally (i.e. via dash)
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